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Friday, Mar 22 2024

Modern Vintage Style vs. Vintage-Looking Engagement Rings

Written by Shelby Montel

Modern Vintage Style vs. Vintage-Looking Engagement Rings

The key difference between modern vintage style rings and vintage-looking rings is in their designs. Modern vintage style rings are often considered replicas of bands inspired by ancient eras. These bands are fashioned with contemporary materials and techniques. 

Vintage-looking rings add unique elements to a modern design, turning them into intricate pieces that represent a mix of ancient eras without being specific. Both of these diamond engagement rings are sure to steal the heart of your loved one and for a good reason. These rings are famous because they are made with excellent craftsmanship that perfectly embraces the past with the present. 

These fine bands, with their aesthetic appeal and skilled artistry, are also extremely durable due to their modern setting techniques. They have a nostalgic charm that captures the essence of bygone eras in the most enhanced way possible, currently making them extremely trendy and glamorous.

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In this blog, let's find out what sets modern vintage style rings and vintage-looking rings apart.

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What are Vintage Style Rings?

While eyeing a modern vintage style ring, do not mistake these beauties for old diamonds that belong to the ancient era. Instead, a modern vintage style engagement ring has elements inspired by these eras featured in its designs, or they will be inspired replicas of designs from that era. 

However, the classic rings are crafted with modern diamonds and techniques. These designs draw inspiration from classical eras such as Edwardian, Victorian, Georgian, Art Deco, and so forth. These jewelry pieces are like time-travelers who have a serious crush on the good old days—a unique ring that resonates with popular styles and is somehow influenced by that period.

What are Vintage-Looking Engagement Rings?

Vintage-looking rings are just modern bands that have a vintage flair to them. They usually feature modern settings, intricate designs, and styles that look vintage but do not really belong to that era. Rings like these are the perfect example that shows a blend of the best of both worlds; they have intricate designs that perfectly showcase vintage aesthetics but with modern settings and styles. 


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All of the rings have modern elements like bezel settings or filigree details seamlessly woven into delicate designs inspired by classics. Rings like these have an overall generalized idea of the popular eras, and the designs take inspiration from that. It’s like giving a nod to the past but with a contemporary twist— truly capturing the feeling of the previous eras without being stuck in a specific time.

Which Design is Better?

Well, both designs bring a distinct charm to the table; these rings look timeless and delicate. If you are all about vintage designs but do not really care for the backstory, as long as they showcase finery, then your go-to bands would be the ones that are inspired by classics but with a modern spin. These rings include filigree designs and scrollwork and are sometimes featured with bold gemstones, symbolizing a chic collision between the past and the present.

Customization and Personalization


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Customization and personalization can help you decide whether you want a genuinely designed modern vintage style that resembles specific historical eras or a vintage-looking ring that is inspired by various periods and has a hint of them. Friendly Diamonds provides you with the option of making your ring from the ground up for both of these designs. You can customize your ring, whether you want designs that resemble the most popular periodical eras or have hints of those in their designs.

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