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Friday, Oct 27 2023

Emily Ratajkowski’s Engagement Ring That Continues to ‘Wow’ the World

Written by Jason Kirk

Emily Ratajkowski’s Engagement Ring That Continues to ‘Wow’ the World

If an engagement ring were ever to be personified, it would surely be Emily Ratajkowski’s engagement ring. 

“Square cut or pear shaped, these rocks don’t lose their shape!” This verse from Marilyn Monroe’s anthem “Diamonds Are a Girl’s Best Friend” might get stuck in everyone's head after seeing Emily Ratajkowski's engagement ring set with the gigantic square princess cut and pear shaped diamonds paired with a gold wedding band.

Yellow Gold Bnad

Though not every love story is meant to be like Emily and Sebastian’s, who parted their ways last year in 2022, their engagement ring still stands the test of time.

Celebrity engagements frequently make headlines, but this particular engagement ring of the well-known model and actress Emily Ratajkowski never fails to enthrall and ‘wow’ people. If you’re an enthusiast for spontaneous love stories, the story behind her engagement ring will surely amaze you.

Are you interested in knowing the story behind this amazingly designed engagement ring? If you are, read this article and explore the enticing story of Emily Ratajkowski's engagement ring with us.

Table Of Contents:

A Proposal to Remember

The news spread like wildfire among their fans when Emily Ratajkowski engaged to Sebastian Bear McClard in February 2018, and everyone's attention was on their stunning engagement ring. At that moment, they had been dating for a few weeks already. Emily discussed her proposal in detail during The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon. There, she told Jimmy Fallon how Sebastian proposed to her without a ring, and as a reply, she said: ‘Nah!’ 

Well, Sebastian came up with a brilliant plan, bringing his elements of creativity to real life. He proposed to Emily by making a ring from a paper clip (yes, you read it right!). To some, this proposal evoked the dreamy imagery of Taylor Swift’s famous song, ‘I Love Shiny Things, but I Would Marry You with Paper Rings.’ 

Emily Ratajkowski described this moment later on: “He (Sebastian) took the paperclip from the bill and made it into a ring.” This paperclip engagement was indeed a romantic gesture that any person would fall for instantly.

Wedding Ring Before the Engagement Ring

We may not know that Emily and Sebastian got their wedding ring before the engagement ring. They went to Chinatown and purchased an ounce of gold. It was Sebastian’s idea to make their wedding rings from the same gold purchased by them. Emily thought this might be a bit too difficult. However, they found a kind jeweler who said he could help!

They got their wedding ring made just a night before their wedding day, and the couple finally tied the knot in a surprise wedding at City Hall in New York on February 23, 2018. 

After a few months of the couple being married, they got an actual engagement ring designed apart from their paper clip engagement ring. Bringing life to Monroe’s lyrics we mentioned above, Emily Ratajkowski’s engagement ring featured gigantic square princess cuts and pear shaped diamonds in a gold blend. The gorgeous engagement ring would catch the eye of any jewelry lover like you and us!

Who Came Up With The Unique Design?

Emily Ratajkowski’s engagement ring is a contemporary take on the classic “Toi et Moi” design, featuring a perfect marriage of square and pear shaped diamonds. 

The brains behind this amazing engagement ring is a New York-based jewelry designer, Alison Lou. She is a well-known designer for her inventive and unorthodox style, and no wonder, was the perfect choice to create a ring that was as distinctive as Emily and Sebastian’s!

Each diamond in the ring symbolizes the shared journey of Emily and her former husband, Sebastian. The inspiration behind the ring design is as special as the ring itself. The approach behind designing the engagement ring transforms it from a piece of jewelry into a canvas that tells their profound love story.

Impact on Current Engagement Ring Trends

Emily Ratajkowski's engagement ring reminds us of the endearment and pure emotions shared by people in close relationships. This engagement ring has become a timeless piece of jewelry that inspires people to go above and beyond the ordinary to craft engagement rings that reflect their distinct love story.

The ring also sparked a trend, promoting new and unique designs. Now, couples often choose their engagement ring differently from the traditional cookie-cutter settings, reflecting their individuality and shared journey.

Emily Ratajkowski

If Emily Ratajkowski’s engagement ring inspires you, one can always wonder how to choose a ring that will make a statement everywhere you go. We recommend considering your unique style and the emotions you want to symbolize with the ring. The choice of your engagement ring is all about you and your partner.

It’s a wrap for this blog and the tale of Emily Ratajkowski’s engagement ring. However, if you plan to propose soon and wish to bring customization to your engagement rings, don’t hesitate to stop by Friendly Diamonds. With us, you can customize and add a personal touch to your rings from the comfort of your home and get them delivered to your doorstep. So check out our collection to craft your own story today!