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Wednesday, Mar 06 2024

Get In The Know: Sizzling Diamond Earring Styles Taking Over 2024

Written by Shelby Montel

Get In The Know: Sizzling Diamond Earring Styles Taking Over 2024

2023 has been a huge year for every fine jewelry lover, and it looks like lab diamond trinkets will continue to grow in popularity in 2024 as well. Out of all the fine jewelry, earrings have emerged as the most-loved jewelry piece for our stylish customers. It looks like, no matter what happens to the other jewelry trends, earrings will always remain everyone’s most preferred piece ruling their jewelry box. 

If you are someone who likes to stay up to date with all the trends that take over the internet swiftly, then you have come to the right place! Our jewelry team knows how much you love our various earring styles. Hence, here they are with some earring styles that will surely take the jewelry world by storm in 2024. So, if you are expanding your collection or looking for the perfect kind of gift you can give to your loved ones, then stay with us till the end!

Even though we will cover the top 2024 earring styles trend, we do not want you to forget that most of the earring styles are a contemporary take on a traditional design. Hence, while these will definitely rule over everyone’s hearts and minds, they are also made to last forever and can be worn every day or on special occasions.



In 2023, we saw a large influence of ‘Y2K fashion’, in both fashion and jewelry, and then, at the end of the year, the late-sixties mode made an impactful splash. Some of the popular 2023 earring styles included chunky stud earrings, thick hoop earrings, and large dangle earrings. But our jewelry team experts predict that the quiet luxury and lab diamond jewelry trend will quickly skyrocket in popularity. Minimalist designs, timeless settings, luxury products without logos, and vintage-inspired statement earring styles will gain a high amount of traction. 

Considering this, our jewelry team experts think that the new year will emphasize the bespoke and vintage feel of earrings while also adding modern style and functional features. 

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Simple Yet Suave Stud Earrings

We have said it before, and we will say it again: Stud earrings will never go out of style! They are simple yet elegant, and they have a sophisticated flair to them. Stud earrings sit neatly on your ear lobes, and you will typically find designs that feature a small lab diamond secured with different types of fastening. Because of their minimalist look and secure fit, they have become the best choice for those who recently got their ears pierced. 

Stud earrings will enjoy a new and renewed look because it has been thought that many will want to opt for lab diamond studs. Lab diamond stud earrings flatter people of all ages while adding glamour and a distinct look to their overall appearance.

Circular Hoops 


Jolly and Circular Hoops 

Hoop earrings, as the name suggests, are circular hoops in style and tend to attach to your ear with a pass-through fastening. Hoop earrings come in different shapes and sizes. At Friendly Diamonds, you will find hoops that are studded with premium quality lab grown diamonds. We are sure our customers can never get enough of the classic yet modern flair of hoops.

Our jewel experts reckon that the hoops will become one of the best-selling earring styles in 2024. And why not? You can pair a dazzling pair of round cut lab diamond hoops for everyday wear. But if you want to make a brilliant entrance at a special event, you won’t have to stress about which style of earrings to wear because the hoops will always stay by your side!

Circular Hoops


Daring Dangle Earrings

Statement Dangle earrings are the type of earring style that everyone has in their jewelry box. They have been a trend for years now, but it is predicted that dangling earrings will see a special status in 2024. Since, no one is moving away from the beauty of lab diamonds anytime soon, dangle earrings studded with precious lab diamonds are going to be front and center for the trending earring show in 2024. The lovely structure of a dangling earring can uplift any look and add a touch of boldness and fire. Some of our top-selling dangling earrings are the Tatiana Dangling Solitaire Lab Diamond Earrings and Anaisa Dangling Lab Diamond Earrings. 

Both pairs feature a graduating shimmer of diamonds, and at the end, a radiant solitaire diamond shines brightly. These diamond-forward designs exude an unbeatable glamour that is perfect for a special outing or in an everyday setting.

Dangle Earings

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Quiet and Subliminal Luxury

In 2023, the internet saw an explosion of “old money” and “clean girl” trends on social media. The features of quiet luxury were adapted by many, as they found its functionality and minimalist quality flattering. Hence, our jewelry experts think that the trend is not going to fade away in 2024. In fact, it will only become popular because of its versatile and clean silhouettes. Station and lariat earrings are the types that boast a high sparkle while still remaining subdued in appearance. 

Our Mirielle Station Lab Diamond Earrings have a delicate chain cascading and showcasing small diamonds set in bezels, creating a clean station pattern. The earring is the epitome of the look of quiet luxury, as it has a functional design and modern silhouettes. 

If you are aiming for an “old money” charm, then our Ivalyn Halo Lab Diamond Earrings, a lariat design earring style, is another such piece of jewelry that gives off the charm that boasts “old money.” The piece, featuring a single stone, is surrounded by a halo, and the sides feature intricate filigree work. The diamond then graduates into a delicate chain while featuring a diamond-studded straight rectangular bar for a glamorous feel. 


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Bespoke Brilliance

Last but not least is the trend of customized jewelry, which has now become the norm for lab diamond jewelry and will only continue to grow in popularity. At Friendly Diamonds, we offer our customers the opportunity to bring their dream designs to life. Shoppers are now looking for customized, unique, and bespoke diamond earrings that exude vintage air. The vintage design of such earrings makes the person stand out. 

Additionally, people want to pass on such pieces to their future generations as a family heirloom. Therefore, vintage-inspired earrings will not only add sophistication and a distinct look to your collection but will also make for a perfectly amazing heirloom piece. 

Diamond Earings

Though these trends will be for everyone this year, it does not mean you need to succumb to them. We encourage you to go on a journey to explore your jewelry style. Whether you love the boldness of extravagantly designed earrings or the sophistication of intricately crafted baubles, you definitely shouldn’t shy away from expressing your truly authentic self. After all, we believe jewelry is a strong form of expression.

So, when the new year brings new hopes, new styles, and new ideas, dress yourself in luxurious earrings. Keep yourself and your loved ones updated with all the new earring style trends that are emerging. After all, whatever you do, you must do it in style and with an insane amount of sparkle!