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Monday, Apr 15 2024

Finding the Perfect Art Deco Engagement Ring: Tips and Trends

Written by Shelby Montel

Finding the Perfect Art Deco Engagement Ring: Tips and Trends

The roaring 20s were a period of intense flamboyance and exuberance. The world had just been through the tumultuous World War I and in the process of recovering from the after-effects of it, the people were finding solace in parties, extravagant fashion, and art. Art Deco as a style emerged during the 1920s and even now its effects can be seen in the way designs are created. Jewelry as a domain also had major new developments during the Art Deco period. Read on to find out the major trends in Art Deco engagement rings.

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Art Deco Period

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The jewelry from this era had a style that was referred to as "Cubism" due to the usage of geometric lines and angles. Global cultures brought new jewelry trends to the Art Deco period, ranging from Far East Asian patterns to Indian carvings. Owing to all the innovations, there was also an "Egyptian Revival”. The eye of Horus, scarabs, lotus blooms, and pyramids are a few examples of ancient Egyptian motifs found in Art Deco jewelry. In the Art Deco era, architects, sculptors, painters, jewelers, and other design artists greatly enhanced and influenced each other's fields.

Art Deco Trends In Jewelry


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Art deco was a period of disruption. The era saw different patterns being used to create jewelry. One of those patterns was the chevron pattern. With its inverted ‘V’ shape that formed a zig-zag line, the pattern symbolized a break from the past and a continuous ebb and flow of creativity. Our Janes chevron diamond ring embodies the glamor of the Art Deco era perfectly and will make for a beautiful art deco engagement ring.

Pavé Setting

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The spirit of the era was all about extravagance. The post-war environment had made everything gloomy and people couldn’t get enough shine in their lives. Pavé setting became popular because it employed the design of inculcating many small diamonds on the band of the ring. This helped in creating a ring that sparkled more. Our Rosalind split shank halo ring is the perfect example of a pavé set ring created beautifully. With its 52 stunning diamonds, this art deco engagement ring is a sight to behold.

Filigree Fervour

A distinctive style of the time was filigree work, which used hand-crafted precious metal strands to create elaborate motifs. Since wax molds are used to make most rings nowadays, it is nearly hard to duplicate the precise, elegant filigree work of the 1920s. Our Imperiella Halo Celtic Knot diamond ring has intricate filigree details that will win your heart. 

Bold and Geometric

The art nouveau designs had seen their days in the sun, and now it was Art Deco’s turn to shine. The fluid lines and curves of the art nouveau had been replaced by a new style of modern bold and geometric shapes that had a fine symmetry. Our Madison Baguette diamond ring in princess cut has a bold geometric that will remind you of the fine details of the Art Deco era.

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