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Saturday, Oct 21 2023

Affordable Trending Necklaces: Where to Find Stylish Pieces on a Budget

Written by Thomas Cooper

Affordable Trending Necklaces: Where to Find Stylish Pieces on a Budget

Seasons change, and so do jewelry and fashion trends. People love to mix and match with many types of jewelry, but this season demands something shiny and splendid, like a necklace with a lab diamond! 

Due to their incredible versatility, necklaces have quickly gained popularity as an integral part of the ongoing jewelry trend for fall 2023. Today, we'll take a closer look at why people love necklaces so much. We'll also explore different necklace styles you might want to add to your jewelry collection.

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Why Should You Buy Lab Diamond Necklaces?

Friendly Diamonds has a beautiful and stylish culmination of trending necklaces in lab diamonds. One must wonder why they should choose lab diamond jewelry designs over mined diamonds. The truth is that there are not just one but numerous reasons for opting for lab created diamonds.

Buy Lab Diamond Necklaces

However, the most important and remarkable factor is affordability. Lab diamonds and their jewelry come at a price point that’s 40% to 70% more budget-friendly than their mined counterparts. This means you can adorn yourself with the brilliance of natural diamonds without straining your budget. It’s a win-win - stunning, sustainable, and cost-effective deal.

Beautiful, Chic, and Affordable Trending Necklaces 2023

Now that we know that lab diamonds are more sustainable and affordable than mined diamonds, let’s get into the captivating trending necklaces of 2023.

Pendant Necklaces:

It is true that classics always stay in style. Be it in the world of literature or jewelry, some things will always be loved universally and perpetually. Pendant necklaces are one such piece of jewelry that has been the favorite of many for a long time. Even today, you will see them included in daily wear and occasion-wear outfits.

Marisol Pear Solitaire Necklace

SHOP Marisol Necklace

Our Marisol Solitaire Necklace flaunts a single diamond but gives off maximum charm. Three prongs hold the pendant, with the top prong shaped in a “V” for enhanced security and added detail.

Layered Necklaces:

Layered necklaces are all the rage right now and won’t go out of style for a long time. So, you might want to stack up on them while buying jewelry. Best suited for a V-neck line, layering trending necklaces elevates any simple dress or top to something chic and elegant.

Bailey Pear Lab Diamond Tennis Necklace

SHOP Bailey Tennis Necklace

Our Bailey Lab Diamond Tennis Necklace pairs beautifully with the Vanna Lariat Lab Diamond Pendant. The tennis necklace works as a luxurious accessory to your outfit, while the pendant necklace brings in an air of sophistication and style.

Gold Chains with Small Pendant:

Minimalist and simplistic fashion is enjoying popularity these days. Although a gold chain may sound plain, we all know that a pendant makes a lot of difference! There are various styles and ways in which you can wear a gold chain with beautifully designed pendants.

Create Your Own Pendant

Create Your Own Pendant

One of the best ways to wear a pendant is to choose from an array of settings and add your favorite shape of lab diamond to it. We allow our customers to create their own pendants from the various attractive designs that we have. So, you may never want to underestimate the allure and beauty of a gold chain with an adorable pendant.

Evil Eye Necklaces:

People are loving the moment of wearing sentimental jewelry and cannot stop themselves from incorporating it into their outfits. Charm pendants that represent different symbols are particularly popular. One of them is an evil eye charm, which symbolizes protection and wards off evil energy. Many people love this style for being minimalistic yet impactful when added to simplistic looks.

Evil Eye Charm Lab Diamond Pendant

SHOP Evil Eye Charm Pendant

Our Evil Eye Charm Lab Diamond Pendant boasts a striking design that cradles a brilliant diamond at the center of two curved bars set horizontally. The pendant is secured and held by suspended bail, which helps it glide effortlessly across the chain.

Customized Pieces:

The best part of wearing jewelry is that you can personalize it. They have always sparked interest in those who love an especially curated, made-for-you experience. Customized necklaces and pendants carry sentimental value and some serious style when made with precision.

Friendly Diamonds loves the idea of owning something distinct; hence, we always encourage our customers to buy pieces that are tailored to their taste and preference. In order to get your necklaces made from scratch, all you have to do is visit our website and reach out to our customer care team. They will take care of you and your creative ideas.

So, there you have it! We have listed all the trending necklaces for 2023 and hope that we have inspired you to understand the various popular necklace styles. While staying in vogue can be enjoyable, it's equally vital to consider the enduring quality and timeless appeal of your jewelry when making a purchase. Your jewelry should not only reflect current trends but also stand the test of time, becoming a cherished part of your collection.