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Wednesday, Dec 13 2023

Style Guide for the Sizzling Sensation of White Gold Tennis Bracelets in 2024

Written by Thomas Cooper

Style Guide for the Sizzling Sensation of White Gold Tennis Bracelets in 2024

Do you want to go on a thrilling journey to choose the perfect metal hue for your lab diamond tennis bracelet? But before jumping on the jewelry tea, let us tell you that neutral tones like platinum, white gold, and silver are taking the world by a sparkling storm! 

It is understandable because they exude a versatile charm and captivate everyone’s hearts very easily. Therefore, because of their ability to amp up any outfit, white gold, and platinum are quickly becoming the next best thing in the world of jewelry and are predicted to be seen in everyone’s jewelry box.

As mentioned, white gold is the top choice for each and every kind of jewelry. Whether one wants to own a luxurious engagement ring or a sparkling tennis bracelet, white gold increases the radiance and brilliance of the lab diamond

Since wrists are part of the body that is mostly visible despite how a person chooses to dress, adoring them with tennis bracelets makes them look even more elegant and expressive. Tennis bracelets for women add the perfect balance of glamor and class to the outfit. And if the lab diamond tennis bracelet is made of white gold, it will definitely make the overall appearance of the outfit more sophisticated.

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Now, let’s get into the interesting part and learn how we can style dazzling white gold tennis bracelets!

Find Your Perfect Fit

The first tip that we suggest you follow is to find the perfect size for the white gold tennis bracelet. If the bracelet is too small, it will make your wrist appear broader than it actually is, but if the bracelet is too big, then it will slide too much across your wrist and forearm, thus becoming an annoyance. Hence, choosing a bracelet of the right size is very crucial. Friendly Diamonds provides tennis bracelets in sizes 6, 6.5, 7, 7.5, and 8 inches.

Tennis Bracelets Sizes

Watch Out for Your Sleeves

White gold tennis bracelets are meant to radiate their shimmer and are also worn to be shown off; hence, opting for a top or blouse with no sleeve or three-fourth sleeve will make the tennis bracelet more prominent. But if you decide to wear a button-down that has full sleeves, rolling them up is a stylish choice to ensure your tennis bracelet takes center stage.

White gold tennis bracelets

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Play with Color & Experiment

The neutral aspect of a white gold tennis bracelet makes bright colors like pink, purple, Fuschia, blue, burgundy, and royal purple look regal and sophisticated. We implore you to play with colors. You can start by pairing your stunning white gold tennis bracelet with a neutral-colored or colorful top and simple black sandals. This experimentation process will help you discover combinations that will make your bracelet “pop.”

Color & Experiment

Follow Coco Chanel’s Advice

The advice of the famous fashion designer still holds true. Coco Chanel famously asked women to take one accessory off before stepping out of the door. Because for many people, when it comes to tennis bracelets or any other jewelry, less is more. White gold tennis bracelets are quite luxurious and eye-catching in their own way. Therefore, style one or two different carat weights of bracelets, one of 2 carats in total weight and the other of 3 carats in total weight,  on one wrist. That will not only add layers of dimension but will also offer a good balance between style and sparkle.

Styling white gold tennis bracelets for women is a playful process, and one should always enjoy it when experimenting with their lab diamond jewelry. Our last and best piece of advice will always be to style your jewelry the way you truly like it because, after all, it is you who will rock the outfit and feel confident. Finally, we hope this guide helps you stay up to date and conquer the trends that will befall you in 2024. And since Christmas bells are ringing melodiously, you can indulge in an unbelievable sale and get a white gold tennis bracelet for a price that you must’ve never seen before!