Choosing the Best Setting for Elongated Cushion Cut Engagement Rings

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Saturday, Aug 19

Choosing the Best Setting for Elongated Cushion Cut Engagement Rings

Written by Shelby Montel

Choosing the Best Setting for Elongated Cushion Cut Engagement Rings

In the world of jewelry, there is an undeniable fascination for lab diamonds that truly catches one’s attention. Transforming the realm of gemstones, lab diamonds seamlessly combine ethical sourcing with breathtaking beauty, reshaping the allure of exquisite engagement rings. Among the array of options available, elongated cushion cut engagement rings are a constant emblem of elegance and style. For those who seek a profound representation of love, the elongated cushion cut diamonds emerge as an impeccable choice, blending vintage charm with contemporary sophistication. In this blog, we will delve into the art of selecting the perfect setting for this extraordinary cut.

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The charm of elongated cushion cut engagement rings encapsulates a rich and expansive history. Unlike conventional diamond shapes, the elongated cushion cuts adopt a rectangular form with elongated dimensions, creating a distinctive and captivating silhouette for the engagement ring. The rounded corners of these diamonds infuse an enchanting appeal, while the precise cut bestows a radiance that effortlessly lures one’s heart. Additionally, the rectangular shape possesses the unique advantage of appearing larger to its carat weight, creating the perfect option for those who seek a magnificent diamond ring on a budget.

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Unveiling the Enchantment of the Perfect Setting

The setting of an elongated cushion cut engagement ring surpasses being a mere backdrop and plays a pivotal role in elevating its beauty and impact. Each setting crafts an ambience and imparts character to the ring, offering you the canvas to personalize according to your style and preferences. Let's explore various setting options that heighten the enticement of elongated cushion cut engagement rings.

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Pavé Settings: Sparkling Radiance

Derived from the term 'paving', pavé settings gracefully adorn the band with a breathtaking row of diamonds. These exquisite gems are positioned in close proximity, resulting in a breathtaking line of dazzling brilliance. The pavé setting impeccably complements the elongated cushion cut diamond, infusing the ring with a dash of sparkle without overshadowing the center stone's inherent beauty. This setting strikes a harmonious balance, accentuating the diamond's appeal while adding a subtle gleam to the band.

Grace Micro Pavé Eternity Ring

A beloved favorite from the house of Friendly Diamonds, the Grace 18 Carat yellow gold diamond ring embodies true elegance. Its center diamond is gracefully secured by four angular prongs, while delicate micro pavé diamonds adorn the shank's surface and walls, extending halfway on each side. Enhance the ring's attraction by pairing it with various micro pavé-set matching bands for an extremely refined look.



Channel Settings: Timeless Elegance and Security

For those seeking an embodiment of evergreen elegance in their elongated cushion cut engagement rings, channel settings offer an exquisite option. This design entails smaller diamonds elegantly placed within channels along the band. Not only does this enhance the ring's aesthetic, but also ensures the security of each diamond. The interplay between the precious metal and the diamonds creates an enduring look that stands the test of time. Channel settings are masterfully crafted to harmonize with diverse ring designs, bestowing a touch of charm while carefully cradling the diamonds. If your quest involves an amalgamation of style and safety, channel settings emerge as an ideal choice.

Idris Diamond Ring

The Idris diamond ring showcases a center diamond gracefully held by four prongs, elegantly mounted on a cathedral-style shank. The shank boasts channel-set diamonds in the center, while pavé-set diamonds embellish the outer walls, running halfway along each side of the ring. Adding an enchanting touch to the design, two rows of hidden halos below the center diamond evoke a dreamy essence. A perfect option for those looking for a ring with an ostentatious design!




Bezel Settings: Contemporary Charm

For those who desire a modern touch, bezel settings can offer a contemporary appearance to their elongated cushion cut engagement rings. A bezel setting wraps around the center diamond through a metal rim providing both protection and style. A partial bezel setting however creates a design by only partially surrounding the diamond. These settings not only secure the gemstone, but also hide any small imperfections on the sides of the diamond, thereby allowing you to consider a slightly lower-quality stone without compromising its attractiveness. A bezel setting is very easy to maintain and clean, making it an excellent choice for elongated cushion cut engagement rings for women.

Everly Vintage Bezel Diamond Ring

In a vintage-style bezel setting, the Everly diamond ring crafted from platinum elegantly showcases the centerstone. The diamond is set within the bezel on a cathedral-style shank, adorned with elongated marquise diamonds studded with bars on both ends. The visible bridge from the side profile perfectly complements the vintage charisma of the ring.



Halo Settings: Enhancing Brilliance

When the objective is to enhance the brilliance of your elongated cushion cut diamond, halo settings command attention. A halo setting typically encircles the center stone with tiny scintillating diamonds. This arrangement introduces an enchanting and dearly special luminance to the elongated cushion cut engagement rings, producing the illusion of a larger diamond. The halo setting serves to complement the center stone exquisitely by creating a striking contrast and accentuating its appeal through the luster of the surrounding stones. The versatility of halo settings allows for customization, enabling you to select stones that echo the shape of the center diamond or explore different options for a distinctive touch.

Anastasia Halo Diamond Ring

The Anastasia halo diamond ring features a center diamond held within a four prong setting, surrounded by a halo of diamonds. Its side view showcases a gallery adorned with a delicate comma filigree design. The cathedral-style shank boasts pavé-set diamonds that run halfway along each side of the ring.

When going about finding the perfect engagement ring setting, it's prudent to note that halo, pavé, bezel, and channel settings shine resplendently. Each setting possesses its unique charm, enhancing the irresistible essence of elongated cushion cut engagement rings in diverse and enchanting ways. 

At Friendly Diamonds, you can find yourself entranced by the magnificence of pavé settings, fascinated by the timeless beauty of channel settings, or enamored with the ethereal radiance created by halo settings, all while resting assured that your choice will authentically reflect your preferences and embody the profound love nestled within your heart. Similar to these settings securely embracing the gemstone, the engagement ring setting you select symbolizes a lifelong commitment brimming with cherished experiences and shared memories.