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Friday, Dec 22 2023

Ring in Forever: Exploring the Different Types of Wedding Rings

Written by Thomas Cooper

Ring in Forever: Exploring the Different Types of Wedding Rings

The union of two people is considered to be the purest form of relationship. According to our society, one of the happiest events of a person's life is getting married. For this reason, many people declare their love in the most extravagant way possible, followed by a wedding that becomes a major event.

On the big day, the bride and groom not only make sure to celebrate their love story with their family members and close friends, but they also deck themselves in some of the finest outfits and premium quality jewelry. While men don a crisp tuxedo or a snazzy suit, women grace themselves in dreamy bridal gowns and free-flowing veils. Another one of the most important parts of the wedding for the bride is her jewelry.

The bride's makeup artist will always strive to make her seem as radiant as possible, but her jewelry will really bring out her greatest features. The jewelry of a bride generally consists of a diamond necklace, small diamond studs, and, most importantly, her engagement ring. Then, on the same day, the bride adds another piece of essential jewelry: a wedding ring.

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A History of Wedding Bands

The tradition of the bride and groom presenting each other with wedding rings dates back to ancient Rome and Greece. It was initially associated with the marital dowry and later with a promise of fidelity. However, in modern times, the exchange of rings derives from the customs that were prevalent in Europe in the Middle Ages as part of Christendom.

These cultures then inspired the choice of the ring finger, which is the third finger on the hand, as it was believed that a vein from it ran directly to the heart. Couples happily share different types of wedding rings with each other at present. Some brides like to experiment with numerous types of wedding rings, while others gravitate toward the timeless beauty of classic styles.

Wedding Bands

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The Beauty of Different Wedding Bands

In our large and extensive collection of lab diamonds and fine jewelry, brides-to-be can find different types of wedding ring styles that reflect their personalities and love for their spouses. Let’s look at some of our best-selling and classic wedding bands that have become instant favorites for many people.

Classic Plain Bands

In medieval times, the groom often presented his bride with a plain band during the celebration of holy matrimony. Many women who opt for an engagement ring that is extravagant in appearance deem it better to pair them with a wedding band that is plain, simple, and delicate.

Our Lia Classic Wedding Band, which is available in yellow, rose, white gold, and platinum, is a dainty wedding band. The inside edge of the ring is rounded so that the wearer always feels comfortable. The band can be presented to your significant other as a gift or as a wedding ring. Though the wedding ring is plain, it does not fail to emanate an air of sophistication.

Lia Classic Wedding Band

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Pleasing Pavé Bands

Diamonds are a popular choice of gems not only in engagement rings but also in wedding rings. Women like to match the sparkle of their engagement rings with their wedding rings. Thus, they opt for a wedding band that is sparkly and studded with diamonds. While mined diamonds have a hefty price tag, lab diamonds, which are the better and more sustainable alternative to them, exude the same amount of charm and dazzle.

Our Maya Wedding Band is for those brides-to-be who love the brilliance of diamonds and the poshness of the pavé setting. The scalloped design, which is sculpted elegantly, makes the ring appear lavish. The wedding band suits every kind of engagement ring. So, whether your engagement ring is a solitaire band with any diamond shape or a diamond in a bezel setting, it is made to complement any style.

Maya Wedding Band

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VersatileVintage Style

There are many brides who love the magnificence and extravagance of vintage rings and designs. Vintage-designed wedding rings often emit a nostalgic beauty that keeps you captivated forever. 

Vintage wedding and engagement rings are inspired by bygone eras and feature intricate details like filigree work and uniquely set diamonds. The Élise Wedding Band complements those engagement rings, which are in a halo and cathedral setting. The wedding band has an interesting design where the station and cuff designs are blended together from the top to the bottom to look effortless. From the front, the diamonds shimmer with utmost sparkle and brilliance. Expertly set diamonds create a beautiful bridge that unites two hearts into one.

Élise Wedding Band

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Just as two hearts perfectly match each other, our wedding bands will add glamor and brilliance to the bride and groom’s big day. Different types of wedding rings suit people of different tastes. If someone wants to up their jewelry game and also wants to show their distinct style, they can further customize their wedding rings. That can be done very easily by reaching out to our Friendly Diamonds team. We customize lab diamond jewelry from scratch and make the bespoke experience pleasant and helpful.