Stylish Trending Diamond Earrings For Women

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Stylish Trending Diamond Earrings For Women

Karen Dunn

Karen Dunn - 24 August, 2022

Diamond jewelry has a timeless appeal that resonates with a beauty that matches no other.

Have you ever heard of a lady not wanting to own diamonds? Of course not, and with good reason. Why shouldn't she flaunt her favorite diamond sparkle and bask in the limelight?

The brilliance of a diamond necklace circling a woman's neck or the delicate shine of a tennis bracelet embracing her wrist are some of the adornments meant to enhance a lady's beauty.

Equally, the gorgeous stones that rest comfortably on her earlobes are one of the most prized possessions a woman can own. These dainty little diamond earrings can be an essential component of your wardrobe and are meant to make you stand out at an occasion or event.

In addition to the diamond jewelry mentioned above, which is a fit for every precious moment that comes your way, there are several diamond earrings for women that are just as invaluable. Besides, diamond earrings for women designs have a story to tell; they have a personality of their own.

These trending earrings styles uniquely fit the different face structures. Let's look at diamond earrings for women that should become a part of your collection and accentuate your facial beauty. And then let's talk about the all-time and exceptionally versatile, must-have stud earrings perfect for you.

Hoop earrings


Hoop earrings styles are a popular choice with women. These earrings are crafted with inset diamonds and make a fabulous companion to your wardrobe. With the right balance of casualness and luxury, these classy diamond earrings for women pair well with a square or oblong-shaped face.

Dangle earrings

True to its name, the diamond dangle earrings flow elegantly; they can be either long enough to brush your shoulders or a smaller design that merely hangs from your earlobe. It gives the face a more elongated look; hence, one of the trending earrings, just like the hoop earrings, the dangle earrings too manage to embrace a shorter square-like face structure.

Tassel earrings

Tassel earrings are extravagant earrings that enhance your charm. They light up your wardrobe and are an ornament that matches well with most face shapes. But if you have an oval facial structure, these eye-catching and trending earrings are your best friends!

Drop earrings


The drop earrings are one of the most delicate designs when it comes to diamond earrings for women, and they are crafted especially for events that need you to go out of the way and embrace the glamorous life. Specifically, if you have a heart-shaped face structure, the smooth curves of the wider bottom of a drop earring are the ones for you.

Stud Earrings

Finally, the dainty diamond studs are the most trending earrings on the list that can never go out of style. They have a unique essence as they can be used as everyday wear for those with a busy schedule and even worn at your dinner date, office party or wedding celebration.

Additionally, these diamond stud earrings have you covered if you want to give yourself a subtle glow at an event. You can deck yourself with these pairs of earrings and continue the stud earrings' legacy of being one of the trending earrings.

Moreover, these statement earrings have an exceptional quality of matching every facial shape; these dainty diamond studs melt into the earlobes, making them one of the most worn and trending earrings.

The stud earrings' flexibility is not limited to only women; since early times, men and women have adorned ear ornaments. In ancient Egypt, an early form of stud ear ornaments was one of the trending earrings, making the stud earring one of the most classic ear jewelry. Today modern music stars from various music backgrounds also adorn stud earring jewelry.

Indeed, the sparkle of these earrings that ooze from the diamond is just an addition to the eco-friendly aspect of these lovely lab diamonds.

At Friendly Diamonds, the gemstone is created without causing environmental damage. The dainty little sparkles have been crafted in state-of-the-art labs to secure the ideal glow that resembles the naturally found or mined diamonds.

Here are a range of trending stud earrings that'd be perfect for you:

Three prong pear lab diamond stud earring

The three prong pear lab diamond studs are, without doubt, trending earrings as they hold a brilliance of their own and embolden your appearance, making you the highlight at your next event.

Four prong round lab diamond stud earring

The four-prong round lab diamond stud earring is one of the most popular studs available at Friendly Diamonds. It is an ornament representing the ultimate classic stud earrings set in a four prong setting.

Three prong martini lab diamond stud earring

Similar to the four prong round lab diamond stud earrings, the three prong martini lab diamond stud earrings feature an air of elegance and class, making them a must-have diamond earring for women.

What's more, these stud diamond earrings for women have a characteristic that allows them to be crafted with white gold, yellow gold, rose gold, sterling silver, or platinum metal.

Whether aiming for a trendy modern look or a vintage traditional look with your dream gold plating, a range of diamond earrings for women with eco-friendly certified lab diamonds allows you to have them all.

Shop at Friendly Diamonds, the perfect online go-to place when looking for elegant and classic diamond studs, the all-time trending earrings.

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