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Monday, Mar 11 2024

An Essential Guide to Choose Dainty Engagement Ring

Written by Nicole Harper

An Essential Guide to Choose Dainty Engagement Ring

All of us want an engagement ring with a unique charm that perfectly encapsulates our feelings for our partner. In the past, rings were large and bold with a heavier appearance. However, with time, taste, and fashion trends for engagement rings have changed. Today, modern couples go for dainty engagement rings because the appearance that these rings exude is often thin, slender, and minimalistic. 

The design of the ring aims to offer something more sophisticated, proving that less is more. These designs are more popular than ever and will continue to be the same. Now, you might wonder what are the points that should be considered before you buy one. Are dainty engagement rings less durable? Do these rings cost less? How should you choose one? 

Fret not; in this blog, we will help you get answers to all these questions. Here is the list of things that you need to know when buying dainty engagement rings

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Delicate Engagement Rings

‘Dainty’ is just a synonym to describe delicate engagement rings. Now with that being said, it does not mean that rings like these are fragile. What jewelers mean by a dainty ring is that the band will measure somewhere around 2mm or less.  Much like any other engagement ring style, you will find these rings in multiple designs with different metal choices, such as white gold, rose gold, or platinum. 

Dainty engagement rings that are the smallest in size are sometimes referred to as ‘whisper’ engagement rings. The benefit of choosing rings like these is that you can create a larger diamond's feel, which is helpful if the center diamond is of a smaller carat. 

There’s also a true feeling of sophistication when wearing dainty engagement rings. These rings fit gracefully on the finger and do not have that chunky feel that can be so off-putting in some ring styles. One of the most alluring aspects of this ring is its unique and intricate appeal, making it a popular choice for engagement rings. 

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Are Engagement Rings Durable?

With a slim band like this one, surely there is a risk to the longevity of the ring itself? Well, it actually is a misconception; let us debunk the myth for you. If the ring were crafted from high-quality materials, there would be no reason for you to worry about durability or longevity. If you go for a dainty engagement ring as your choice, this means that you can wear it every day without having any second thoughts.  

How to Choose a Dainty Engagement Ring?

Dainty engagement rings will forever be in style. We get that it can be exhausting to select an engagement ring, which can be quite daunting and time-consuming, but we have listed down everything you need to know when buying one for your special someone. 

  • Don’t Get Caught Up in Jewelry Trends

An engagement ring should be a timeless and classic symbol of your love that will last forever. Your ultimate goal should be to find a ring that is the perfect match for your fiance. The current jewelry trends would best suit her style. Know that they are more inclined towards gold or platinum. This will help you pick the one that suits their style the best.

  • Diamond Size Matters Only If You Think It Matters

Go big or go home – This shouldn’t be your mantra when picking the diamond for the ring. But if you think that a higher carat of diamond would suit your fiance the best then why not go for it? However, we suggest placing more emphasis on cut, color, and clarity; rather than its size. Because this is an important factor that will affect the overall appeal of your selected diamond.



  • Decide the Design

Who says if you go with dainty engagement rings you will just get a plain band? You can go with an intricate design that will enhance the band, or add milgrain details in the ring that will make the ring of your choice even more special and unique.

  • Know About the Policies

Before making your purchase, you are advised that you know the return and exchange policies of the retailer or jeweler you are planning to purchase from. This gives you an additional layer of security with your purchase. If you have issues with your purchase, you can always contact your jeweler and solve them easily. 

Now that you have a clear idea of what to narrow down when you are shopping for dainty engagement rings, we invite you to visit Friendly Diamonds. As a leading retailer of lab diamonds, we specialize in engagement rings and fine jewelry. You can check dainty engagement rings from our existing collection, or if you wish to craft an engagement ring that is uniquely yours, we offer free jewelry customization

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