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Wednesday, May 31 2023

Choosing the Right Anniversary Jewelry for Your Partner

Written by Karen Dunn

Choosing the Right Anniversary Jewelry for Your Partner

Love is a journey and anniversaries mark those magical milestones along the way. But what's an anniversary gift without a touch of sparkle? You can never go wrong with lab diamond jewelry, the ultimate symbol of eternal love, luxury, and sustainability. These ethically sourced gemstones provide a choice for those who crave exquisite jewelry pieces.

Moreover, lab created diamond jewelry has the power to capture the very essence of all cherished memories of togetherness. With staggering rings, earrings, necklaces, and more, it's your gateway to creating lifelong memories of your union.

Join us as we reveal the best ways to choose lab created diamond jewelry and prepare to celebrate a wonderful phase in your journey that will live on in your hearts forever. Take a look at this blog where love and creativity coexist while making this anniversary one to remember!


The Radiance of Lab Diamonds

When looking for the ideal anniversary jewelry gift, the lab created diamonds' brightness is nothing short of spectacular. The manufacturing method of lab diamonds mimics the development of the natural diamonds. This makes it possible for the lab created diamonds to sparkle flawlessly, which is sure to captivate your partner.

Radiance of Lab Diamonds


Choosing a lab created diamond gift symbolizes your eternal love and commitment. At the same time, it also demonstrates your commitment to sustainability. When you give your sweetheart a lab diamond anniversary jewelry, you give them a symbol of enduring brilliance. It truly embodies the profound and luminous connection that you two share.

The Timeless Elegance of Solitaire Rings

One of the finest anniversary jewelry gifts that oozes elegance is definitely a classic solitaire ring. This priceless accessory represents enduring affection and showcases the spirit of delicate beauty. A solitaire ring, with its one brilliant lab diamond positioned prominently, portrays the beauty of your relationship. The simplicity of a solitaire ring allows the diamond's brilliance to take the center stage. Your sweetheart will be reminded of the priceless moments you've created together. It also adds onto the undying love that endures year after year every time they look at their solitaire ring. This is a classic present that perfectly captures the beauty and importance of your anniversary. At the same time it also encapsulates the spirit of your deep connection.

Take a look at some of the fine diamond rings selection that will add a sparkle like no other in your anniversary jewelry gift list!

Lillian Side Oval Diamond Eternity Ring

The Lillian side oval diamond ring's elegance and luster, is perfectly exemplified. The side oval diamonds are set in a shared prong setting. They flow elegantly more than halfway around the side of the ring. The center stone is carefully set in a four prong basket which makes it ideal to show your affection for that special someone. 

Lillian Side Oval Diamond Eternity Ring

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Oval Diamond Eternity Band

This eternity ring has an oval shaped diamond. The diamond is nestled between shared prongs which encircle the entire band. A substantial amount of the diamonds are seen on the shank giving this setting a shine & appeal of its own. The north-south arrangement of the diamonds enhances their beauty. The boldness of the oval shaped diamonds makes this ring a trendsetter.

Oval Diamond Eternity Band

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Spectra Solitaire Diamond Ring

The Spectra Solitaire Diamond Ring draws inspiration from the refined Art Deco era. It features a brilliant diamond held within a hexagonal shaped rim of precious metal. The modern metal band of the ring is highly versatile which helps in combining with various matching bands for the engagement ring. Moreover, this ring's combination of traditional and contemporary design elements yields a timeless elegance.

Captivating Earrings that Mirror Her Glow

Earrings are an excellent option for an anniversary jewelry present that truly catches your partner's brilliance. Her inherent shine is mirrored and enhanced by these magnificent pieces of lab created diamond earrings. These captivating earrings will become a cherished piece of jewelry that is sure to enhance her entire look. Choose classic diamond stud earrings for a refined and elegant look or opt for the graceful dangle of drop earrings to add a sense of enchantment. Every soft sway will cause the lab diamonds to catch light, highlighting her attractive features. These earrings will stand as a reminder of adoration and devotion when adorned. 

Captivating Earrings

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Heart Lab Diamond Stud Earrings

These stunning heart shaped diamond stud earrings stand for adoration, affection, and dedication. The three prongs are used to firmly hold the heart shaped lab diamonds in place. Finally, a firm post and push back guarantees a fashionable and safe fit for the wearer.

