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Wednesday, Apr 05 2023

Friendly Diamonds Holiday Gift Guide That Suits Your Budget

Written by Edmar Hendricks

Friendly Diamonds Holiday Gift Guide That Suits Your Budget

Christmas is soon approaching. And it's time to once again get into the holiday spirit and go shopping for the perfect gifts. To make the experience simpler here we have a holiday gift guide for you. The Friendly Diamonds' holiday gift guide is here to assist you in discovering the perfect gift for everybody who made it to your must-gift list this year. This holiday gift guide lists everything you can get here at holiday gift bargains that'll suit your budget when looking for the perfect holiday gift! It could be your partner, friend, parents, or sibling. Or perhaps even a colleague at work or your boss. Friendly Diamonds has the perfect gifts for you. Here is your holiday gift guide that’ll save you money this gifting season!


Why Present Jewelry This Christmas?

A great piece of jewelry, especially diamond jewelry, has an incredible impact because of its immaculate beauty that comes with precious metals and gemstones. But that is not the only reason it's part of this gift guide. Here are 4 reasons why diamond jewelry makes the best Christmas gifts!

Present Jewelry


Jewelry Gifts Speak Volumes for You

When your partner or family member or friend opens their diamond jewelry gift box, the piece inside speaks volumes of how much you care about the person.

Jewelry Gifts Can be Personalized

Every diamond, metal, and jewelry setting has a special significance. Choosing an appropriate one for the gift recipient makes jewelry gifts exceptionally meaningful and unique.

Jewelry Gifts Create an Unforgettable Moment

A jewelry piece gifted during the Christmas season creates an unforgettable moment in your dear one's memory, truly creating a holiday memory that'll last forever.

What Are the Best Christmas Jewelry Gifts?

Diamond Rings

Diamond rings are everlasting penchants of grace that symbolize love's ever-encompassing beauty. They are quite a favorite because of their timeless beauty and make a great gift, especially for lovers and family members. Diamond rings make it to this holiday gift guide simply because they'll mark a special moment when your partner/family member unwraps their Christmas gift box to find a mesmerizing symbol of love waiting for them inside.

Christmas Jewelry

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Couple Rings

Couple rings symbolize devotion. What better way to remind your partner/wife about how much you care than during Christmas? Available in variants with and without diamonds, you'll surely renew the love you share by choosing couple rings as your Christmas gift this holiday season.

Jewelry Gift

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Fine Jewelry

The beauty of fine jewelry is that it can be worn every day. They're also ideal jewelry gifts for work colleagues, unlike rings that can be more personal. Diamond stud earrings, tennis bracelets, and pendants are perfect pieces that'll add just a little more charm and accentuate the wearer's beauty, making them a Christmas gift to be remembered.

lab diamond jewelry

design your own jewelry

Create Your Own Jewelry Pieces

Creating jewelry from scratch is a great way to offer a gift that is personalized and customized according to the gift recipient’s tastes and preferences. You can create personalized rings, earrings and pendants at Friendly Diamonds by picking a lab diamond shape and jewelry setting. You can also choose a preferred metal color of choice that includes yellow gold, white gold, rose gold and platinum.

Why Get Jewelry Gifts from Friendly Diamonds?

Jewelry diamonds

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You Get an Ethical, Sustainable, and Budget-Friendly Diamond

Friendly Diamonds only offers lab grown diamonds that are sustainable and eco-friendly alternatives to mined diamonds. Since the diamonds are lab grown, they are naturally 100 percent conflict free. All diamonds are certified and have the same chemical, optical and structural composition as mined diamonds. Even skilled diamond specialists can't tell the difference between both unless special equipment is used. They also cost 30 to 40 percent less than mined diamonds. Imagine the kind of money you'd be saving while still giving a spectacular gift.

You Get Free Shipping and Free 30 Days Returns

Friendly Diamonds offers free shipping and free 30 days returns to ensure a hassle-free jewelry gift shopping experience.

You Get a Free Consultation with a Gemologist and Jewelry Specialist

With a range of diamonds and designs to choose from, it can sometimes get difficult to make a choice. Or perhaps you are a first-time jewelry buyer without the knowledge to make your lab diamond jewelry purchase. Friendly Diamonds offers a free virtual appointment with a jewelry specialist and gemologist to clear your doubts and guide you with your gift shopping.