Types of Earring Closures

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Types of Earring Closures

Karen Dunn

Karen Dunn - 03 February, 2023

Elegance is often as simple as a pair of diamond earrings. With a subtle sparkle, these earrings never go out of style!

When looking at various earring types and their closures, every style comes with its own brilliance. For anyone looking for a dainty charm to last a lifetime, uncompromising quality could be the key to your search.

Scroll down for some interesting facts about these incredibly artistic and useful earring closures.

Different types of earring closures

Push Back Earrings

Often referred to as butterfly back, push back setting is the most popular type of earring closure for diamond studs. It is largely preferred because of its secure and cozy setting which is very simple to wear.

Screw Back Earrings

Screw back earrings use a screw mechanism rather than a standard clasp to fasten the earring to the earlobe.

Since this mechanism ensures a snug fit and helps prevent the earring from slipping out, this style is especially beneficial for people with sensitive ears or youngsters who need extra protection.

Lever Earrings

A significant part of the drop earrings or dangle earrings is their lever backs. This type of closure setting comprises a lever which latches inside a hinged back.

Lever backs are incredibly secure and simple to put on or take off. Diamond earrings with such backs tend to have a little more glimmer and elegance since they move along with the movement of their wearer.

Latch Back Earrings

Similar to the push back setting, the latch back setting also requires pressure for closing. One must push the latch gently until a click is heard which indicates that the earring is fastened securely. The mechanism in this type of earring usually incorporates a hinged pin.

Fish Hook Earrings

Fish hook earrings are quick and comfortable to put on. However, there is a chance that the earring might get loose or tangle into something, such as your scarf or your hair if not clasped well. Nevertheless, a fish hook is also the type of earring closure that goes well with any and every casual attire you opt to adorn. So girl, there you go!

Clip-On Closure Earrings

Clip-on closure earrings are an ideal accessory for the ones who don’t have their ears pierced already, yet want to wear earrings. Through this setting, the earring gets attached to the earlobe as a clip. However, it is always wise to attach these earrings carefully so that they aren't overly tight.

Ideally, clip-on earrings are simple to put on but also hold the disadvantage of not being very secure. The chances of them falling off when worn recklessly is higher compared to other settings.

Choosing the Right Type of Earring Closure for Every Earring Setting

Having just read about all these earring types and their closure settings, you must be wondering which one to choose. The curiosity is obvious and we are happy to guide you in making the best choice!

The charm of an earring is often based on the stability, sturdiness and its appeal on the adorner. Earring closures play a vital role in not only enhancing the beauty of the earring, but also in adding a steady element to it.

While selecting the closure setting, you might think why do they come in such a wide variety, and how would one be superior to the other? Well, most of the time a lot depends on the style of the earrings.

When an earring is large, a push-back closure will not be able to hold it as securely as it should. Considering its slender stalk, the end-stopper's surface area does not grip the earring securely. Due to its inability to stay in a fixed position, it might also tilt forward or fail to do its job.

For these kinds of earrings, a clip-on fastening is suggested. A clip is utilized to hold the earring more firmly because it has a larger surface area.

The most common earring closure for small earrings is a butterfly clutch or a screw back closure. While a butterfly clutch (a small metal back that is shaped like a butterfly) provides a secure fit for the earring post; a screw back closure secures the earring post to the earlobe using a screw mechanism. These closures are ideal for small earrings as they are easy to use, secure, and prevent the earrings from falling out.

Why is it important to choose the ideal type of earring closure wisely?

Undoubtedly, finding the perfect type of earring closure is important. Hence, we have included a few reasons in this blog which you should carefully keep in mind while selecting the type of earring closure which caters best to your needs.

To begin with, your earring must always give you supreme comfort. A beloved piece of jewelry, especially earrings, loses much of its appeal if you don't feel comfortable wearing it or if it is too tight. Your earlobe shouldn't be pinched by the earring closure but the earrings should also be fastened properly to ensure safety.

Likewise, if the jewelry pieces are large and thick, you must have a closure which can hold your earrings firmly depending on the shape and weight of the same.

If your earrings are valuable to you, or they hold dainty diamonds gifted by your loved one, safety should never be compromised. Make sure that all your earrings are always secure, especially if choosing a dangling style. The selected type of closure must ensure that once the earring is fastened, it never gets lost.

Remember that it is always best to keep things simple. Earrings being among the most-often worn accessories by women on a daily basis, finding the ones that are simple to wear is extremely essential.

An earring closure needs to be appropriate for the individual wearing the same. While some may find certain jewelry mechanisms simple for them, others might find those challenging; hence, we recommend choosing accordingly.

With Friendly Diamonds, we are sure that you will find a perfect pair of lab diamond earrings with the best earring closures. We have a wide range of settings available, customized and designed to be both durable as well as appealing. We aim to promote eco-friendly and affordable diamond earrings that are sure to fulfill all your jewelry desires.

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