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Wednesday, Apr 05 2023

Platinum Vs. Gold: Which Is Better Platinum Jewelry Or Gold?

Written by Edmar Hendricks

Platinum Vs. Gold: Which Is Better Platinum Jewelry Or Gold?

Platinum Vs Gold; Which is better? Is gold jewelry better? Or is platinum jewelry better? These are frequently asked questions when it comes to purchasing jewelry. To be fair, there is no right or wrong answer when it comes to platinum vs gold. It all comes down to what you are searching for, your expectations, the amount you're willing to spend, i.e., your budget, and whether or not you're looking to maintain your jewelry regularly.


Understanding Platinum & Gold Jewelry

Platinum vs gold are both precious metals popularly used in the creation of jewelry that includes high-quality engagement rings and wedding rings. Both metals are also used to make fine jewelry for women, such as earring bracelets and pendants. Gold comes in various purities and various metal colors. Gold, when first obtained in its most natural form, has a sparkling and distinguished color of yellowish-golden. It is quite appealing, making it a choice for jewelry.

Platinum & Gold Jewelry

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Although this pure form of 24kt gold is appealing, it is not suitable for jewelry production as it is a malleable form of gold. Hence, it has to be mixed with other metals to create durable metals that can be used to make jewelry. The alloys obtained after mixing the gold with other metals lead to the formation of various purities that include 18k, 10k, and 14k gold and gold colors that include white gold, yellow gold, and rose gold.

In recent times, white gold, obtained by combining white metals like silver or nickel before giving it a rhodium plating finish, has become a popular choice. Mixing metals and adding the rhodium plating finish provides the gold with a distinguished white color with a sparkly sheen distinguishing it from the traditional yellow-gold color. In fact platinum and white gold look almost the same because of the color that is mimicked by the white gold, but of course both metals are entirely different and not the same.

What is the Difference between Platinum & Gold Jewelry?

Platinum Vs. Gold: Appearance & Color Difference

The most noticeable distinction between platinum vs gold jewelry is the difference in metal colors. Platinum is available exclusively in white and comprises 95-98 percent platinum with only a minor amount of alloys added to its mix.

Gold is often thought of by most as a yellow metal even though it is also available in colors white and rose after combining with other metals. White gold looks like platinum simply because of rhodium-plated nickel, zinc, and copper alloys that are added to the original yellow gold.

The rhodium plating on white gold rings and other white gold jewelry gives the jewelry a bright silvery white color, just like that of platinum jewelry. The rhodium plating, however, fades over time and leads to the white gold turning to its natural yellow appearance. So while white gold and platinum have a lustrous surface, platinum retains its gleaming appearance, while white gold requires polishing and replating to retain its luster.

Platinum & Gold lab diamond Jewelry

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If you are not looking for white gold or platinum jewelry, yellow gold is an excellent choice for various reasons. The upkeep and maintenance of yellow gold are much less than other gold colors, and if buying a diamond ring, you can choose a slightly tinted diamond.

Diamonds with even a slight tint can stand out against metals like white gold and platinum. On the other hand, the same tinted diamond will actually appear colorless because of the yellow-gold color contrast. When looking for a gold metal that has more of a feminine color and is also durable, then choosing rose gold for its pink-like hue is best.

Platinum Vs. Gold: Wearability & Comfort

Other alloys are added to jewelry to change its strength, color, shine, and so on. Some of these metals, however, can cause skin reactions. For example, nickel is known to cause allergies, especially to those with sensitive skin. If such is the case, it is best you pick a hypoallergenic metal like platinum.

Hypoallergenic metals don't have nickel, so when you wear platinum jewelry, it is extremely unlikely that you will have any skin allergies. Also, know that yellow gold is the most hypoallergenic of all the gold color variants. Gold jewelry is also lighter and less dense than platinum jewelry, making it a more comfortable option for wearability.

Also, platinum is less scratch resistant and can get scratched easily compared to 14k gold, as it is softer than 14k gold. 14k gold is composed of 58.3% gold, and the rest of its composition are all alloys making it more scratch resistant and difficult to get scratched or dented.

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You don't lose any of your platinum on your platinum jewelry when it gets scratched, though. Instead, the metal; i.e. platinum, just moves to another part of the metal surface. You can easily repair and get your platinum jewelry back to its original state. With gold, however, the metal actually comes off the surface.

Platinum rings that are scratched also give the rings an antique-looking patina finish that some people prefer. Hence if you’re looking for long term wearability and comfort you should choose platinum jewelry.

Platinum Vs. Gold: Strength and Durability

Both gold and platinum are strong precious metals. Platinum, however, is more durable and outlasts gold because of its high density and chemical composition making it less likely to break when compared to gold. Although platinum is stronger, it is still softer than 14k gold; hence, it scratches more quickly. 18k and 24k gold are, however, softer and more scratch resistant when compared to platinum.

Rose gold is the most durable of the gold variants because it has high copper content.

Understanding the Cost Difference

Platinum holds more value than gold as platinum jewelry has higher purities and densities when compared to gold jewelry. Platinum is also a rare metal, and more of it is required to create platinum jewelry. There is also a price differential between gold and platinum jewelry. Since more of the metal is required to create platinum jewelry, platinum is more expensive than white gold and other gold variants.

Which is the Better Option for You?

When it comes to precious metals, platinum and gold are both appealing options. Platinum is the way to go if you have a bigger budget and are looking for a high-quality, low-maintenance metal. If you prefer the white color but don't have a budget to accommodate the purchase point of platinum jewelry, then go with white gold. If you want something with a vintage feel, yellow gold works well. And if you prefer a feminine color to your gold jewelry, then there is nothing better than rose gold.

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