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Friday, Jun 07 2024

Where Can I Buy Settings for Affordable Engagement Rings Under $500?

Written by Nicole Harper

Where Can I Buy Settings for Affordable Engagement Rings Under $500?

Each one of us dreams of getting the most breathtaking engagement ring available. But getting an engagement ring when you are on a tight budget can be quite challenging. But what if we tell you that if you are looking for ring settings for affordable engagement rings under $500, your search ends here with us? In this article, we tell you where to buy the best ring settings for affordable engagement rings under $500.  

Finding the ideal ring setting for affordable engagement rings under $500 is now doable! If you have this budget, then you are in luck. We would say don’t get caught up in these trends that force you to spend a significant amount that can cost you up to three months' worth of salary. 

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Since we have established that you are looking for a high-quality ring setting for affordable engagement rings under $500, we will help you with some amazing engagement ring suggestions that fit your budget. With that being said, let us get started!  

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Choose Earth-kind Lab Diamonds

When you are on a tight budget, it becomes a task for you to select a diamond of your choice for your engagement ring. However with lab diamonds being in trend and being a budget-friendly option, we encourage you to select them. These diamonds are high-quality sparklers, which offer a sustainable and ethically conscious option that is lighter on your wallet. 

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If you want to know why you should shop for lab grown diamonds, feel free to read our guide on why are lab diamonds better?  This guide from Friendly Diamonds will run you through the knows and hows of why you should select ethical luxury with lab grown diamonds

Minimalist Engagement Rings

Taking away the frills will not only make your engagement ring seem more timeless and traditional but more appealing as well. However, it will save you money on unnecessary expenses. For example, elaborate features might need additional effort from the jeweler. In addition, little diamonds are more gems and need more artisan labour. If you want all of the attention to be on the central stone, as a result, it is important to allocate your money accordingly. Single-diamond solitaire engagement rings may be the right choice for you.

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Settings for Affordable Engagement Rings Under $500 

Well, this particular section of this article was a tough one for us, but our jewelry experts have curated a list of affordable engagement ring settings under $500 and more. If you want to get some amazing suggestions for ethical lab diamond engagement rings under $500, scroll to the end to find out! Here, we suggest some amazing engagement ring settings under $500. 

1. Malissa Solitaire Diamond Ring

The Melissa solitaire engagement ring features a single solitaire lab diamond nestled in a six prong setting inside a floral basket. The prongs and basket seamlessly blend, giving the ring a wonderful romantic appearance. The ring has a contemporary, sleek metal shank that allows it to be worn with a variety of bands. If you select this setting, we suggest a half-carat round cut diamond will be the best pick.

Malissa solitaire ring


And the total amount of your ring will be somewhere around $750*. The best part is that you can even get a free engraving of a special date or even a short message for your loved one! 

2. Emily Eternity Diamond Ring

Our Emily eternity diamond ring setting is a timelessly classic design! Don’t believe us? Well, read the details and find out! The ring has a solitaire securely secured inside four prongs, highlighting the brightness and fire of the proportionally cut diamond while allowing ample light to stream through. The diamond is positioned on a semi-eternity shank, with pavé set diamonds going more than halfway down either side of the ring. With this setting, you can select the diamond of your choice, and voila, your ring will be made from $750 to $1000.* 

Emily eternity ring


Well, now that you have everything you need to know about engagement ring settings for affordable engagement rings under $500, the only thing left is to know where you can buy such a ring. Visit Friendly Diamonds today and explore engagement rings and fine jewelry made from Earth-kind lab diamonds that are lighter on your wallet and kinder to the environment. We invite you to explore our collection of lab diamond engagement ring settings for under $500 and much more. 

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