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Monday, Oct 23 2023

Pear-ing Up for Love: Unique Wedding Band Ideas

Written by Jason Kirk

Pear-ing Up for Love: Unique Wedding Band Ideas

It's a love story, and she said yes!

Finding the love of your life and then presenting them with one of the fanciest rings is truly a dream come true. Try fast-forwarding the duration, and you are ready to enter your wedding bliss! It seems wonderful, doesn’t it? 

Half of your worries and stress ended when you presented the charming pear cut diamond ring to your beloved, and she accepted and loved it! Now since you are planning to make the next move, looking for wedding bands will surely be a priority for you two.

 pear shape diamond ring

Choosing a pear shape diamond for your engagement ring is undoubtedly an elegant and unique choice. If you want a center stone that dazzles and steals the show of your engagement ring, then pear shapes never need a second thought.

Finding a wedding band that complements your pear shaped engagement ring can be daunting. One would always get confused while finding the ideal match for the engagement ring because of the pear cut’s distinctive symmetry.

In this blog, we have compiled a list of what suits and complements pear shaped diamond rings and how to find the most suitable wedding rings for the same.

Table of Content:

How to Choose the Right Pear Shaped Wedding Band

Consider the Setting Style:

First, know the setting of your engagement ring. Various styles are used to set the center stone of the pear cut engagement ring. It can be set in styles like halo, solitaire, three stone, pavé, and more.

You can easily select your wedding band depending on the setting of your engagement ring. Each one of these will create a distinct style with a wedding band.

Setting Style

Decide the Overall Look:

Next, decide on the overall look that you are trying to achieve with the combination of your selected engagement ring and wedding band. 

Are you looking for a matching band that makes the pear cut diamond the star of the show? Or do you want the wedding band and engagement ring both to have some individual flair? Or are you looking for the diamonds to match the center stone or have some individual flair? When you have decided what will look good together, you can begin exploring what works best for pear shapes.

Overall Look

As Unique As You:

Emphasize the uniqueness of the pear cut. The pear cut engagement ring is asymmetrical, with one end rounded and the other end pointy. It is a popular trend to pair these engagement rings with wedding bands featuring a sleek curve around either end of the pear cut center stone. 

This look highlights the unique shape of pear cuts, balancing the engagement ring and your selected wedding band.

Decide on the Thickness:

Just as your sacred vow pledged to be there “through thick and thin,” it’s equally vital to decide the thickness of your wedding band when pairing it with pear shaped rings. 

Our recommendation is that you steer away from thicker bands to maintain a harmonious balance with the delicate pear cut. This will ensure that you will get a more aesthetically pleasing look for your hand. 

You can match the thickness of your engagement ring with your pear shaped wedding band for timeless elegance or opt for a slightly different design to introduce a touch of dimension.

These considerations will help you select the ideal pear shaped wedding band to complement your engagement ring. We are delighted to share some inspirations from our top-selling collection which will guide you towards making your favorite choice.

Pear Shaped Wedding Bands: Finding Your Inspiration

At Friendly Diamonds, we have some amazing wedding bands for pear shaped rings. Check out these pear shaped wedding bands and find the precise match for your pear shaped engagement ring.

Nera Wedding Band

The Nera wedding band includes a curvy shank and pear shaped diamonds. This symbolizes eternal love and commitment which exudes timeless elegance. Pair this wedding band with the curvy end of your pear cut engagement ring to create a seamless combination with a hint of romance.

Nera Wedding Band

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Tye Wedding Band

The Tye wedding band is a thing of minimal beauty. Halfway down the band, scalloped pavé diamonds are arranged in a graceful, curved chevron. 

Whether you wear this ring alone or stack it with your current diamond ring, the elegant will skillfully shine, making it a timeless work of art that is worth treasuring throughout the lifetime.

Tye Wedding Band

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Edda Wedding Band 

The Edda wedding band features diamond studded plate prongs, a smooth, polished finish, and a comfortable fit for refined and comfortable wear. Pair this wedding band with the pointy end of the pear cut engagement ring and create the magic of the most harmonious appearance.

SHOP Edda Wedding Band

Your wedding band expresses your love story. You can always make a stunning combo that reflects your unending love for each other. As you start this journey, your engagement ring and wedding band may make the perfect everlasting love and devotion duet. Explore the designs on our website today & be ready to flaunt your style!