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Friday, Jun 21 2024

The Charm Of Double Band Engagement Rings

Written by Jason Kirk

The Charm Of Double Band Engagement Rings

Are you a fan of novelty and breaking the rules? If your answer is yes, we know you would love this non-traditional engagement ring design. We’re talking about the charm of double band engagement rings! The trend of something fun yet classy over a design that is too simple has suddenly become very popular.

Why not go for the sustainable beauty of a lab grown diamond engagement ring this season? At Friendly Diamonds, we offer a wide range of stunning lab grown diamond jewelry you should definitely check out. Our lab diamonds are a sustainable alternative to natural diamonds and take up less resources on the planet. Come to think of it, when you choose one of our designs, you’re helping the world become a kinder place! Read on to find out why you should go for a double band engagement ring for your dream proposal.

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What Are Double Band Engagement Rings?

A double band engagement ring features two bands on the ring instead of one. The design is as such that even though they are connected, they look like two separate bands. The central diamond of the ring is firmly secured on both the bands creating a beautiful effect. The design of a double band engagement ring has become quite popular among soon-to-be brides!

And if you’re planning to pop the question to your partner with a double band engagement ring, just to be on the safer side, make sure that you choose a design that matches your partner’s personal style. If your partner is a fan of simplicity, go for a ring that has two slim bands and a diamond that isn’t too heavy on sparkle.

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But in case, you know that your partner loves everything a bit on the flashier side, choose a bigger carat weight diamond that will add a brilliant sparkle to your lover’s life. Always remember that the carat weight of the diamond should depend on your budget and personal preference. When it comes to spending on the ring, it is always preferred that you stick to your budget.

Double band engagement rings can come in different metal colors, like yellow gold, white gold, platinum and rose gold. We suggest that you make a conscious choice by finding out what hue of metal suits your partner. If a personalized engagement ring is what you’re looking for, read on to find out how you can create a beautiful treasure your partner will cherish forever.

How Are Lab Diamonds Made?

If we told you that in the creation of lab diamonds, the same conditions are recreated that are found during the creation of natural diamonds, what would be your reaction? It should come as no surprise because lab diamonds are visually, chemically, and physically similar to their mined counterparts. The two processes that are widely used to grow diamonds inside a laboratory are the HPHT method and the CVD method. If these terms sound alien to you, let us break them down real quick for you!

Since this part of our article is going to involve a bit of chemistry and math, we try to make this a bit fun for you! Well, did you know that the HPHT process involves high temperatures and high pressure to create a lab diamond? Well, in this process, a diamond seed is placed in a sealed press compartment, which is heated to a high temperature of 1300-1600 degrees Celsius and a pressure above 870,000 pounds per square inch. That is really a high temperature, if you ask us. After the carbon atoms have collected on the diamond seed, a lab diamond begins to take form. 

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Whereas, in CVD, also known as chemical vapor deposition, diamonds are created with the use of a hydrocarbon gas mixture. The diamond seed crystals are treated to moderate pressure and temperature in a vacuum chamber. Both the processes create beautiful lab diamonds which are then used to make your favorite lab diamond jewelry like a double band engagement ring.

Double Band Engagement Rings Designs

After you’ve decided that you want to buy a double band engagement ring, the next step is to choose a design that fits your style. You can go for our Tosca secret halo double band ring which is a blend of double parallel shank and a hidden halo. In a splendid display of beauty, this ring has a cathedral style dual shank that features a central diamond in all its stunning glory.

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Another ring design you can select from our vast catalog of engagement rings is the Charlotte double twist side stone ring. This ring has a center stone set in a simple bezel setting and the band’s twist in the middle imitates the glamor of a double band ring. You’re simply spoilt for choices when you shop with us.

Bespoke Creations

There’s something beautiful about wearing an engagement ring that you have created yourself. Double band engagement rings are a rare design and we’re sure if you have such an interesting taste in jewelry, you might want to create your own double band engagement ring. With us, you can have the engagement ring of your dream by simply following a few steps!

All you have to do is go to our website and ask for a bespoke creation. You can share the reference images with our jewelry specialist and discuss design options that suit you. After you've received a price for your dream design, you can review the 3D CAD model of your design. There you have it, the dream engagement ring of your choice, made only for you!

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At Friendly Diamonds, we take immense pride in making your jewelry dreams come true! It doesn’t matter if it is a jewelry piece for your wedding, an engagement ring for your beloved, or hoop earrings for someone you love; you can feel free to browse through our wide range of lab diamond jewelry for a sparkle you will cherish forever. Choose the sustainable beauty of a lab diamond and help us create a greener tomorrow. 

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