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Shop Unique Engagement Rings for Women

Karen Dunn

Karen Dunn - 15 February, 2023

From the sparkle of a solitaire to the radiance of a halo, engagement rings are meant to last for a lifetime. Often cherished as a symbol of love and commitment between two people, the significance of an engagement ring lies in its meaning to the individuals involved.

Whether looking for a classic band or a unique engagement ring for women, choosing the perfect ring style can be an exciting and unforgettable experience.

In this blog, we'll help you explore the different styles, options, and trends in engagement rings to help you find the ring that perfectly represents your love story.

Significance of Diamond Engagement Rings

Engagement rings for women have a long history and hold significant cultural or personal values for different individuals.

These rings are traditionally exchanged as a symbol of love and commitment between two people and serve as a tangible representation of the promise to spend the rest of one's life with their partner.

When used by couples, engagement rings are often seen as a sign that they are in a committed relationship. As per historical beliefs, one of the veins of the fourth finger of the left hand leads directly to the heart. This is why it has become customary to wear engagement rings on this finger for ages.

An engagement ring is a huge financial investment for many couples and is typically a reflection of their personal choices and jewelry aesthetics.

Many families also pass down their engagement rings from generation to generation because they have a unique sentimental connection with this ornament.

Various Styles of Unique Engagement Rings for Women

If you are looking for a perfect engagement ring but want to avoid going with ring designs that are extremely common and do not suit your personality, you have reached the right blog!

There are endless engagement ring designs available across both online and offline jewelry stores, offering unique diamond cuts and metal settings.

Choosing from various diamond ring settings that allow you to display your personality can be a great start to begin your search. Listed below are some references for your help!

The Solitaire diamond setting, which is a classic choice, has a single gemstone set in the center of a ring, perched on a thin band. This simple and elegant setting allows the subtlety to exist along with a luxurious touch.

Further, in a Halo setting, as the name suggests, a central diamond or gem is placed within the circle of smaller accented diamonds, giving the piece of jewelry a heavenly glowing impression.

A Three Stone diamond ring is also one of a kind choice! This design has three stones, usually diamonds, arranged in a row with the central stone being a bit bigger in size.

In addition to the center stone, this design often includes diamonds or stones on both sides of the ring. It symbolizes the past, present, and future: a true definition of evolving love through changing times!

If you are willing to go for Vintage engagement rings, consider ornate filigree or engraving and employ an antique style. True to their name, these stunning diamond engagement rings are inspired by fashion from early times.

The Art Deco design aesthetic, which usually uses diamonds or other costly stones, is characterized by geometric patterns, bold lines, and vibrant hues. This ring's band, which is meant to resemble an unending loop, may be completely covered in diamonds or other gems.

With such a wide variety in the styles and forms of diamond rings, finding and crafting a unique engagement ring for women that fits your partner perfectly can be tricky.

Try selecting a look that reflects your partner's and your own preferences or custom design your own ring that stands out and displays a dazzling glimmer with the help of a curated collection.

Meanwhile, consider checking out some celebrity inspirations shared below.

Celebrity Inspos for Unique Engagement Rings for Women

Emily Ratajkowski

Beginning with Emily Ratajkowski, who is well-known for her street style, it is not surprising that she would have an engagement ring that reflects her casually stylish vibe.

This ring includes a yellow gold wedding band in addition to not one, but two diamond stones - one square and the other pear shaped.

Emily Ratajkowski

You could check out some unique engagement rings for women shared below that reflect a vibe similar to that of Ratajkowski.

Stella Diamond Ring

With the pear shaped diamond placed safely in four double prongs and its highlighted sparkle, the Stella diamond ring is wonderfully crafted to radiate the brightest glitter wherever one goes. The handmade modern criss-cross precious metal shank gives the ring's overall style a unique twist.

Intertwine Bliss Diamond Ring

The princess cut diamond solitaire in the Intertwine Bliss diamond ring is safely kept in place by its four circular prongs, giving it a beautiful and ethereal brilliance. The twisted shank is a lovely addition that complements the design aesthetics.

Kate Middleton

A sapphire and diamond ring that belonged to Princess Diana is now Kate Middleton's engagement ring. It has a 12-carat oval blue sapphire that is encircled by 14 white gold solitaire diamonds. When Prince William asked Kate to marry him in 2010, he presented her with this stunning halo diamond ring.

Kate Middleton

Suppose you are looking for an engagement ring representing her highness' graceful aura. In that case, we have some exquisite options of unique engagement rings for women that will suit your requirement.

Elle Diamond Ring

The Elle diamond ring is a traditional halo ring with a solitaire diamond held in place by four prongs and surrounded by a halo of diamonds. Gleaming diamonds decorated on the prongs lend a sparkling appeal to this ring.

Anna Diamond Ring

The centerpiece of the Anna diamond ring is a gleaming solitaire held in place by four prongs, providing it with plenty of stability while displaying its sparkling brightness.

The clean, simple design of the slightly domed ring shank adds to its attractiveness.

Katy Perry

The flower-shaped engagement ring worn by Katy Perry has an enormous oval cut pink center stone that is encircled by eight smaller diamond accents. Katy received it after her fiancé, actor Orlando Bloom, proposed to her on Valentine's Day in 2019. According to estimates, the ring is worth about $5 million.

Katy Perry

Indigo Diamond Ring

The Indigo diamond ring is a classic royal style with a solitaire diamond securely held by four claw prongs. The floral design of this ring truly represents the Katy Perry engagement ring's style, and the ring's split shank completes the mood with its accent diamonds.

Bloom Diamond Ring

The solitaire diamond on the Bloom diamond ring is finely bezel-set. The center stone is elegantly framed by an array of smaller accent diamonds meticulously placed in diverse bezels, lending the jewelry a sophisticated and vintage-inspired aesthetic reminiscence of blooming flowers.

Perrie Edwards

The Little Mix member, Perrie Edwards got engaged to soccer star Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain in August, 2021. She had made her engagement announcement on Instagram but did not release any close-up pictures of the ring.

Based on the little glimpses floating online, it looks like a big emerald cut diamond mounted on a delicate ring that includes accented diamonds on the shank.

Perrie Edwards

We have some looks shared below that can invoke those unique engagement rings for women resembling Edwards' diamond ring.

Grace Diamond Ring

One of our best-sellers, the Grace diamond ring features a classic and exquisite ring setting. It has a central diamond that is firmly supported by four angular prongs. Halfway along either side of the ring, smaller micro pave set diamonds are embedded on the surface and walls of the shank. This ring will appear better when adorned with a matching micro pave set band.

Mereia Diamond Ring

One of our collection's top-selling rings is the Mereia diamond ring. The six prongs on this exquisite ring display small accent diamonds to hold its main oval cut center stone firmly in place. Concealed beneath the prongs lies a sparkling diamond halo that adds an extra touch of brilliance and allure to the piece.

Eco-Friendly Unique Engagement Rings for Women

The demand for eco-friendly diamond engagement rings has recently grown more popular. More people are trying to find methods to reduce their harmful impacts on the environment and are willing to opt for sustainable jewelry.

Lab-grown diamonds are made in a controlled environment using cutting-edge technology, chemically and physically similar to mined diamonds. By choosing lab diamonds, the negative effects of diamond mining on the environment and potential human rights violations are minimized.

Friendly Diamonds, a New York based online jewelry company, encourages its clients to choose eco-friendly lab grown options for their unique engagement rings for women.

We take great pride in our certified lab diamond jewelry, which is affordable and accessible to everyone. Explore our website today to learn more about eco-friendly lab diamond jewelry!

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