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Wednesday, Jan 31 2024

Diamouré: Valentine’s Day Necklaces as the Ultimate Gift for Your Beloved

Written by Jason Kirk

Diamouré: Valentine’s Day Necklaces as the Ultimate Gift for Your Beloved

As we all start settling into the new air of the new year, we know that a romantic holiday is approaching quickly. The air will be filled with love, and on every street corner, you will find florists who will pick out the best red roses lovers can give to their significant other. In every store window you pass, you will see many gifts you can give to your loved one.

The joy of gifting can matter at any time of the year, but Valentine’s Day is the perfect excuse to go even further than some small random gift. Roses make one of the best gifts, as the act of giving flowers on Valentine’s Day dates back many centuries. But here’s another gift that is considered an ideal Valentine’s gift for your partner—a sparkly diamond necklace.

Diamond Necklace

A dazzling diamond necklace makes for a glamorous and affordable gift that you can present. It is the perfect piece of jewelry that is not only considered essential in a jewelry box but also gives off a subtle and sophisticated charm. Therefore, they make the perfect gift for any occasion, but especially as a Valentine’s Day necklace.

In this blog, we will help you choose a Valentine’s Day necklace for your beloved. So let’s begin our brilliant ride with a collection that boasts a range of highly sparkly neck dazzlers and dainty pendant designs!

Table of Content:

Lariat Necklaces

A lariat necklace is a type of neck jewelry that many women have adored for years. It is a type of necklace that is Y-shaped and features a gem with a linear drop. This design is looked upon as feminine and is also known for being versatile when styled with different types of outfits. It is suggested that a Valentine’s Day necklace should go with formal as well as casual outfits.

Lariat Necklaces

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Our Vanna Lariat Lab Diamond Pendant holds the center diamond in a sturdy four prong setting. A delicate chain runs down the stone and ends with a charm that is studded with smaller diamonds. Thus, this mesmerizing piece will catch your partner's affection and make her feel precious.

Bezel Necklaces

A bezel setting is where the center set diamond is held using a continuous arc of metal. The gem is held by a projecting metal rim that overlaps the edges of the stone. In a solitaire necklace, this setting emphasizes the beauty of the one single stone that is in the necklace. You needn’t worry about the ideal diamond cut in a bezel setting; both classic and fancy shapes suit because of the seamless continuation of the metal band.

Bezel Necklaces

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If you want to find a Valentine’s Day necklace, our Agustina Round Bezel Solitaire Necklace will emerge as an ideal present. The bezel setting offers maximum protection to the round cut center diamond, while its dome surface is a sleek addition to its look. To make the necklace even more comfortable, a slider chain passes through the gallery.

Halo Necklaces

As we are seeing so far, necklaces for Valentine’s Day seem like an amazing option as gifts. The next necklace on our list is a beautiful halo pendant. A halo setting is where smaller diamonds encircle the edges of the center diamond in any jewelry. This makes the center diamond appear more prominent than its actual size.

Halo Necklaces

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Our Belleza Halo Solitaire Necklace has a round center stone and is surrounded by smaller brilliant diamonds with split prongs. It is surely a design that your special lady will not turn down! This Valentine’s Day necklace will add radiance and glamor to your wife's, mother's, or girlfriend’s jewelry box.

Two Stone Necklaces

Well, it would not be Valentine’s without something that is in the shape of a heart! A heart shaped diamond signifies romance, passion, and adoration. We have a special design of a pendant for a Valentine’s Day necklace.

The Carina Two Stone Dangling Lab Diamond Pendant is an interesting design where two mesmerizing stones suspend to create a graceful composition. The top stone is a heart shaped diamond held by a claw prong setting. A slider gap separates the heart shaped diamond from the bottom stone Valentine’s Day necklace, which can be of any shape. This beautiful Valentine’s Day necklace is bound to become your partner’s favorite piece of jewelry.

Two Stone Necklaces

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This Valentine’s Day, do your absolute best to make your partner feel like they are the most cherished being. Along with these budget-friendly diamond necklaces, you can plan a romantic date where you plan a scrumptious meal over a laughter-filled conversation.

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