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Wednesday, Apr 05 2023

How to Find Your Partner's Engagement Ring Size Easily?

Written by Edmar Hendricks

How to Find Your Partner's Engagement Ring Size Easily?

So you're ready to make the big move. You've found the person of your dreams and would love to spend your entire life with him or her. Well, first, congratulations are in order. Love truly is magical, and when you find somebody you want to spend your life with, what could be more beautiful? But you must now make it official and plan the perfect proposal. If you're going to surprise your partner with an engagement ring, you must first find or create a ring that fits comfortably on his/her finger because why get the ring resized when you can get the measurements right the first time?

As you already know, finger sizes are not the same, so you most certainly won't find a ring size that fits one and all. So how do you find your partner's ring size? Is there an average engagement ring size and a ring sizer that you can use when looking for the perfect engagement ring size? These are the questions we answer in this blog.


What Is Ring Size?

Before we get into how to find an engagement ring size, let's look at precisely what ring size is. Ring size is the measurement of the ring's inner circumference and inner diameter. The inner circumference of the ring circles your finger, and the inner diameter of the ring is the gap through which your finger must fit comfortably.

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Is There an Average Engagement Ring Size?

Yes, there is an average engagement ring size. But please know that just because there is, doesn't mean it'd be your partner's ring size. Finding the ring size is based explicitly on your partner's finger size. That being said, women's average engagement ring size is between size 6 to 6.5. In contrast, the average engagement ring size for men is size 10.

Engagement Ring Size Guide

So how do you find your partner's engagement ring size? Here are different methods to find it without him/her knowing.

Measure Jewelry from Their Jewelry Box

It doesn't get simpler than this. All you have to do is find a ring your dearly beloved already has in his/her jewelry box.But before you do, pay attention to which ring finger your partner wears the ring on. An engagement ring is generally worn on the fourth finger of the left hand. That is the ring you'd want to measure from your partner's jewelry box. You then circle the inside of the ring on a piece of paper and use the sketch to find the ring size. You can also photograph the ring next to a measurement tool. All you have to do is place the side profile of the band next to the ruler and take a snapshot of the same. Some rings also have a sizing stamp on the inside of the ring. Check if your partner's ring has the same as it will give you the most accurate idea of his/her engagement ring size.

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Talk to Your Partner's Friends or Family Members

This method is all about finding the right accomplices to help you find your partner's engagement ring size. You could ask your partner's friends or family to bring it up in conversation and find your partner's ring size. A great way to do that would be for the person to say that he/she is looking to buy a ring for themselves and then bring up the question about your partner's ring size.

Measure the Engagement Ring Size while Your Partner Is Asleep

Does your partner fall deep into a slumber when asleep? If yes, and you have the skills to be stealthy, then you could always measure his or her engagement ring size while asleep. You just have to find a way to knot a piece of string around your partner's finger and mark the point where the string overlaps with a pen before untying the knot and measuring the string with a measuring tape or ruler. You can also use a ring sizer when using this method. All you do is place the end of the ring sizer into its buckle and pull it till it forms a large-sized ring that you can slide onto your partner's finger. You then pull it gently till you get the perfect ring size.

Ask Your Partner

You can use this method if you've openly discussed marriage with your partner. You can have the proposal day and date be a complete surprise by planning it precisely how you like. But if both of you have already spoken about saying 'I Do' soon, then it is best to find out your partner's ring size by asking him or her directly.

Picking Your Ring

Choosing a ring can be simple when you have United States-based eco-friendly, sustainable lab diamond jewelry brands like Friendly Diamonds by your side. With over 200+ designs to choose from, you are sure to find the perfect budget-friendly ring after knowing your partner's engagement ring size. You will find well-cut diamond shapes of small and larger sizes, and be sure that your engagement ring diamond shall sparkle beautifully. All diamonds come with an IGI/GIA/GCAl certification based on their carat weight, cut color, and clarity. You can also choose your wedding ring with the brand.

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