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Wednesday, Apr 05 2023

How To Choose An Engagement Ring That Suits Your Hand?

Written by Macy Taylor

How To Choose An Engagement Ring That Suits Your Hand?

A ring is not just a jewelry item. It is an eternal symbol and speaks volumes of your one true love. Since an engagement ring symbolizes love, it should be as beautiful as the story of your love, it should have the perfect engagement ring shape that you desire and most importantly, it should suit your hand.

None of us are alike, and so is the same when it comes to our style preferences. The ideal engagement ring shape for one person may not be suitable for another. Most women prefer a classic engagement ring style, but that may not always be the best option for everybody. Hence when you choose a perfect engagement ring, you must consider the shape of your hands and fingers.

Selecting the perfect engagement ring shape can take some time as you must understand ring styles. Specific diamond shapes and styles pair well depending on your hand and finger type. So to guide you with the task of choosing a ring that suits your hand, we've curated this blog on how to choose an engagement ring.


How to Begin?

Look closely at the shape, size, and length of your hands and fingers. Analyze them and imagine all the ring types you think are suitable for your hand. You must think of one that is of the right shape and size to complement your hands and personality. If you have a specific diamond shape in mind, choose a setting that will enhance the overall look of your diamond engagement ring.

Buying an engagement ring is a once-in-a-lifetime occasion, so take as much time as you can and try plenty of styles as ring styles tend to look different from what is shown on display. On the other hand, it is also essential to make sure that the ring is correctly sized as nothing is pleasing about a loose ring that slides off as you move your hand or a ring that is too tight.

Engagement Ring for Short Fingers

If you have short fingers, you will require a design that makes your finger look long optically. Choosing a thick band is not the best idea as it would make your finger look bulky. Think of it as putting ankle straps on tiny legs; it wouldn't look aesthetically appealing. We recommend choosing a thinner band with a narrow shank as it would be most suitable for short fingers. As for your diamond shape, pick heart shaped or marquise cuts. You can also go for the pear or oval cut diamonds as ovals proportionate your finger, and pears elongate the same while also giving you a stylish look.

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Engagement Ring for Long and Slender Hands

You've got the best features by beauty standards if you have long, slender hands and fingers. Any style will suit you regardless. Princess cut diamonds and rounded stones will lend your finger a flattering look. And since you'll be able to pull off big and bold-sized rings, why not do it right? If you are going for big gemstones, make sure that the shank of your ring is not too narrow, as it will make your diamond look out of balance. A wider band is your best choice as it would totally rock the length of your fingers.

A Quick Tip: Long fingers pair uniquely well with different colored diamonds set in a channel ring setting, giving you an extravagant look.

Engagement Ring for Big Fingers

If you have large fingers, avoid rings with narrow stones or rings that expose your flesh on either side to avoid making your fingers appear broader. The emerald cut diamond is your most incredible option, but you might consider other rectangular shapes such as the radiant cut or Asscher cut gemstone. Trinity rings, also known as three stone rings, are a good choice for women with wide fingers. If you do not want to go for a three stone diamond ring, you can always choose a ring style with small diamonds at the side of the center stone as it will make your hand appear larger.

Engagement Ring for Big Fingers

Engagement Rings for Slim Fingers

You should avoid wearing big gemstones and a cluttered band if you have slim fingers. Instead, go for small diamonds set in a channel ring setting on a wider band to make your hand look less thin. A marquise-cut or cushion-cut as your center diamond is a good bet as it'll make your finger look more prominent.

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Engagement Rings for Small Hands

Small hands hold the key to the most valuable diamond! When you have little hands, you should prioritize quality over size. A better-faceted diamond will appear nicer than a cluttered one in your hands. Women with small hands must avoid large stones and bands; instead, they should go for diamond cuts with lower carat weight; a low carat cut with the best clarity and color.

Your best bet is a solitaire ring with a single round or an oval cut diamond. When picking a band or the shank, choose a thin to medium band so the ring doesn't completely cover your finger or make the diamond appear unbalanced.

Engagement Rings for Big Hands

Large hands are an opportunity to make a huge impression and pull off the halo ring look. Rings designed with halos in a cluster or Asscher cut stones on channel ring settings are ideal for women with big hands. A medium to wide shank ring would be appropriate, depending on the size and shape of the stone. Explore multiple options while choosing the style and the diamond you desire, as your engagement ring is the grandest jewelry pick of your life, and you'll want to pick only the best.

Lastly, whether you're choosing your engagement ring as a couple or planning ahead of your proposal, this guide on how to choose an engagement ring shall assist you in designing your dream ring. Also, know that there are no hard and fast rules you need to follow, especially when you've already laid down your choices concerning a diamond! Just browse through and find the most flattering style and ring setting, and create the ring of your dreams.