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Wednesday, Mar 13 2024

Find Your Perfect Fit With Virtual Engagement Ring Try-On Experience

Written by Shelby Montel

Find Your Perfect Fit With Virtual Engagement Ring Try-On Experience

What if we told you that we could bring the jewelry showroom home, where you could try on rings from the comfort of your couch? In this new age, where technology rules, you can! Friendly Diamonds brings you a virtual engagement ring try-on experience. Virtual try-on experiences are becoming drastically popular, and guess what? 

The world of engagement rings is no exception. Gone are the days of wild guessing about how a ring will actually look on your finger. Now, you can experience the magic of trying on engagement rings with just a few taps on your phone. 

Thanks to the virtual engagement ring try-on experience by Friendly Diamonds, you can now explore and visualize your dream ring from the comfort of your couch. 

P.S. You can even measure your ring size without going anywhere. Below in this blog, we have given you a guide on enjoying the virtual engagement ring try-on experience. 

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What is a Virtual Engagement Ring Try-On?

A virtual engagement ring try-on is a digital experience that allows you to try on various engagement ring styles, settings, and stones virtually. This feature on the Friendly Diamonds website allows you to upload a photo of your hand to enable the feature. After that, it generates a realistic representation of an engagement ring in your hand. This allows you to see how different rings will look on your finger before making your final call for the purchase. 

So, you might have this question: Why would you want to try on engagement rings virtually? 


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Let us tell you that this feature allows you to explore an extensive range of designs and styles without the constraints of making multiple in-person visits to different jewelers. It saves time and provides convenience, especially for those who want to surprise their lady love with a beautiful ring. 

Additionally, this feature will help you make informed decisions by visualizing how a particular ring will suit your hands the best and match your overall aesthetics. 

Step-by-Step Guide

In this section of our virtual engagement ring try-on guide, we will help you with a step-by-step breakdown of the virtual engagement ring try-on experience:

Step 1: This one is pretty simple.Firstly go to our website and choose an engagement ring that caught your eye from our vast collection. All our jewelry is crafted flawlessly that can surely light up your partner’s face. You have an array of exquisite designs to choose from; we are sure you’ll find the ring of your dreams.

Step 2: The next step, after you’re done selecting the ring that has your heart, tap on the virtual try-on button that is at the top right corner of the image of the ring. And let the ring magically appear on your screen.

Step 3: The third step after you are done with the above-mentioned steps is to just click a picture and upload it. To do this, you can click on ‘upload a picture’ on the left side of your screen. However, please note that in the picture you upload, your fingers should have a reasonable gap between them. If you have any other rings, please remove them from the picture. Lastly, use a contrasting background (preferably darker backgrounds). 

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Step 4: That is it; you are pretty much done! Now watch the ring magically appear on your finger. See whether you like the selected ring on your finger. If not, you can select a different ring and repeat these steps again. 

We hope this guide helps you find your dream ring with us at Friendly Diamonds. If you wish to craft your own dream ring, we offer customization of rings, or you can always create your own bespoke ring. We are a leading retailer of lab diamonds, specializing in engagement rings and fine jewelry, located in the heart of the Diamond District, New York. We invite you to visit our website, and for an in-store experience, stop by our pop-up shop in New York. If you have any doubts about your purchase, book an online consultation with our experts at Friendly Diamonds. 

Have fun with choosing your dream engagement ring with us ;)