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Wednesday, Jan 10 2024

Choosing the Perfect 10 Year Anniversary Ring

Written by Jason Kirk

Choosing the Perfect 10 Year Anniversary Ring

Looking for a way to celebrate your decade-long love that goes beyond the usual flowers, chocolates, perfumes, and more? Look no further - Diamonds are the traditional yet effortless option to make you “Mr. Perfect” for your partner. Reignite your spark and symbolize your enduring love with a 10 year anniversary ring – It’s the perfect way to captivate her heart all over again!

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Eternity Rings as 10 Year Anniversary Rings

Gifting your partner diamonds after completing a decade together is a gesture that goes beyond words; it becomes a  profound statement because these sparklers convey powerful emotions. They not only reflect love, longevity, and luxury but also resilience. The process of diamond formation involves going through extreme pressure and intense heat only to come out strong and brilliantly sparkling - much like the journey of a marriage. They are a heartfelt and sentimental gift that beautifully mirrors the depth and strength of a relationship that has championed the test of time.

Eternity Rings

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A Fun Fact - Did you know that in ancient Rome, women wore diamond rings with keys attached to them? This showcased that they had a special someone in their lives and were betrothed to them. In 20th Century America, diamonds became a symbol of ‘forever.’ They soon became synonyms of romance and sophistication, and people started using diamond engagement rings to propose to their loved ones.

While diamonds are already presented as engagement rings, meant to be cherished forever, presenting an eternity ring is ideal to rekindle the magic of her love when she first said, “Yes!”. Reasons to present an eternity ring as a ten year anniversary ring are that it signifies a bond that will last forever. It will serve as a reminder of being able to complete a milestone in a relationship, symbolizing the circle of life. Ultimately, making it the most meaningful present for your partner.

Choosing the Perfect Eternity Ring 

To evoke the perfect sense of warmth and love with the radiance of glowing diamonds for your partner. Choosing a ring that goes well with her wedding band will definitely score extra points for you. Eternity rings can often become a part of a bridal jewelry set; they complete the overall look, casting a spell of enchantment on the viewer. Additionally, whenever she wears this ring, she will journey through the nostalgic lanes of your wedding day, helping you reignite the spark of romance.

Choosing the ideal eternity loop that harmonizes well with your partner’s engagement and wedding bands for your ten year anniversary ring can be quite a challenge. However, fear not, as Friendly Diamonds is here to provide instant assistance, making the process a breeze. We showcase a selection of the best eternity bands that reflect your partner’s preferred style.

Choosing Ideal Eternity

Maven Emerald Lab Diamond Eternity Ring

The Maven eternity ring has an approximate weight of 3 carats in total (customizable). This ring stands testament to its excellent craftsmanship, which defies the constraints of time. The emerald cut diamonds not only captivate us with their brilliance but also symbolize a secure and enduring embrace.

This eternity loop is expertly cradled in individual prongs, and the stones’ east-west orientation offers a contemporary twist to a classic style. The intricately designed gallery on the band’s side adds a layer of depth and dimension, enhancing the piece to breathtaking levels of height, making it perfect for a ten year anniversary ring.

Maven Eternity Ring

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Fable Pear Lab Diamond Eternity Ring

The Fable eternity ring shines with its sheer beauty. A true masterpiece boasting a total weight of approximately 3 carats (customizable) is meticulously set in a stunning three prong design. It is arranged in an inverse pattern that is not only unique but also irresistibly captivating. 

The Fable eternity ring sparkles volumes, and its flawless alignment and consistent leveling ensure that the diamond's brilliance is showcased from every angle. This can definitely be a ten year anniversary ring addition to your partner’s set, exuding a symbol of radiance and sophistication.

Fable Eternity Ring

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Mckenna Oval & Emerald Lab Diamond Eternity Ring

The Mckenna eternity ring is a stunning piece that helps express a blend between the timelessness of emeralds and the elegance of ovals; they represent a beautiful match of the two. The diamonds are securely placed within the sturdy collets surrounding of the entire circumference. 

The unique design of this band makes the ideal gift as a 10 year anniversary ring and the diamonds are firmly nestled with precision using a square prong setting. The unusual east-west placement of the oval and emerald gemstones creates a dynamic fusion, enhancing the beauty of both forms. This ring goes beyond traditional elements due to its artistry, creating a contemporary look.

Mckenna Eternity Ring

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Milani Marquise Lab Diamond Eternity Ring

The Milani eternity ring, with its marquise shaped lab diamonds, represents a perpetual charm that features circular prongs which securely hold the marquise gems in a beautiful embrace. This exquisite piece, with its diamonds placed in its unique prong setting, illuminates brilliantly, glowing, and glimmering from every angle. 

This 10 year anniversary ring’s charm extends beyond the frontal view, thanks to the intricate gallery pattern that adds a fascinating element, resonating grace and elegance.

Milani Eternity Ring

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How to Style Eternity Rings

These gorgeous loops of eternal sparkles symbolize 'infinity' and offer more than just a ten year anniversary ring; they become a lasting reminiscence of your wedding vows. Eternity rings can also turn into a style statement whenever the mood strikes: While conventionally worn as a part of a wedding ring set, the beauty of these bands lies in their versatility. It is not a boundary set by tradition to wear them solely on your left hand’s third finger; she can choose to wear them on the other hand for a chic look too.

 How to Style Eternity Rings

However, while selecting this 10 year anniversary ring to complement your bridal set, she also has the freedom to choose its placement based on her preference. Some place the eternity band between the wedding and engagement rings, while others opt for its placement to be at the top or bottom. If wearing all three rings is uncomfortable, there’s no strict rule to it; she can freely adorn it on a different finger.

A Hot Tip for the Receiver - The styling possibilities extend beyond your fingers; you can beautifully style them around your neck using a dainty chain that can hold your ring close to your heart. Turn them into a necklace that will symbolize a promise of a lifetime together.

Express ‘Eternity’ Through Friendly Diamonds

So here we go: Ready to celebrate a decade of happiness and commitment? Discover designs that explicitly synchronize with your wedding jewelry. Explore our exquisite collection of eternity rings and fret no further! They will stand in for a luxurious and graceful gift that revives love and romance between you and your spouse eternally. 

Choose brilliance; choose forever - Friendly Diamonds!