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Thursday, Jun 01 2023

Elongated Cushion Cut Diamonds & Their Characteristics

Written by Karen Dunn

Elongated Cushion Cut Diamonds & Their Characteristics

In the world of radiant gemstones, a captivating jewel defies every expectation and captures all hearts: the elongated cushion cut diamonds. The mesmerizing beauty of this cut is a stunning display of fire that highlights the beauty of this unique cut. This exquisite diamond cut combines the traditional luster of this diamond shape with a contemporary allure. It adds a symphony of colors where dreams are transformed into radiant reality. Currently recognized as a modern favorite for engagement rings, understand why a cushion cut ring celebrates romance, charm and a  timeless allure for the brides-to-be. Read on this blog to know more about the sophisticated beauty of the elongated cushion cut diamonds.


History of Cushion Cut Diamonds

The narrative of cushion cut diamonds is a trip through time that transports us to the past of antique jewelry. The old mine cut, which is a classic diamond shape, served as the inspiration for the current cushion cut's refined faceting. When diamonds were found in South Africa, the Brazilian mines were called the "old mines", which further led to the cut's original moniker.

The original mine cut, now known as the cushion cut, had 58 facets and was essentially square in shape with rounded edges. The design gained so much popularity that it became one of the most used cuts for jewelry during the 1800s. The fact alone that many famous diamonds in the world are early instances of the cushion cut may help one to grasp the amazing beauty of these cushion cut diamonds; for example, the renowned Hope Diamond, which weighs 45.52 carats, & the Regent Diamond, which weighs  up to 140.5 carats are also cushion cuts.

Cushion Cut Diamonds


The cushion cut is also known to derive its inspiration from less popular cuts like the table cuts, candlelight cuts, and Peruzzi, which were equally fascinating reflections of the standard mine cut. The quality and fashion of these cuts have increased as diamond cutting technology and expertise have advanced over time. Moreover, the elongated cushion cut diamonds manage to combine the elements of traditional cushion cut patterns with those of the classic round brilliant diamonds, ultimately producing a very attractive gem. 

Back in the late 19th and early 20th centuries, high class society preferred cushion cut diamonds due to their distinctive arrangement of a perfectly square or rectangular form with rounded edges and bigger facets that produced an enthralling mix of light and fire. Even when viewed in candlelight, which was the main source of illumination in those days, the traditional cushion cut enhanced the brightness and shine of the gemstone excellently. The diamond's size and brilliance were heightened by its cut and facets, giving it a striking aesthetic effect.

What are Elongated Cushion Cut Diamonds?

As stated, the cushion cut diamond gets its name from the fact that it has rounded corners and resembles a cushion or a pillow. The elongated cushion cut diamonds have a longer length to width ratio than a conventional square cushion cut because of the form of the stone. It showcases a more rectangular, oval-like form while enhancing the traditional cushion cut's rounded, soft edges. It also has bigger facets which allow brightness and fire to radiate with intensity, ultimately leading to better reflection and dispersion of light. 

Elongated Cushion Cut Diamonds

The elongated cushion cut diamonds give the benefit of seeming larger in size, making it a great option for individuals seeking a diamond with a significant amount of brilliance. The elongated cushion is the go-to diamond shape for all jewelry types because of its adaptability, which takes into consideration both personal taste and the perfect length-to-width ratio.

How to Pick the Right Elongated Cushion Cut Diamond Jewelry ?

Several ideas come to mind when selecting cushion cut diamond jewelry. Here are some essential factors to consider:

Determine Your Budget: Set a budget for your diamond jewelry before you start your search. The size and quality grades of cushion cut diamonds vary, so having a set spending limit in mind can help you focus your search and make sure you remain within your budget.

Decide on the Carats: Go for a desirable stone weight that fits your tastes and financial constraints. Consider choosing a slightly bigger stone to get the desired appeal because cushion cut diamonds tend to face up smaller than other diamond shapes.

Consider Cut Quality: Evaluate the cushion cut diamond's cut quality before making your decision to purchase the same. It is better to understand the diamond's facets and how light vibrantly radiates off them/. To achieve maximum brightness, fire, and scintillation, look for a cushion cut with exceptional or very good cut grades.

Evaluate Color Grade: Choose the color grade that best matches your tastes. You could think of selecting a little higher color grade to make sure the diamond appears white to naked eyes as cushion cut diamonds tend to reveal more color than certain other diamond shapes. Near-colorless to colorless diamonds (G to H and above) tend to be liked best.

Assess Clarity Grade: Check the diamond's clarity grade to see whether there are any internal or exterior imperfections, often known as inclusions or blemishes respectively. Due to its faceting, cushion cut diamonds may frequently conceal certain imperfections. So to balance quality and cost, you may want to think about a clarity grade in the VS2 to SI1 range.

Elongated Cushion Cut Diamond Jewelry

explore cushion cut ring settings

Go for a Reputable Jeweler: It's crucial to pick a renowned and reliable jeweler when searching to buy cushion cut diamond jewelry. It is advisable to look into the track records, check client testimonials, and confirm that the seller you are choosing offers suitable warranty and return policies.

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