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Monday, Nov 27 2023

Gifting Grace: Single Diamond Pendants for Special Celebrations

Written by Nicole Harper

Gifting Grace: Single Diamond Pendants for Special Celebrations

For this year, we have decided not to save the sparkle for spring. With the holiday season knocking melodiously on our doorsteps, we are going to welcome it with big hearts and serious style! One of the key components that you will remember while styling yourself this icy season will be a solitaire diamond pendant (commonly referred to as a ‘single diamond necklace’). Also, since we know how generous your heart is, you can gift a dazzling single diamond pendant to your loved ones who have supported you throughout the year.

But you may think: “How would a single diamond pendant tie my glamorous look together?” or “How would a single diamond pendant fare as a gift?” Then, do not worry because we will tell you how a solitaire diamond necklace can become the ultimate gift this holiday season.

Table of Content:

Why Gift a Single Diamond Pendant to Your Loved One?

There are some jewelry pieces that have stood the test of time and have always been the favorites of many people. For centuries, a pendant has been one of the most-loved and adored pieces of jewelry across many cultures. From serving a functional purpose to being a staple in the world of fashion, pendants are versatile and easily become sentimental pieces of jewelry.

Solitaire Pendants


Along with holding immense significance for the wearer, they are also considered the best gift to present to your loved ones. Pairing a pendant with a diamond will not only increase the inherent value of the jewelry but also put the recipient of the gift on top of the world. When given on special occasions like birthdays or Christmas, a single diamond pendant can add immense value and sparkle to their life. 

At Friendly Diamonds, we believe that if you want to make someone feel like they are cherished and an important part of your life, then you should present them with an ethereal piece of lab diamond jewelry or, better yet, a single diamond pendant.

Lab diamond jewels melt everyone’s heart by giving off a sparkle that is perpetual and stunning. Additionally, they are available at a modest price, making them the perfect gift during the holiday season.

Become Your Loved One’s Santa

Some of the most alluring and best-selling designs that you can gift to the shining ladies in your life are listed as follows:


A Gift to Represent an Unbreakable Bond

If you have a partner who has supported you through all the ups and downs, she deserves to decorate her neckline with our Whispering Love Diamond Pendant. In this pendant, the centerpiece is a heart shaped diamond made with a fold of metal wire. The heart shaped metal part holds the center stone delicately with three prongs. The design is a striking representation of your love for each other, which your partner can wear on any and every occasion.

whispering love pendant


A Token of Endearment and Delight

Mothers are the queen of their family’s hearts, and to show them how important they are, a gift that expresses gratitude is the best to give. For all those who are confused about what to give their mothers, our Vanna Lariat Lab Diamond Pendant can answer your questions. The stunning piece has a diamond in the center of the design, and at the bottom of the diamond, a tiny charm is encrusted with smaller diamonds. This piece effectively exudes a feminine and tender appeal for which mothers are so much adored.



A Symbol of Resilience

We all know people who are pillars of strength and power in our lives. They inspire you to always put your best foot forward in everything you do. You share your problems and happiness with them. This person could be your sister or best friend, to whom you can give the dazzling gift of a single diamond necklace. Our Evil Eye Charm Lab Diamond Pendant is the perfect gift for your best friend or sister. The pendant features the design of an evil eye charm to ward off all the negative energy. The metal is masterfully crafted into a dome shape so that it resembles the shape of an eye, and in that eye is a diamond that shines with utmost brilliance.



This Christmas, spread joy, sparkle, and love with everyone close to you. By gifting them a single diamond pendant, you will definitely become their most adorable person.

Go a step beyond and add a special touch by customizing your gift. If the special someone in your life loves the intricacy of diamond jewelry, then this holiday season, we encourage you to step into the world of customization, where you can create distinctive pieces of jewelry they will revere forever.