5 Types Of Rings To Pick From For The Perfect Proposal

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5 Types Of Rings To Pick From For The Perfect Proposal

Nash Collins

Nash Collins - 08 June, 2022

A proposal is a big moment. And to do it you must have the perfect ring. It’s not an easy job to choose one for your partner, especially when the jewelry market is flooded with countless varieties. But you don’t have to fret because we have you covered.

We share five different types of rings perfect for your dream proposal crafted with diamonds in this blog. And we’re sure that by the end of this read, you’ll have clarity on buying the perfect one for your soulmate.

So Let’s get on with it, shall we?

Before we get to the main topic, let’s talk about diamond rings in general and why they are perfect for proposals.

Diamond Rings

A diamond ring is a classic engagement ring for women. Diamonds are considered a universal symbol of love known to represent love and commitment. Every culture in the modern world has accepted diamonds as the absolute symbol of loyalty and eternal love. While so many gemstones are available, diamonds are still the most popular gemstone picked when crafting engagement rings.

Here are five rings from our range, perfect for your proposal moment.

1) Della Three Stone Side Pear Lab Diamond Ring

The Della three-stone Diamond, is a timeless, captivating beautiful piece with two pear-shaped side diamonds of 0.50 carats, each set in a three-prong setting, while the solitaire diamond rests elegantly on four prongs.

The cathedral-style shank adds a smooth touch to the overall design. It slightly tapers towards the top adding to the overall glamor of this exquisite three-stone lab diamond ring. It is the perfect one for your special person.

2) Madison Three Stone Side Baguette Lab Diamond Ring

The Madison Three Stone Baguette Diamond, sports a solitaire in the center supported by a set of four prongs, assisted by tapered baguettes of a total of 0.5 carats each. The shank of the engagement diamond is finely polished, lending a rich look to the entire design.

3) Mereia Secret Halo Lab Diamond Ring

The Mereia Secret Halo Engagement Diamond is one of the bestsellers from the Friendly Diamonds engagement collections. The ring sports tiny accent diamonds on six prongs that hold the center diamond securely. It also boasts of a secret halo of diamonds at the base of the prongs.

4) Janes Chevron Lab Diamond Ring

The Janes Chevron Diamond, is a fabulous solitaire diamond that brings with it a modern twist of a classic band. Two claw prongs gracefully support the center diamond, giving it an artistic feel and touch. This unique shape of the engagement diamond makes it one of the popular choices among gen-Z’s and millennials.

5) Anastasia Halo Lab Diamond Ring

The Anastasia diamond has a center diamond set within a halo of diamonds. The halo diamond reveals a gallery with an ornate design crafted within it from its side view. A cathedral-style band has a pave set of diamonds running halfway through each side of the ring.

The joy and promise that love brings truly lights up our lives. Now that you have five choices to pick from, we must also let you know that we manufacture ethical, conflict-free lab diamonds which are at par with mined stones.

You can even create your own ring by choosing the desired setting and diamond shape. And if you are looking for inspiration, you can always browse through our range of diamond rings perfect for your big moment.

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