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Monday, Mar 04 2024

Basket Setting vs. Prong Setting: A Comprehensive Guide

Written by Thomas Cooper

Basket Setting vs. Prong Setting: A Comprehensive Guide

An engagement ring is one of the most expensive and sentimental jewels a person will ever own. When couples start their journey to find their desired diamond engagement ring, they list down all the features that they want their dazzler to have. Even though a diamond is the focal point of the ring, it is, after all, a part of the ring.  Apart from finding the perfect diamond, which is of the highest quality, our jewelry experts believe that setting is just as important as a sparkling diamond

In addition to keeping the diamond firmly in place, the engagement ring setting also makes the band look more beautiful overall. Therefore, deciding on an impressive and functional type of setting is important. Two of the most popular choices for our satisfied customers have been the basket setting and the prong setting. Both of these settings are distinct from each other and offer a unique portrayal of the center stone’s beauty. 

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Let’s take a deep dive into the nitty-gritty of the basket setting vs. prong setting dialogue! But before that, let’s understand the crucial components of ring settings.

The band is one of the important parts of the ring setting. Then come the prongs or tiny metal wires, that are specifically made to hold and protect the stone and also detail the overall profile and look of the ring. Then comes the diamond, which is the center of attraction for many people.

It is important to choose the right kind of setting, as it will increase the longevity of the ring as well.

Basket Setting vs. Prong Setting: What do These Settings Look Like?

In a basket setting, a basket-like structure cradles the stone. The diamond's base is encircled by metal that resembles a woven basket. Then, a series of wire-like metal prongs extend upward to grip the stone, thus ensuring that it remains stable. This allows a significant amount of light to enter the diamond and enhance brilliance and fire. 

In the prong setting, four or six narrow metal prongs extend upwards to hold the diamond in place. The traditional prong, which is the four prong setting, is appreciated for its minimal interference with light and for increasing the natural beauty of the gem. The appearance of a prong setting ring is further branched out into different styles like round prongs, V-shaped prongs, claw prongs, etc.

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Basket Setting vs. Prong Setting: Which is More Suitable for You?

Not only does the setting of the ring represent its beauty, but it plays a key factor in deciding how practical it is for you. The ring that you will buy should suit your daily lifestyle and provide comfort without compromising the stone’s safety.

  • Lock in Style, Guard the Gem

As we have established, security is essential when it comes to selecting a stone setting. In a basket setting, the stone is nestled in a metal frame and provides a significant amount of protection. This makes the stone less exposed to the harsh impacts of day-to-day life, thus leading to little to no chipping or cracking. The prong setting, on the other hand, while offering a secure grip with multiple prongs, leaves the stone more exposed and can sometimes lead to chipping or cracks. 

  • Active Living, Set in Comfort

If you're someone who leads an active lifestyle, then the setting of your ring should allow you the comfort of enjoying your life to the fullest. The setting of the ring should withstand day-to-day bumps and shocks. Basket settings offer a sleek and less conspicuous profile, making them an ideal choice for those with an active lifestyle. Conversely, prong settings may pose a risk of catching during intense activities, potentially leading to discomfort. 

  • Risk of Fabric Interaction

We all have had that moment where our rings have snagged on our sweaters or on bedsheets. Hence, caring if your ring will snag on your clothing becomes a necessary and practical consideration. Since basket settings sit closer to the finger, they offer a much smoother surface and minimize the chance of catching on fabric. On the flip side, prong settings, especially those with a higher profile or more prominent prongs, raise the risk of snagging. 

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Basket Setting vs. Prong Setting: Endurance and TLC

Another factor that you will have to consider while making a choice between a basket setting and a prong setting is durability and maintenance. This will not only affect the longevity of the ring but will also determine how often you should clean and care for it.

While both settings are strong and can endure the harshness of life, the basket setting stands as our jewelry experts' favorite because of its ability to shield the center stone from knocks and lower the risk of wear over time. Even though the basket setting is just a bit safer than a prong setting ring, with frequent checks and cleaning from a professional, a prong setting ring can maintain long-term durability. 

Talking about cleaning rings, can one DIY that process? Absolutely! All of us can definitely clean our intricately designed basket and prong setting rings at home without any problems. Since a basket setting ring traps more dirt and oil, it's important for you to clean it every once in a while. 

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You need to follow only one tutorial for both types of ting. The process is as follows:

  • Start by grabbing a mug and filling it with lukewarm water. 
  • Mix a few drops of mild soap, then put your ring in the soap-water mixture you just created.
  • Let the ring sit in the mixture for a few minutes or even for a few hours.
  • Remove it carefully, then gently scrub the stone and the setting of the ring using a soft-bristled toothbrush. 
  • Rinse the ring, dry it with a lint-free cloth. You can even blow dry your sparkler if you’re in a rush.

Remember one thing: Make sure you shut your drain!

Whether you want the security of a basket setting or the classic appearance of prongs, choosing between the two should be easy. Happy ring hunting!