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Thursday, Sep 28 2023

Tips on How to Choose the Perfect Emerald Tennis Necklace

Written by Nicole Harper

Tips on How to Choose the Perfect Emerald Tennis Necklace

Tennis necklaces, just like their cousin tennis bracelets, are elegant beauty accessories that add a hint of sophistication to your outfits. They are glamorous jewelry pairings that match well at formal events, everyday looks, and special occasions. If you choose the right one, they'll even make you stand out from the crowd every time when worn. 

Today, we will talk about one-of-a-kind statement-making tennis necklaces crafted with  emerald cut diamonds that are highly refined and have a vintage appeal. 

The emerald cut diamonds are known for their facets of considerable length, chiseled step cut pattern, and large table surface area. This diamond cut started trending in the 14th century, and is still a popular favorite among women worldwide.

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What Makes an Emerald Tennis Necklace So Special?

As stated above, emerald tennis necklaces feature exceptional emerald cut diamonds with an elongated rectangle shape. Its straight linear facets create beautiful flashes of light to create a hall of mirrors effect. They are truly unique jewelry pieces that add sparkle to your outfits, lighting up your neckline wherever you go.

Emerald Tennis Necklace

What to Keep in Mind when Buying an Emerald Tennis Necklace?

Diamond Quality & Precious Metal Type

The quality of the emerald cut diamonds is of utmost importance when choosing an emerald tennis necklace. Your necklace should feature high-quality emerald diamonds of a high color and clarity grade, have minimal inclusions, and be crafted with a precious metal ranging from platinum or white, rose, or yellow gold.

The emerald diamonds should be of a high clarity grade simply because of the stone's step-cut shape and large table surface area. The shape and table surface area require the stone to have minimal inclusions to create wondrous flashes of light. Hence, it would be best to focus on obtaining a stone of high clarity grade. The same goes for its color grade, as its open facets prominently showcase the diamond's color. Choosing diamond grades between D to G is recommended when choosing emerald diamonds for your emerald tennis necklace. Both high color and clarity grades ensure you own an emerald tennis necklace with diamonds that have an eye-clean appearance.

Diamond Quality

The type of metal you choose depends on the style you're looking for. Platinum is a rarer metal than gold. As for the gold variants, white gold is the most modern and popular choice, priced better than platinum with almost the same look. Rose is more for those who love expressing their feminine side, and yellow gold is a traditional choice that adds an interesting contrast to your emerald diamond tennis necklace.

At Friendly Diamonds, we offer emerald tennis necklaces crafted with high quality lab diamonds available in all the precious metal types mentioned above.


It is important to consider the setting used for your emerald tennis necklace. While it does come down to preference, we recommend picking an emerald tennis necklace with a classic prong setting to let more light enter the emerald diamonds, thus enhancing the overall sparkle. However, you may choose to go with another setting for your emerald cuts by opting for Friendly Diamonds’ bespoke jewelry experience that allows you to customize your tennis necklace from scratch.


You must consider the length of your emerald tennis necklace. These diamond embellished necklaces come in varied lengths, giving you the opportunity to choose a length that suits you best. Shorter necklaces ranging from 14 to 16 inches make great layering picks as they are worn closer to the neckline. Longer necklaces ranging from 18 to 20 inches are more statement-making pieces as they sit further from the neckline, hanging towards the chest. It all depends on your styling preference and body type when picking your emerald tennis necklace length.


Overall Design

The overall design and style of the emerald tennis necklace you pick represent your personal style. It should complement your wardrobe and match your attire so that you have a complete and balanced look. We always recommend choosing simple and classic emerald tennis necklace designs as they are the perfect match for everyday wear. 

But suppose you have a particular design in mind, one that would suit you better based on your fashion sense and wardrobe collection, then our bespoke jewelry team at Friendly Diamonds shall be more than happy to hear your idea through a one on one online consultation, so that they can bring your design to life! You may also meet our team in person at our office in New York to create your bespoke emerald tennis necklace.

Lorel Emerald Lab Diamond Tennis Necklace at Friendly Diamonds

The Lorel Emerald Lab Diamond Tennis Necklace available at Friendly Diamonds is a sparkling, elegant necklace of compelling appeal. Available in lengths ranging from 14 to 20 inches, this necklace makes quite a grand standalone jewelry piece that'll elevate your formal and casual attire.

The necklace boasts a line of emerald cut diamonds, all set in sturdy and protective four prongs, allowing it to sparkle better. Its box clasp secures the necklace around your neck and guarantees a comfortable fit. 

The necklace would match well with your little black dress, work wear office outfits, or classic T and jeans look. Mesmerizing as it gets, this emerald tennis necklace is sure to enhance and level up your fashion game when looking for radiance and subtle sophistication.

Lorel Emerald Tennis Necklace

SHOP Lorel Tennis Necklace

You can choose between yellow, white and rose gold variants of this emerald tennis necklace before you add to cart when shopping on our online lab diamond jewelry store.  

An emerald tennis necklace is a beautiful piece you should own as part of your jewelry collection. This vintage diamond necklace adds charm to your overall look and makes quite a statement when paired right. You must, however, always shop from a trusted online brand that offers quality designs that’ll match well with your daily outfits. The online store should also offer bespoke jewelry services in case you want to customize a necklace according to your style and preference. 

At Friendly Diamonds, we offer both and do even better by creating necklaces with lab diamonds that are far more eco-friendly than mined diamonds & available at a better budget-friendly price point. So, if planning to buy that perfect emerald tennis necklace, choose Friendly Diamonds today!