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Friday, Mar 01 2024

Women's Day Gift Ideas to Celebrate the Women in Your Life

Written by Jason Kirk

Women's Day Gift Ideas to Celebrate the Women in Your Life

The world has evolved and become somewhat of a better place to live for everyone, especially women. Celebrated for their courageous spirit and ethereal quality, women shape our world and also an individual’s life. Their shine is incomparable, yet it can only be compared to the hardest substance on Earth, a diamond.

Being one of the most indestructible materials in the world, diamonds are also known for their ability to sparkle even in the darkest of spaces. Diamonds also possess the capability to endure daily wear and tear. Does this not sound a lot like the women in your life? We all know that one woman who has fearlessly fared through life but has never lost her sparkle.

Be it our mother, who raised and nurtured us, or our sisters, who supported us through every step in our lives, or our wives or girlfriends, who accept us for our truest selves and love every inch of us. We know many women who are as beautiful and infallible as diamonds. 

Therefore, to pay tribute to their valiant nature on this International Women’s Day, gift her a sparkling reflection in the form of a diamond.

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What is the History of Women’s Day?

Many countries celebrate International Women’s Day, which falls on March 8th of every year. The day is dedicated to women, who are recognized for their achievements without regard to divisions, be they national, ethnic, linguistic, cultural, political, or economic.

This global holiday emerged from the labor and women’s rights movement in the early 20th century. It was in 1909 that the first National Women’s Day took place in the United States. After that, the idea of an international day advocating women’s rights gained traction. The first official International Women’s Day was observed on March 8th, 1911. Over time, it became a global day of action recognized by the United Nations in 1977. 

Now, IWD is seen as a day when everyone celebrates and bestows Women’s Day gifts on their beloved women in their lives.

Women’s Day

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Gorgeous Women’s Day Gift Ideas

Since every woman is a diamond, diamond jewelry will be the best Women’s Day gift for her. It is impossible for anyone not to be fascinated by the sparkle and brilliance of a diamond. Their timelessness and elegance speak the language of love and respect, which everyone wants to hear. Therefore, here we are with splendid Women’s Day gift ideas:

Eternity Rings for Eternal Love

This Women’s Day gift is going to make your favorite woman the most cherished person in your life. Eternity rings, also known as infinity rings, are the type of rings where a band of precious metal is set with continuous lines of gems. The ring can feature diamonds of various shapes and cuts. 

Our Camila Oval Lab Diamond Eternity Ring is a thing of wonder and brilliance. The classy and elegant design of the ring is enough to make one fall in love with it. Oval cut diamonds, set in a north-south direction, trail the entire band in a common shared prong setting and display their magnificence. The ring is a unique gift and will definitely make the leading lady in your life feel special.

Camila Oval Lab Diamond Eternity Ring

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Studs to Steal Hearts

One of the best gift ideas for women on this International Women’s Day can be a lab diamond stud earring. Why, you may ask? Well, stud earrings are what you call a small package with loads of fun. Despite being tiny in size, they pack a solid amount of sparkling punch.

Hence, they deserve the second spot on our list of Women’s Day gifts. A pair of Four Prong Cushion Lab Diamond Stud Earrings is the perfect gift for women who never shy away from giving their best in every situation of their lives. The most interesting part of the earring is the visible gallery. The gallery will ensure that the diamonds on the studs will shine as brightly as the spirit of your favorite woman does.

Stud Earrings

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Solitaire Necklace for Your One True Person

Another ideal Women’s Day gift is a solitaire necklace. A solitaire necklace is one where a single gem is suspended from a chain, thus emphasizing the sparkle and quality of the gem.

The Fernanda Oval Solitaire Necklace features an oval cut lab diamond that is set in four round prongs on each corner. The gallery of the necklace is visible from the side, and one can also see the little dome seat where the diamond is set. The single diamond radiates brightly like the soul of your loved one, thus making it the perfect Women’s Day gift.

Fernanda Oval Solitaire Necklace

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So, there it is—our dazzling journey celebrating the brilliance of women and the timeless beauty of lab grown diamonds. May they continue to sparkle, inspire, and steal our hearts. This Women’s Day, gift her a piece of brilliance and make her sparkle a little brighter.