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Monday, Sep 25 2023

Why Is It Called a Tennis Bracelet?

Written by Thomas Cooper

Why Is It Called a Tennis Bracelet?

Diamonds have taken the world by storm for centuries now. One can spot a sparkling diamond from afar and always desire to own it. However, there was one space where there was no place for diamonds or jewelry: sports. Even though it was a rare sight for a player to wear any kind of jewelry, tennis has always been liberal in allowing players to showcase their skills and style without restrictions. Because of this liberty, the name “tennis bracelet” came into being.

Let’s look at diamond tennis bracelets' history and how they are sported by celebrities today. Additionally, let’s also learn what options Friendly Diamonds offers in tennis bracelets.

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The History of the “Tennis Bracelet”

The women in tennis never held back from accessorizing. In fact, it is the norm to wear the most attractive and stylish sporting gear while playing tennis. Icons like Steffi Graf, Chris Evert, Serena Williams, Maria Sharapova, and more were on top of their game and looked good while serving and volleying. These talented women donned the prettiest-looking hoop earrings, diamond rings, and bangles. Out of them all, a tennis bracelet was one accessory that forever became associated with tennis. 

Tennis bracelets were previously known as “eternity bracelets,” as a cluster of pavé diamonds came together to form a bracelet. Its new name was neither inspired by tennis nor was it supposed to be worn while playing. So, when and who exactly coined the now-famous tennis bracelet?

History of the Tennis Bracelet

In 1978, Chris Evert, undeniably one of the most stylish players, started wearing the dainty jewel to all her games. The bracelet was loose enough to move around, thus making it more delicate and flexible. And as expected, a bracelet as flexible as that is bound to get unclasped occasionally. But the timing when that happened with Evert was iconic. 

Many tennis bracelet historians (yes, they are real) believe that during the U.S. Open, Chris Evert flung her bracelet open in the middle of the game. This caused a panic in Evert’s mind, leading her to stop the set in between to search for her jewel. 

Several people took note of the incident. Some believe it happened a decade later, in 1987, though later, Evert’s publicist confirmed that her bracelet flew open at the 1978 U.S. Open.

Celebrities’ Love for Tennis Bracelets

Tennis bracelets are now some of the most elegant and luxurious jewel pieces. One can see celebrities wearing them on several occasions. Some of our favorite celebrity sightings in tennis bracelets are:

Nicola Peltz Beckham:

The ‘it’ girl of Instagram and wife of Brooklyn Beckham is known for her impeccable style. Also, her engagement ring has been an absolute favorite among jewelry lovers. Hence, the model added a sparkling tennis bracelet to her wrist to match the sparkle on her finger.

Nicola Peltz Beckham

Peltz’s diamond jewelry collection is a covetous one. From sparkly rings to dainty necklaces, she has it all. However, it is her oval cut tennis bracelet that is the most attractive jewel out of all. One will definitely fall in love with her dazzling jewel. 

We have the perfect lab diamond tennis bracelet, which is highly similar to that of Peltz. The Everlyn Oval Lab Diamond Tennis Bracelet mesmerizes with its single row of stunning oval cut diamonds in a four prong setting. It will glimmer and shine with every twist of the hand.

Meghan Markle:

Meghan Markle is one of the Hollywood stars who has openly advocated for lab diamonds. The wife of Prince Harry wears some of the most elegant and sophisticated trinkets. Therefore, it only makes sense for her to wear a graceful tennis bracelet that Princess Diana previously owned. Her simple bracelet gave off a major sparkle during her and Harry’s Oprah interview. The bracelet is estimated to be valued at £125,000.

Meghan Markle

But if you dream of owning a similar one, we have a much more affordable option. Our Darcy Round Lab Diamond Tennis Bracelet is an urbane choice to own. It effortlessly elevates a simple look and attracts all the attention to the wearer's wrist. After all, it is hard to miss the sparkle of something so sparkly and refined.

Darcy Round Tennis Bracelet

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And that's the story! We've covered the fascinating history of tennis bracelets and how celebrities rock them in modern times. These versatile and timeless bracelets offer a wide range of styles and metals, making them a cherished accessory.

With the help of Friendly Diamonds, you can own this cherished jewel at a price that won't break the bank, all while keeping the sparkle and style intact. Apart from that, we offer a wide variety of our tennis bracelet and its stunning cousin, a tennis necklace. You can pair the bracelet with the necklace for a seamless and complete look. So, why wait when you can own this iconic jewel at such an affordable price? Explore our collection now!