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Friday, Mar 22 2024

EmRata Engagement Ring that is Talk of the Town

Written by Nicole Harper

EmRata Engagement Ring that is Talk of the Town

It is a sad truth that not all love stories will always have a fairytale ending, which is much like the relationship that we are going to talk about in this article. 

Well, fairytale ending or not, somehow this doesn’t diminish the fact that we are still in awe of what our favorite celebrity engagement rings look like, which also include the infamous EmRata engagement ring. Her ring was a modern take on the classic two stone Toi et Moi ring, featuring a brilliant princess cut and a dazzling pear cut diamond

If the ring's design did not intrigue you enough, we are sure the story behind Emrata’s engagement ring will surely make you gasp with surprise. Let’s start with a little storytelling about the ring design and a little surprise that you could be looking forward to!

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A Recap on Emarta’s Ring

“I Like Shiny Things, but I’d Marry You with Paper Rings.” This line from Taylor Swift’s song ‘Paper Rings,’ perfectly describes the proposal of Emily Ratakowski and Sebastian Bear McClard.  By now all of us know that he proposed to Emily by creating a ring out of a paper clip (yep, you read it correctly). 

However, the famous two stone Toi et Moi ring of Emily is something that took the jewelry world by storm with its grace and beauty, and soon after that, people hopped on the trend of going with a two stone Toi et Moi ring as their top choice for an engagement ring. This is because many people believe that each of the stones in the ring is a visual representation of each of the partners.


Now, you might wonder about the fact that why Miss EmRata is back in the buzz. Yes, you read it right; she is no longer a ‘Mrs.’ but a ‘Miss!’ She divorced her then-husband Sebastian Bear McClard in 2022, but wait, that's not why she’s in the buzz. The reason why EmRata is a trending topic now is that she did the exact opposite of what people expected her to do with her engagement ring. 

Recently, Miss Ratakowski took Instagram by storm because people noticed that she was spotted wearing the massive diamonds that had previously been nestled together on a single band that was recognizable but the twist was that they were now placed separately on two different gold bands that were worn on her fourth and fifth fingers.

It was reported that EmRata designed these rings herself, which included 50 sketches before she finalized the design and asked her friend and designer Alison Chema to bring this custom design to life.

The Impact of Trending Two Stone Rings

In case you were not aware, two stone rings have been popular since the Victorian era, and guess what? They are back in action and fashion, all thanks to EmRata’s engagement ring.

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