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Tuesday, Jul 02 2024

How to Choose Less Expensive Engagement Rings Without Compromising on Style

Written by Shelby Montel

How to Choose Less Expensive Engagement Rings Without Compromising on Style

We are sure you might’ve come across this phrase, which says, “An engagement ring has to be worth three months’ salary!” Well, that is absolutely not true! It is a common misconception that people say that an engagement ring should at least cost an arm and a leg and all that jazz…

Well, jokes apart, your engagement ring doesn’t necessarily have to be expensive. Your partner often looks at the emotion behind the engagement ring. It is always a safe bet to decide and prioritize your budget since you are planning to take the next step in your relationship. There are certain things that you need to remember, and your budget is the most important of them all.

But since you are on this quest to buy less expensive engagement rings, we are sure there are certain questions: Does going for an inexpensive diamond engagement ring make it look ugly? Will it affect your wedding if you go for a less expensive engagement ring? Does an inexpensive diamond engagement ring mean it won’t last? Well, no to all these questions. 

To free you from all your worries related to your engagement ring purchase, we are here with this comprehensive guide that answers all your questions related to buying less expensive engagement rings. 

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Myth Busting: Bigger Diamonds Are Better

Let’s take it from the top! While there is a popular saying that goes, “A diamond is forever!” Well, this is somewhat true—that a dazzling stone is going to stay with you forever—but that doesn’t mean that you go for a diamond carat that is way too big for your partner’s finger. There is no such saying where they say: the bigger the diamond, the better it looks. That is not true if your diamond is larger; there are high chances of it being snagged and chipped when you wear it regularly. So, if you want your engagement ring to fit your budget, then going for a smaller carat can be your safest bet! 

Why Are Less Expensive Engagement Rings Good?

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So, now that we have determined that we are going for a less expensive engagement ring, we will tell you some reasons as to why this is a good choice. With that being said, let’s dive into the nitty-gritty of inexpensive diamond engagement rings. 

First, let us get this fact straight, less expensive engagement rings do not mean that these rings are not made from high-quality metals and diamonds. An inexpensive diamond engagement ring simply means that the ring just costs less money-wise and not quality-wise. The quality of a higher-carat diamond ring has a higher chance of being on the pricey side of your budget. 

However, an engagement ring that has a lesser-carat diamond with similar specifications to that of a higher-carat might not burn a hole in your wallet. For instance, let’s say that you have an engagement ring similar to our Venetia half eternity diamond ring saved on your wishlist. Then we are sure you must have the diamond specifications in mind. 

Simply put, this engagement ring that we are talking about here features a diamond of 0.50 carats; however, depending on your budget, you can select the center stone that weighs up to 6 carats. The specifications of the ring remain the same; it is just the carat weight that is changing. 

So, it is safe to say that you can get a great quality diamond engagement ring within your budget without compromising on anything. 

Tips to Shop for an Inexpensive Diamond Engagement Ring 

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Choosing the engagement ring of your dreams is considered to be a momentous time for any couple. We get the jittery feeling that you might have the moment you decide, that you are going to pop the question to your beloved! It is the truth that yes, engagement rings are the symbolic representation of the love that is shared between the couple. But every couple should follow these steps before they make their big purchase

Set a Realistic Budget

Setting your budget is known to be the initial step in getting an engagement ring because your budget is the factor that highly influences all aspects of your ring. You need to determine what amount you are willing to spend on your engagement ring. 

When you set a clear budget, you can easily narrow down the options and clearly focus on the engagement rings that fit your budget. There is proof that less expensive engagement rings are mundane and lack style and design. With us, we are sure you will find an engagement ring that suits your taste without overspending.

Let’s Not Forget the 4 C’s

Just like we have ABCs as the basics for everything that we learn for the first time, similarly, we have the 4 C’s of the diamond. When it comes to choosing a less expensive engagement ring for your partner, the 4 C’s will help you select a ring that is perfect without compromising on the quality of your ring. 

While it is normal for you to go for a ring that sparkles brightly, if you want a diamond of the highest quality, we suggest you prioritize cut quality over the sparkle factor. If you want to know more about the 4 C’s of the diamond, we encourage you to read this on our education page! 

Go for a Simple Setting

Most people might not be aware of this fact, but the setting that you choose for your diamond ring significantly affects the overall pricing of your engagement ring. For instance, if you go for a classic yet minimal solitaire setting, it will allow your center stone to shine brightly, while giving your ring an elegant look that would never go out of style.

Go for Lab Diamonds 

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A substantial portion of customers aren’t really aware of the fact that lab grown diamonds offer the same brilliance as mined diamonds but at a lower cost. These diamonds are created in a controlled environment, using fewer natural resources while giving exceptional sparkle. When you choose lab diamonds for your engagement ring, you get excellent value for your money. Making it an ethical and sustainable choice that is kinder to the earth.

With that, all we have to say is that getting an inexpensive diamond engagement ring is all about making informed choices and prioritizing the factors that are important to you as a couple. Choosing a less expensive engagement ring does not mean compromising the quality of your engagement ring, you can still get a high-quality engagement ring without compromising on the quality. All you have to do is follow this guide and get an engagement ring that symbolizes the love that you share as a couple. 

Well, your search for less expensive engagement rings ends here with us at Friendly Diamonds. Feel free to explore our collection of pre-designed engagement rings, but if you are on a tight budget, you can explore our gift under section and get the ring that has your heart. 

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