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Monday, Jan 08 2024

Scoring Big on Love: Why Tennis Bracelets Ace Valentine's Gifting?

Written by Thomas Cooper

Scoring Big on Love: Why Tennis Bracelets Ace Valentine's Gifting?

Have you made any plans for Valentine’s Day? No? It’s okay! We still have enough time to carefully choose the ideal gift for your supportive wife or beloved girlfriend on the love-filled day that dominates throughout the month of February. Besides many couples celebrating their anniversaries in a high spirit, Valentine’s Day is another such event when couples grandly renew their shared love and celebrate their union.

These special women in your life deserve the best in the world. While you will surely get something cute and romantic for them, like a bouquet of fresh red roses or a box of chocolate, why not show them they are the most important people in your life by making a sparkling gesture?

We’ve also got a mini history lesson prepared for you in case you are wondering about the cultural significance of Valentine’s Day & why people gift each other gifts.

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What Is the History of Valentine’s Day Gifting?

Though there are several stories about the romantic holiday of Valentine’s, one of the most popular emerges from the church of Rome. A Roman priest supposedly performed secret weddings against the permission of the authorities in the third century. The priest was held in captivity in the home of a noble. Despite being imprisoned and living under harsh conditions, he healed his captor’s blind daughter, thus performing another magical miracle. Before being tortured and beheaded on February 14, he left behind a note signed as “Your Valentine.”

To mark his sacrifice, the church later blessed the day as a celebration of St. Valentine’s preaching. In the 18th century, it became common among couples to express how cherished their partner was to them by gifting each other precious gems and jewels. They gave gifts like chocolates, flowers, and fine jewelry on February 14 to celebrate it as a day dedicated to their love story.

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Lustrous Tennis Bracelets for Your Beloved

So, now that we know the story behind the origins of Valentine's Day, let’s delve into the gifts that you can give your supportive romantic partners. We encourage you to level up your gifting game this year by getting her a beautiful lab diamond tennis bracelet

You must think about how a lab diamond tennis bracelet becomes the ideal gift for Valentine’s Day! Well, you see, tennis bracelets are also called eternity bracelets or journey bracelets because they represent the continuous and never-ending links of love and protection that people in love have for each other. 

The same kind of never-ending commitment is reflected in our Valentine’s Day bracelet. One look at them and you will understand why they are meant to be the ideal gift for the love of your life.

Darcy Round Lab Diamond Tennis Bracelet

Your classic love story definitely deserves a bracelet that is made from timeless round cut lab diamonds. If your partner is someone who loves minimal fashion, then our Darcy Round Lab Diamond Tennis Bracelet is the ideal gift. This piece is the only one that will reign supreme in her jewelry box. Imagine you opening the highly secure packaging of Friendly Diamonds, and in it is the Valentine’s Day bracelet. The amount of happiness that will be visible on your wife's or girlfriend’s face will be incomparable to anything else.

The Darcy Tennis Bracelet is a stunning row of round brilliant cut diamonds set in four prong settings. This jewel, which is apt as a Valentine's Day bracelet, has a sturdy lock and wraps around the wrist comfortably.

Darcy Tennis Bracelet

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Aldea Oval Lab Diamond Tennis Bracelet

Another Valentine’s Day bracelet that you can gift to your special someone is our most-loved Aldea Oval Lab Diamond Tennis Bracelet. The Aldeal Tennis Bracelet has a contemporary feel to it, which everyone desires. With a single row of oval cut diamonds, the bracelet creates a seamless look that perfectly blends with every kind of attire. Be it a business meeting your bae wants to attend or a brunch with you and your friends, the Aldea Tennis Bracelet is going to make her stand out from the crowd.

Aldea Tennis Bracelet

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Nemy Half Bezel Round Lab Diamond Tennis Bracelet

The Valentine’s Day bracelet list continues strongly because we are saving the best for last. The bezel is the kind of setting that is loved by everyone! No matter if your life partner is someone who likes maximum sparkle or sophisticated charm, a bezel will always catch her eyes and shower all of her love on you! 

Our Nemy Half Bezel Round Lab Diamond Tennis Bracelet is a modern twist on the traditional bezel setting. The round cut diamonds are set in a half bezel in our Nemy Tennis Bracelet and are held by a four prong setting. This as a Valentine’s Day bracelet will be another charming gift to bestow on your loved one.

Nemy Tennis Bracelet

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With the help of our beautiful bracelets, you can go all out and make your wife or girlfriend feel like they are the stellar souls in your story. To help make this decision in a jiffy, Friendly Diamonds is observing an early sale for all our hopeless romantics. Now you can get our skillfully crafted tennis bracelets for up to 50% Off* and to make the deal even sweeter, there’s an additional 10% Off* that you can avail of on any fine jewelry order.

This Valentine’s Day, in the realm of love, your special someone’s heart is the sanctuary you will cherish. The joy of gifting is in creating moments that linger, transforming ordinary days into cherished occasions where the real magic unfolds in the exchange of hearts and sentimental gifts.