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Saturday, Jan 06 2024

The Unique Features of Lab Diamond Jewelry

Written by Nicole Harper

The Unique Features of Lab Diamond Jewelry

Natural diamonds have long reigned in the field of jewelry. After the Great Depression and in the 1930s, there was a sudden boom in proposals with diamond rings. A diamond rapidly became the ultimate symbol of love and luxury, with more and more women wanting to own one and men wanting to gift it to them to win their hearts. 

However, as time went on, customers desired a much more ethical and sustainable alternative to mined diamonds. That is because the industry was riddled with concerns about environmental impact, ethics, labor exploitation, and carbon footprints. Therefore, to move away from these problems, scientists made it their mission to create lab diamonds.

Though they were initially invented to be used for industrial purposes, lab diamonds entered the picture of the gem industry in the late 1980s. From thereon, creative minds started crafting these precious stones into premium quality jewelry like stud earrings, bracelets, hoops, and engagement rings

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As soon as lab diamond jewelry hit the market, customers quickly realized this new invention was special and had a unique air to it. Fine jewelry made from lab grown diamonds had numerous distinct features that distinguished it from those made from mined diamonds.

Their characteristics, which set them apart, are as follows:

Ethically Sourced Fine Jewelry

One of the prime concerns about mined diamonds was that their sourcing was harmful to the environment and humans. Along with using harsh methods to excavate these gems, there have been numerous concerns about human rights exploitation. Many people avoided buying fine jewelry that was sourced through problematic means. 

However, in the case of fine jewelry made from lab diamonds, the concerns get mitigated because these gems are created in a controlled laboratory that adheres to rigorous standards. This eliminates worries associated with unethical practices, rendering them conflict-free.

Lab Diamonds

Diamonds with Eco-Conscious Brilliance

Lab diamonds are produced in such a way that they leave as few carbon footprints as possible. At Friendly Diamonds, fine jewels made from lab diamonds is made in facilities that are powered by renewable energy. Using renewable energy ensures that we practice earth-kind activities and leave as little of an environmental impact as possible. Since renewable energy is inexhaustible in nature, harnessing these alternatives helps reduce greenhouse gas usage. This way, we can combat climate change, create supreme quality lab diamond jewels, and create a more worthwhile future.

Eco-Conscious Diamonds

Conflict-Free Origins Guaranteed

There is a prevailing concept in the world of diamonds called blood diamonds. Blood diamonds are those that are mined in a war zone and sold to finance insurgency, terrorism, or other violent or illegal activities.

However, buying fine jewels made from lab diamond 

S guarantees that you invest in gems that have trustworthy sources and are conflict-free. While buying fine jewelry made from lab grown gems from Friendly Diamonds, our consumers can be confident that their purchase has not contributed to human rights abuses or conflicts that are often associated with certain natural diamond sources.

Conflict-Free Origins

Budget-Friendly Pricing

One of the biggest and prime features of lab diamonds is that, along with being chemically, visually, and physically similar to mined diamonds, they come with a lower price tag. Loose lab grown diamonds and high-quality jewelry made from them are available for 40% to 70% lower prices compared to their mined counterparts. The affordability factor makes them an attractive option for those seeking economic value and opulent fine jewelry. 

At Friendly Diamonds, we offer lab diamond jewels like hoops, stud earrings, eternity rings, tennis bracelets, etc. that are affordable and also have the best price markups.

Innovation & Technology in Jewelry Making

Many mortar and pestle stores use the traditional method of crafting and making jewelry; this method uses a high amount of time and can sometimes give results that are less precise. As lab diamonds and jewelry-making processes have come a long way, a new wave of high-quality and premium jewelry has hit the market. 

Friendly Diamonds, as one of the leading retailers, uses the wonderful advancement of science and combines it with creating brilliant jewels. With the radiance of lab diamonds and the talented minds of our team, we always aim to make jewelry pieces that make one feel satisfied and their best selves.

Tailor-Made Just For You

Lab grown diamonds are made in an environment where their quality is minutely taken care of. Hence, the result is a diamond that is of premium quality, which can further be customized as per the customer’s wish. The seamless cultivation also helps in creating bespoke jewelry, which is made from scratch. These bespoke pieces are made using the design concepts and references of our customers. Their designs are brought to life and tailored to their specifications. Apart from that, Friendly Diamonds allows customers to create their own pieces of jewelry by selecting from a diverse array of existing designs.

Customize Your Jewelry

Everlasting Radiance

Diamonds are one of the hardest substances in the world and their beauty is unmatched because of their sparkly appearance. Fine jewelry made from lab diamonds not only has the qualities of becoming radiant jewels, but can also be passed down as family heirlooms from one generation to another.

When responsibly taken care of, lab diamond jewelry transcends its intrinsic beauty. This quality not only makes them a wise investment but also ensures that they carry the stories and sentiments of those who wear them, creating a connection that spans ages.

Thus, the unique features of lab diamond jewels address concerns associated with mined diamonds and also elevate the overall jewelry experience for buyers, emerging as a compelling choice for those who seek both luxury and conscientious choices.