Sasha Double Halo Lab Diamond Earrings

The stunning pair of Sasha Diamond Earrings has two solitaire diamonds which are set in prong settings. The diamonds are given an extra boost by an exquisite halo, which lends enough radiance. The earrings feature a post and push back for a safe & comfort fit, crafted with a fine design.

Sasha Double Halo Lab Diamond Earrings

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A Dazzling Tennis Bracelet

A sparkling tennis bracelet is the ideal option for an anniversary jewelry present since it emanates refinement and draws attention. Every glittering link in this beautiful piece of lab created diamond jewelry exudes elegance and glitz. The continuous flow of sparkling lab diamonds surrounding her wrist represents your unwavering relationship and enduring love for one another. The tennis bracelet will always represent your loyalty when it's adorned on those special events or as a daily fashion statement. Its elegance, which displays light and inspires awe in all who see it, will make her feel extremely cherished and appreciated. Giving her a tennis bracelet as a gift for your wedding anniversary enhances the allure of the piece of jewelry. It serves as an enduring representation of your eternal love. 

Tennis Bracelet

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Everlyn Tennis Bracelet

The single row of oval cut diamonds set in four claw prong settings on the lab diamond tennis bracelet radiates with brilliance. The attraction of this classic design is created as the stones are firmly held in place. Hence, the finesse of the Everlyn Oval Tennis Bracelet is a gorgeous option for all special events.

Darcy Tennis Bracelet

The lab diamond tennis bracelet showcases a row of fine cut diamonds, firmly placed in a shared four prong arrangement. The bracelet's lock fits comfortably and securely, while the diamonds sparkle and flow with your movements, adding glamor to your wrist.

Fine Diamond Pendants

Fine diamond pendants are a classic option for those looking to give an anniversary jewelry gift that is both elegant and heartfelt. Lab diamonds hang from delicate metal chains, forming stunning pieces of jewelry. These pieces are crafted with great attention to detail. The pendant is a souvenir of the special times and significant moments you shared together as you embarked on this journey. As she will always adorn it will always rest beautifully close to her heart. This represents the depth of your love and the unbreakable tie you have. She will be captivated by the brilliant lab diamond, feeling cherished and valued. Whether you choose a classic solitaire pendant or a design with intricate detailing, her heart will be filled with love and adoration. The exquisite diamond pendant is a thoughtful anniversary jewelry present as it captures the spirit of your eternal love and perpetually carves its beauty in the mind forever.

Fine Diamond Pendants


Explore our exquisite pendant collection, which is certain to give every item on your anniversary jewelry wish list a touch of unparalleled sparkle.

Quartze Split Bail Solitaire Lab Diamond Pendant

The solitaire diamond pendant has a gorgeous design and a four prong setting that gives it a contemporary and alluring feel. The diamond pendant hangs gracefully from a delicate split bail, giving it an attractive appearance. The Quartze Solitaire Pendant is a striking piece that simply draws attention and is a perfect pick for any occasion.

Flaire Halo Lab Diamond Pendant

The alluring Flaire pendant has a brilliant solitaire diamond encircled by a halo of pavè diamond. A fixed chain on the hook keeps the pendant firmly in place and ensures a precise fit. With its brilliant beauty, this pendant enables you to flaunt your sense of fashion and refinement while radiating grace and confidence.

Flaire Halo Lab Diamond Pendant

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Choosing the ideal anniversary jewelry for your sweetheart gives you the chance to celebrate your love and union with a lifetime of memories to go with it. If you plan to express your love with a grandeur like this, go for a fine diamond jewelry that never goes out of style. (A solitaire ring, earrings, a tennis bracelet, or a diamond pendant are all beautiful options.) As you start your search, take into account the moral and environmentally friendly option of lab created diamond jewelry.

We at Friendly Diamonds are here to fulfill all of your diamond jewelry desires. Our diamond anniversary jewelry made in a lab not only stands out for its exceptional craftsmanship but also for its ethical sources. Visit our website to celebrate your love with a classic piece that symbolizes your love with a touch of diamond luster.