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Saturday, Mar 02 2024

Customizing Six Prong Engagement Ring: Design Options and Variations

Written by Jason Kirk

Customizing Six Prong Engagement Ring: Design Options and Variations

Engagement rings are the jewels of dreams for many couples, as they symbolize their love and devotion for each other. Perfecting it means a lifetime's worth of joy and happiness for both the people involved. The first step that every couple takes before researching their desired engagement ring is to learn about the 4 C’s (cut, color, clarity, and carat) of the diamond that will become the showstopper of the ring’s setting.

Learning about the 4 C’s is an adventure and takes focus, but in the end, you become a semi-master of diamonds. Out of all the 4 C’s of diamonds, our jewel experts believe that the cut is the most important one. Different types of cuts bring out the beauty of a diamond in several ways. Where a round brilliant diamond showcases the ultimate sparkle and dazzle of the diamond, an emerald cut emphasizes clarity. 

After knowing the different types of cuts, you must decide on the one that steals your and your beloved’s hearts. Whether it’s the romantic feel of the heart cut or the bold air of the Asscher cut, your choice will affect the overall aesthetic of the ring. Then comes the task of deciding the right metal color for your ring. You can choose the lustrous sheen of white gold and platinum or the warmth of yellow gold.

Six Prong Engagement Ring

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You will then move on to selecting the setting of the ring. There are several types and kinds of engagement ring settings that sway people away. From splendid solitaires to hypnotic halos, you have all the choices in the world while shopping for an engagement ring. Although there are numerous kinds of settings that are unique, one thing that mostly remains constant in them is the prongs.

Now, they may be small, but they play an important role in flaunting the charisma of the diamond and also protecting it from damage and loss. So, why not spend another minute or two learning about the prong settings and which one suits you best as per your needs?

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What are Prongs?

In a ring, prongs are small pieces of metal that hold the center stone in place and are part of what is called the head of the ring. The prongs extend upward from the band, creating a cone-like cradle to hold. Prongs have grooves that are welded to the band, into which the girdle of the diamond is set, and that helps keep the center stone securely in place. 

There are different types of prong settings, but today we are going to focus on six prong settings. 

The six prong engagement ring, also famously known as the claw setting, is the iconic and classic rendition of the six prong setting ring. Though a six prong ring was originally introduced as an alternative to the traditional four prong style, it was this style of ring that popularized the giving of diamond solitaire rings for engagements. We can definitely say that it still remains a favorite among many couples.

About Prongs

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What are the Pros and Cons of Six Prongs?

Just like any setting or design of a ring, there are pros and cons that one must weigh before making a purchase. 

Pros of Six Prong Engagement Rings:

  • Six prongs hold a diamond in a more secure and reliable manner. Compared to the four prong setup, it offers more security and allows you to place larger stones without having to worry about losing any of them.

  • Six prong engagement ring offers better protection for the diamond’s girdle compared to a four prong ring.

Cons of Six Prong Engagement Rings:

  • Diamonds smaller than half a carat can get overshadowed in a six prong engagement ring.

  • Sometimes, it can get difficult to clean rings that have six prong settings. 

Now that we know the merits and limitations of six prong engagement rings, let’s look at their design options and variations. 

We are all aware of the fabulousness of a solitaire diamond engagement ring with six prongs. Being the classic setting that steals the spotlight, many couples look at it as a safe option. However, for those who like to try exciting designs paired with unconventional styles, a six prong engagement ring is the best way to go.

An Enigmatic Secret Halo with Six Prongs

Everyone loves a secret, especially when it’s a dazzling and sparkling one. Imagine a ring where the center diamond is held secretly by six prongs, and at the base lies a beautiful halo that is encrusted with diamonds. The halo is only visible when viewed from the side. This design has that extra bit of oomph and sizzle that every woman desires in her engagement rings.

Mereia Secret Halo Diamond Ring

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Friendly Diamonds has a modern and even better rendition of this design. The Mereia Secret Halo Diamond Ring is perfection personified. Not only does it have a center stone cradled by six prongs and a secret halo, but the shank of this stunner is encrusted with pavé diamonds running halfway on each side of the ring.

Milgrain Magic Paired with Six Prongs

The milgrain design is known for its ability to create texture in jewelry. The dotted line gives off an intricate and handcrafted feel to it. Paired with the security of six prongs, a ring with this feature will always invoke a feeling of admiration.

Regalia Milgrain Diamond Ring is a stunner that holds the diamond in six prongs. The shank of the ring is dotted with a beautiful milgrain pattern that has a one-of-a-kind appearance. This type of ring gives off vintage vibes and makes the wearer feel like royalty.

Regalia Milgrain Diamond Ring

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Six Prongs Ring with a Twist

A six prong engagement ring is glamorous and brilliant on its own. But everyone loves a delightful and elegant twist in their jewelry. The Seraphina Twist Prongs Solitaire Diamond Ring boasts a simple yet refined design to show off its classic beauty. 

The plain band of the ring truly makes the diamond the center of attraction, which is held by six prongs. The curving prongs add a touch of sophistication and uniqueness to the ring, thus making it perfect for those individuals who look for a slight twist on traditional solitaire designs.

Six Prongs Stunner in Three Stone Setting

The three stone engagement ring setting is fabulous on its own. One of the most sought-out options among couples, our jewelry designers and experts have come up with a design that is worthy of all the attention. 

The Tiara Three Stone Diamond Ring has a center stone flanked by two slightly smaller diamonds. The six prongs that hold all three stones look like a crown when viewed from the side. The cathedral shank of the ring has pavé set diamonds that are studded halfway on each side of the ring. This ring is ultra-switching and will make everyone’s eyes sparkle.

Tiara Three Stone Diamond Ring

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Congratulations on Becoming Six Prong Expert

Voila! Now you're practically a diamond pro, armed with the know-how to find that dream engagement ring! From mastering the 4 C's to choosing your favorite diamond cut and metal hue, you've navigated the sparkling seas of options. And guess what? It's time to spotlight the unsung heroes—those tiny warriors called prongs! 

The six-prong setting, a rock star in its own light, steals the show with security and style. But, hey, who said diamonds can't have a little secret? Enter the Mereia Secret Halo Diamond Ring, where six prongs keep the magic safe and a dazzling halo adds that extra 'wow' factor. And if vintage vibes are your jam, the Regalia Milgrain Diamond Ring is here to make you feel like royalty. So, which ring stole your heart? Cheers to your sparkling journey and finding the one who sings your love story!