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Wednesday, Apr 05 2023

What Types of Bracelets are Trending?

Written by Karen Dunn

What Types of Bracelets are Trending?

Bracelets have forever been a vital part of jewelry, especially when precious gemstones like diamonds are used to make them. According to experts, bracelets dating back almost 40,000 years have been discovered in Siberia. The beauty of bracelets is that they have been not only wrist accessories but also used as status symbols. Moreover, several types of bracelets have also been used as protective arm guards, proving that jewelry and ornaments can be much more than just an outfit enhancer. Along with a wide range of various types of bracelets available, be it elegant minimalist bangle bracelets or classic cuff bracelets that accentuate the charm and aura of both men and women, the trending bracelets have taken the jewelry world by storm.


How did bracelets begin trending?

It is believed that wearing bracelets around the wrist became popular in the name of ritual and adornments around 7,000 years ago. Archeologists have found evidence that people used bracelets frequently in ancient Mesopotamia, Egypt, and China. Often the ancient bracelets were made with shells, grass, thin tree limbs, or any available commodity found in nature. Later on, the types of bracelets evolved to use intricate and ornate styles adorned with charms, pearls, gemstones, and amulets, each making a statement in its own way.

How do trending bracelets accentuate women's beauty?

Bracelets express a certain artistic appeal as they symbolize a specific subculture aesthetic and hold a tradition or origin of their own. Hence, they are meant to embolden the beauty of your wrist, be it a family occasion or a casual meeting. Bracelets tend to beautify your wrist and add that splash of stunning allure to even the plainest of outfits. This makes them the perfect go-to wrist accessory after a wristwatch. With bracelets, you will surely stumble upon a diverse array of striking options that will make you unique and the center of attention at all events.

Therefore, women are now choosing even their daily wear accessories and jewelry precisely, whether with rose gold, stainless steel, and other types of metal finishing. Further, bracelets are often presented to women as gifts that attach deep sentimental value to the jewelry. Often these precious bracelets, gifted from a loved one, showcase valuable gemstones like diamonds or pearls. That's where the tennis bracelets with pearls and diamond tennis bracelets make their mark.

Tennis Bracelets

EXPLORE tennis bracelets

Tennis Bracelets

As this priceless wrist jewelry stands for indestructible and rare love, they symbolize a strong bond that deserves to be displayed profoundly. With the craze for lab diamonds and their eco-friendly attributes, diamond tennis bracelets have become one of the hot and trending bracelet picks.

Charm Bracelets and Braided Bracelets

A dainty charm bracelet style is one of the best choices for someone to show their attractive and composed side. However, charm bracelets have a more delicate and intricate appeal as they come in a wide range of styles and hold a timeless classic look. These types of bracelets are usually customized with charms that showcase intimate souvenirs to the wearer. And if you're the bold and quirky type, you can highlight your personality with a thick braided bracelet.

Multi-layered and Beaded Bracelets

Multi-layered or beaded bracelets are the types of bracelets that are ideal for those who wish to sport a more casual look like jeans and a T-shirt. They can be the perfect pick for school and college outfit inspo.

Leather Bracelets

Similarly, leather bracelets are a more versatile ornament; both men and women can easily wear them. The perk of adorning with these types of bracelets is that they give all your outfits an edgy look.

Slider Bracelets

Additionally, if you are looking for an elegant yet casual gift, the delicate slider bracelets are the types of bracelets that have a graceful gleam, along with its adjustable clasp, that fits all wrists and looks.

Wood bracelets

Embraced in the boho look, the wooden bracelet showcases a unique and rigid bangles-like appearance. This fascinating look of the wood bracelet is ideally paired with ethnic looks and casual outfits. Wood is one of the oldest materials used in crafting bracelets, together with stone and bones.

Link and Chain Bracelets

Another unique bracelet type is the link bracelet or the chain bracelet. These types of bracelets are typically metallic and are connected by different chains to form a single piece of jewelry. These chained or linked metallic bracelets can be made of small or large metal connectors. Some little charms and gems may dangle from the chain or the link.

Which is the most trending bracelet type?

The diamond tennis bracelet is the most trending type of bracelet. The enticing sparkle of the lab diamonds used in the bracelets makes it one of the most loved and adored wrist jewelry compared to other types of bracelets. The beautiful glimmer and charm of the diamonds that trail along the wrist of the wearer make this trending bracelet a must-have.

Why are lab diamond bracelets so appealing?

Fortunately, for all the diamond enthusiasts out there, Friendly Diamonds, a New York-based eco-friendly online jewelry brand, the gleaming glory of the stunning tennis bracelets is available affordably and conveniently. You can now choose and purchase gorgeous diamond-trending bracelets hassle-free and easily. Therefore, with their subtle elegance and charm, diamond tennis bracelets are the perfect pick for your wedding accessory as they can enhance the look of a simple white gown or, better yet, mold in beautifully with those elaborate wedding looks you choose. Listed below are some sparkling diamond tennis bracelets from the Friendly Diamonds collection that will dazzle you into picking eco-friendly and affordable diamonds. Moreover, they are some of the trending bracelets studded with lab diamonds to amplify their style quotient.

trending bracelets

Darcy Tennis Bracelet

The Darcy tennis bracelet showcases a row of enticing lab diamonds set in an elegant four prong settings that are shared prongs. This trending bracelet is well-built and holds a clasp that settles gently on the wrist with dainty diamonds that easily flow along with your every move.

Darcy Tennis Bracelet

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Nemy Half Bezel Tennis Bracelet

A glistening bracelet showcasing a row of sparkling lab diamonds in a half-bezel setting. Designed with flexibility, the Nemy bracelet is the perfect accessory that gently wraps around the wrist.

Nemy Half Bezel Tennis Bracelet

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Lilac Tennis Bracelet

The Lilac pear tennis bracelet is one of the best types of bracelets in the tennis diamond bracelets segment. It is created with striking pear-shaped gems, set in a classy three-prong setting that rests, making it one of the trending bracelets.

Lilac Tennis Bracelet

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Cecily Tennis Bracelet

The Cecily tennis bracelet, created with a trail of round brilliant cut diamonds placed in a single four prong setting, is another trending bracelet. This type of bracelet is the center of attraction at any event as this jewelry piece is beautifully studded with large and small diamonds that flow beautifully.

Cecily Bracelet

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Everlyn Oval Lab Diamond Tennis Bracelet

The glistening trending bracelet, the Everlyn tennis bracelet, is crafted with oval cut lab diamonds placed in four claw prongs set in north-south direction setting. With several types of bracelets that hold intricate beauty and charm, this trending bracelet remains one of the most loved and adorned jewelry pieces.

Everlyn Oval Lab Diamond Tennis Bracelet

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Serene Tennis Bracelet

A unique and trending bracelet, the Serene tennis bracelet is created along with lustrous pear-shaped diamonds set in a row on three prong settings that are round. At the same time, it settles subtly on your wrist.

Serene Tennis Bracelet

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Aldea Oval Lab Diamond Tennis Bracelet

Finally, the Aldea tennis bracelet displays a stunning flow of oval shaped lab diamonds nestled in well-crafted prong settings that are round. This stands out from all the various types of bracelets as the glittering flexibility of the design gently rests on your wrist.