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Monday, Jan 29 2024

Your Handbook to the Most Searched Diamond Ring Styles

Written by Thomas Cooper

Your Handbook to the Most Searched Diamond Ring Styles

An engagement is usually one of the most special moments of a person's life. The buildup of having a relationship that heads to its sweet new beginnings with a promise of a lifetime is just brilliant. But what exactly casts a spell of romance on lovebirds? Well, who knows! All we know is that the key to a perfect “yes” is a sparkling diamond that flaunts your love story. 

Looking for diamond rings is a delightful quest; however, it can be very overwhelming when considering factors like the diamond’s quality, ring style or setting, and cost that fits your budget. While figuring out the size and cost of the diamond is what people usually worry about, that information is something that can be accommodated on websites with lots of guidance. However, choosing the right diamond ring style can get very challenging because you want to get a ring that would only resemble the one from her dreams.

Friendly Diamonds aims to make the experience of finding the best diamond ring style that remains timeless easier with this blog. We help you look at the most searched-for and best-selling diamond ring styles without having to scroll through 10 different sites for several days.

Table of Content:

Solitaire Splendor: Classic Diamond Rings

The solitaire diamond ring style takes the top spot on the list (not surprised, right!) It ranks as the most searched as well as the most bought style on the Friendly Diamonds website. These rings are so beautiful and timeless that one can never go wrong with their purchase. A single solitaire at the center of a plain metal band is definitely a classic choice and we love that the timelessness of such rings is what our valued customers like.

Solitaire Diamond Rings

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To enhance the beauty of the ring, adding your partner’s favorite metal to the solitaire and customizing it to her preference can also uplift its overall appeal. Friendly Diamonds is favorable towards customizations as they help add a personal touch to the symbols of your love, personalizing your love story with our bestselling creations.

Symphony of Side Stones: Gorgeous Proposal Picks

Side stone rings, especially with a pear shaped or round shaped center stone, are next in line for being the most searched-for bling on the Friendly Diamonds website, and why not? The gorgeous side stone diamond ring style adds grace and enchants everyone who sees it. 

A proposal with such a ring is sure to get a "Yes!" because these rings feature glimmering side stones which tell a tale of romance that surpasses the test of time. The side stones add an everlasting effect to rings that help you capture her heart with charming ease.

Side Stones

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Timeless Trios: Three Stone Diamond Delight

Three stone diamond ring style makes the list for its brilliance and chic appeal. In this style, each stone represents the past, present, and future. Such rings tell a tale of sophistication supported by two other solitaires, which add a feminine touch to the ring. 

Hence, if you’re looking for a diamond engagement ring style that will not disappoint, this can be your go-to proposal symbol. Watch her fall in love with you all over again as she flaunts a three stone style ring in front of her family and friends.

 Three Stones

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Heavenly Halos: Finding Elegance & Glam

What we love about such rings is that the halo accentuates the look of the ring even further; it adds an unmatched shine to the center stone, making it stand out. Rings with hidden halos also showcase intricate craftsmanship and artistry that resonates with finesse and super shine. 

A halo ring stands to symbolize that the foundation of your relationship is a sturdy and magnificent one. Rings like these can have hidden meanings that represent love, trust, and warmth in a companionship.

Rings with Halos

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Vintage Aura: Rings with a Nostalgic Touch

Rings that exhibit extravagance are one of the most searched for on the Friendly Diamonds website. These diamond ring styles are called vintage because they have an antique appeal to them with a modern design. These are often inspired by bygone eras; replicating intricate designs with floral elements, scrollwork, milgrain work, lacework, and so on. 

These rings are reminiscent of ancient eras, taking you down the most beautiful nostalgic lanes in the sweetest way possible. So if you are a couple that is intrigued by the beauty of the past romantic ages and want your rings to represent them, then you must add a unique flair to your modern ring. A vintage style ring is going to suit your personality for sure.

Vintage Engagement Rings

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Well, now that you know what the topmost searched-for diamond ring styles are, you can find your way through this guide to the most bought rings from Friendly Diamonds. Our ultimate goal is to help you make easy choices and make your shopping experience effortless. If you want specific rings that resonate with these lab diamond ring styles, then you can check out our products such as the Four Prong Solitaire Diamond Ring, Larisa Side Stone Diamond Ring, Denise Three Stone Side Emerald Diamond Ring, Olivia Secret Halo Diamond Ring, and Everly Vintage Bezel Diamond Ring on the Friendly Diamonds website. 

We also offer customizations, personalizations, and engravings on rings that you truly love and want to make yours. The quest to find the ideal ring ends here. 

Happy Shopping!