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Friday, Nov 17 2023

Customizing Your VVS Diamond Earrings: Design Ideas and Personalization

Written by Nicole Harper

Customizing Your VVS Diamond Earrings: Design Ideas and Personalization

If you ask any woman what her favorite piece of jewelry is, she will likely say earrings. In fact, according to a statistic called “Most Popular Jewelry Styles,” it was revealed that 87% of women who participated in the survey said that they consistently wear earrings. We can surely say that it is a hit with everyone. While some shop for ready-to-wear pieces, others take them up a notch and let their creativity shine by customizing them as per their preferences.

Earrings come in several styles, but some of the most common ones are in the form of studs, dangles, hoops and huggies. Since the beginning of their invention, earrings have been made from precious metals such as gold and platinum and then adorned with brilliant-looking diamonds.



As consumers become economically smart and environmentally responsible, , there has been a large shift from mined diamonds to lab grown diamonds. Not only are they ethically sourced, but lab grown diamonds have established themselves as a superior and more moderately priced alternative to their mined counterparts.

With their identical properties to mined diamonds, they are a conflict-free choice and a more affordable and equally stunning option for those seeking diamonds' brilliance and beauty.

When people choose lab diamond jewels, especially earrings, they make sure their purchases align with their tastes. Earrings come in all styles and are among the most popular options for many. Gem lovers go further by customizing their already perfect piece of jewelry.

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Why Do People Customize Diamond Earrings: Is It a Good Choice?

It has been noticed that whenever a consumer buys a product, they want to relate to it and want it to match their personality. And if they can’t find something that isn’t in sync with their personality, they often travel the road of customization and personalization. But the first and foremost step they abide by is choosing the right kind of diamond. It has generally been noticed that a diamond of VVS clarity is most preferred in earrings. 

Apart from that, there are several other reasons why one customizes their jewelry. They are listed as follows:


Customized jewelry is one-of-a-kind and is created specially for the person who will wear it. There are numerous ways to show off one's individuality. So, whether a person’s style is classy, sassy, or flashy, customized pieces of jewelry make sure to reflect those qualities.

diamond earrings


Personalized earrings are considered to serve as a lasting memento from the giver and will evoke cherished memories tied to their meaningful gift. The exclusive design of your jewel will materialize as a breathtaking and unmatched piece of jewelry destined to be cherished for countless generations.

diamond earrings


Collaborating with a jewelry designer allows them to set a high standard for the jewelry being made. For instance, if the customer desires to craft an earring for themselves, they can ensure that every element of the piece is carefully chosen so that the final result looks exquisite and maintains or appreciates value as time goes by.

If you like these qualities about customized pieces, then we’ve got a mini guide for you to follow. We will also give you appealing design ideas that you can shop for this holiday season.

How to Select the Perfect Lab Diamond for Your Earrings?

To select a captivating and awe-inspiring diamond that sparkles with minimal flaw, a superior clarity grade is a must have. As previously noted, choosing VVs (Very Very Slightly Included) clarity earring is an excellent decision that works in the customer’s favor. 

Choosing for VVS diamond earrings also brings the benefit of being more budget-friendly compared to diamonds with Flawless clarity. This affordability enables you to select a lab diamond with a higher carat weight, resulting in the creation of a stunning pair of earrings.

Moreover, the process of choosing a VVS diamond for any piece of jewelry on our website is straightforward, and you can explore it at your convenience.

Lab Diamonds


Design Ideas for VVS Diamond Earrings

Now that we know why customization is important, let’s talk about the creative part of it. We will give you tips and tricks for creating the most enchanting VVS diamond earrings you can flaunt on special occasions. And if one isn’t enough, you can surely get another pair for daily use, though we will try to keep the design of the VVS diamond earring versatile to complement your personal preferences.

Zuri Bezel Lab Diamond Earrings

The Zuri Bezel Lab Diamond Earrings top the list because you get to choose the shape and size of the VVS diamonds in your earring as per your choice. The dangling design and the bezel setting give a polished look that is fit for daily wear.

zuri bezel diamond earrings


Sasha Double Halo Lab Diamond Earrings

For those who love extreme sparkle and the beauty of a halo, the Sasha Double Halo Lab Diamond Earrings will become your best friend. Again, deciding the shape and grade of the lab diamond is your choice. Each earring features two solitaire diamonds, placed one on top of the other. The prong setting boasts a magnificent halo, which lends the diamonds an exceptional sparkle.

Sasha double halo earrings

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Tatiana Dangling Solitaire Lab Diamond Earrings

This gorgeous pair features a solitaire diamond, which can dazzle in any carat or shape. Each earring has a single diamond that dangles in a four prong basket. The top of the earring, which has a trail of diamonds following in a downward direction, is linked to the bottom part with two diamonds. It features a trail of graduating diamonds, adding elegance to the earring.

These are just a few examples from which you can get inspired when you plan on customizing your VVS diamond earrings. However, if you want something that is truly and entirely distinct, then we offer the option to customize the jewelry from scratch.

tatiana diamond earrings

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One of the best designs for a VVS diamond earring is when they are set in intricate patterns. Since VVS clarity diamonds are radiant and have fewer inclusions and blemishes, they tend to look better in earrings that have detailed and intricate designs. 

When personalizing VVS diamond earrings, it’s important to remember that you must craft wearable art that tells your unique story. So, whether you go for classic designs or fancy settings, let your creativity shine as brightly as those exquisite VVS diamonds. Your personalized earrings won’t just sparkle but will also leave a dazzling imprint of your lively personality for years to come.