A Ring Fit for a Queen: Beyonce Engagement Ring

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A Ring Fit for a Queen: Beyonce Engagement Ring

Karen Dunn

Karen Dunn - 24 February, 2023

Often for all celebrities, their popularity brings a lot of spotlight to their personal life and choices.

Beyoncé, as one of the most famous celebrities globally, is an inspiration to many for her amazing singing career and a bold fashion statement.

Her engagement ring caught huge attention from everyone, being among the most expensive celebrity engagement rings the media and fans had ever seen. The ring left an everlasting impression, making it a hot topic of the town even after many years.

Undeniably, Beyoncé and Jay Z have been the power couple ever since they made their relationship public in 2004. Fans have continuously supported them from the beginning and they continue to receive more love.

On September 6, 2008, Beyoncé finally made her engagement ring public during her appearance on Fashion Rocks at the Radio City Music Hall, which had taken place in New York. The ring was such a showpiece that made it hard to take our eyes off her ring finger!

To explore the details of Beyonce’s engagement ring & draw inspiration for your big day, read this blog in detail. Scroll down to get to know the details and intricacies of Beyonce’s ring.

Beyonce Engagement Ring: The Style

The center diamond in Beyonce’s ring has an emerald cut which is popularly recognized for its clear, elegant lines and the/it’s capacity to highlight a diamond's clarity.

Queen Bey wears the ring with a fine stone that is remarkable in both color and clarity. According to reports, it is a Type IIa diamond, which is a rare and a priceless category of diamonds.

The diamond accents on both sides of the central diamond in Beyoncé's ring serve as side stones. These diamonds enhance the main stone and further accentuate the ring's beauty and elegance.

The Style

According to popular fashion & entertainment articles, the metal used in her ring is platinum, a rare and precious choice for the artist. The ring looks even more striking because the band is very thin and serves to highlight the diamonds.

The emerald cut diamond is secured with prongs that are placed in a pavé split shank setting. The band's pavé set diamonds are ideal for adding some extra dazzle and sophistication.

Beyonce Engagement Ring: The Size

Beyonce's engagement ring is luxuriously crafted with a 24 carat emerald cut diamond which is its central attraction.

The Size

It definitely is not a shocker that the Single Ladies’ singer herself is wearing one of the most expensive diamonds in the world. Beyonce ring, the spectacular emerald cut, weighing in at 24 carats, was purchased by Jay Z in 2008 and the engagement ring costs millions!

Beyonce Engagement Ring: The Price

Speaking of millions, Jay Z shelled out a whopping $5 million for Beyoncé's engagement ring (now the estimated worth is $6.89 million). The center stone is not just 24 carats, but it is also flawless. When it comes to bigger stones, flawless diamonds are exceptionally rare.

A well-known celebrity jeweler, Lorraine Schwartz, created Beyonce's engagement ring. She is highly regarded for her use of fine diamonds and her capacity to produce breathtaking, one-of-a-kind designs that are both classic and contemporary.

Beyonce's engagement ring is the epitome of Lorraine Schwartz's remarkable creative abilities and she truly showcased her fine artistry to produce jewelry that genuinely stands out, with the 24 carat diamond and stunning emerald cut engagement ring.

Beyonce Engagement Ring: Look-alikes

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to see the iconic Beyonce ring on your hands? Well, if not the same, you could definitely have look-alikes that create the same magic for you in an affordable price range. Here are some stunning ring designs that replicate Beyonce's iconic ring:

Tosca Secret Halo Ring

The double band shank of the Tosca diamond ring is highlighted with diamonds and its secret halo makes for a stunning combination. The diamond studded hidden halo extends through four prongs holding the center stone in place.

Dakota Diamond Ring

With the sparkle of accented diamonds studded elegantly on both sides of the center diamond, the Dakota diamond ring features a pavé setting. A simple four prong head secures the center diamond in place beautifully.

Lorene Diamond Ring

With this Lorene diamond ring's stunning solitaire diamond set in a four prong setting, you may celebrate the triumph of love in a classic Beyonce style!

With split prong diamonds beautifully flowing halfway through both the sides of the band, this ring features a distinctive twisted shank. When matched with a similar intertwined band especially created for this eye-catching jewelry to complete its captivating aesthetic, the combination is complete.

Twisted Vine Diamond Ring

The Twisted Vine diamond ring has a solitaire emerald cut diamond set in a four prong basket with an angular V shape and a twisted band. Halfway down either side of the shank, a pavé set line of smaller diamonds turns into a simple metal band.

The above suggestions are particularly gorgeous pieces of jewelry that beautifully display the elegance and beauty of fine diamonds.

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