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Friday, Sep 22 2023

Unique Solitaire Diamond Pendants as Bridal Jewelry: A Timeless Choice

Written by Jason Kirk

Unique Solitaire Diamond Pendants as Bridal Jewelry: A Timeless Choice

The wedding day is one of the most memorable moments in a girl’s life. Walking down the aisle in a beautiful wedding dress with matching bridal jewelry to seal the bond of companionship is a memory to cherish for a lifetime. Everything has to be pitch perfect. Consequently, choosing the right bridal jewelry is critical, especially the ornaments that attract direct attention, such as the necklace or the engagement ring

Speaking of necklaces, a solitaire diamond pendant has been the classic choice for many brides. The necklace is simple, elegant, and the perfect jewel for a bride’s big day.

Want to know why solitaire diamond pendants are a popular choice as bridal jewelry? Read the blog to discover.

Table of Content:

Why a Solitaire Diamond Pendant?

Carries Deep Meaning

Historically, diamond solitaire necklaces were the first pieces of jewelry worn as symbols of wealth and status. Since the 15th century, with the increased availability of diamonds, they have acquired an even deeper meaning. Solitaire diamond pendants are now known to be the emblems of love, affection, devotion, faithfulness, and a deeper bond with the partner, apart from luxury and glamor.

solitaire necklace

Thus, wearing a solitaire necklace as part of the bridal jewelry would beautifully demonstrate your feelings towards your partner, and the sparkle of the single lab diamond sitting beautifully on your neckline would make you look elegant on your most important day.

Can Style Perfectly with Your Bridal Attire

Bridal jewelry usually comes with a harmonious theme that matches the attire. But you can fine-tune and create a personal style with solitaire diamond pendants. For example, if you are to wear a sweetheart, V-neckline, or strapless dress, the lab diamond pendant would elevate your beauty, accentuating the overall bridal look.

Solitaire pendant with Your Bridal Attire

There are many other splendid ways you can style yourself with solitaire diamond pendants for the big day. For instance, if you want to appear more stylish, layer solitaire necklaces with diamonds of different sizes and colors. All the gaze will surely be upon you!

Comes in Numerous Styles

Solitaire diamond pendants are available in numerous styles. Offering different diamond shapes and settings, these necklaces are very versatile. They are fashionable and make a perfect style statement. Also, with pendant necklaces, you can create a distinguished look that uniquely conveys your emotion towards your significant other and, for the guests, displays your radiance.

How to Choose a Solitaire Diamond Pendant?

There are two things you must keep in mind when choosing a solitaire diamond pendant. One is the diamond, and the other is the metal for the chain.

Cut - The diamond cut refers to the symmetry & facets of the diamond. Lab diamond shapes like round brilliant cut, heart cut, princess, pear, and oval cut offer maximum sparkle. Whereas asscher cut, emerald, and marquise offer subtle glitter, which they make up for with their unique shapes.

Clarity - Choose higher clarity diamonds that allow more light to reflect and provide brilliant glitter. The ideal clarity grade for a solitaire diamond pendant would be between VVS1 and VS2.

Choosing the Diamond

Carat - With lab diamond pendants, the smaller the carat size, the better its attractiveness. Moreover, you may not want the hassle of carrying a heavier stone around your neck on your most important day. A lab diamond of less than 2 carats is an ideal choice, but if you want a higher carat stone to make it more memorable, go for it. There’s no stopping!  

Color - When choosing the diamond’s color, the traditional white diamond always comes to mind. But you can be inventive here. Try out a yellow or an orange diamond. Or pick a white centerstone and give it a halo effect with smaller color diamonds. The possibilities are endless for  making a glittery wedding day even more sparkly.

The Metal

Silvery white, you say? Of course, this is the first thing that pops into mind when we think of a solitaire diamond pendant necklace. Or so the numerous advertisements made us believe! However, in the long run, you might regret the choice, as silver tarnishes with regular exposure. Consider choosing either yellow gold or rose gold if you want to keep your precious necklace safe, or go for platinum, which would serve as the perfect alternative for the white metal on your big day. You can also mix the metals if you are layering several diamond pendants to give a contrasting and unique bridal look.

Length of the Chain

The chain length is something people do not always talk about, yet it plays a significant role in amplifying your beauty. An ideal chain length complements the diamond pendant and sits comfortably on the neck. Choose a chain with lengths between 18 inches and 24 inches to synergize with your bridal dress and showcase your glittery jewels.

Length of the Chain

Try Our Bridal Solitaire Pendants!

Whether you want a pre-set pendant or a custom one, Friendly Diamonds is happy to help. We have a uniquely designed collection of solitaire lab diamond pendants, specially curated for weddings. Here are some of our bestselling pendants for  brides: 

Try our Belleza Halo Solitaire Necklace if you are looking for more sparkle. The brilliant round cut centerstone with a halo of tiny diamonds set in split prongs will surely captivate everyone.

Belleza Halo Solitaire Necklace

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If you want the necklace to express your deep love for your partner, there is no match for our Amalia Heart Solitaire Necklace. The exquisitely cut heart diamond set in a unique basket design is enthralling.

Amalia Heart Solitaire Necklace.

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If you have a unique style in mind, you can customize the design with our experts, and our team will deliver your share of sparkle to you. Shine bright on your big day with Friendly Diamonds!