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Tuesday, May 30 2023

Stylishly Secure: A Guide to 6 Prong Engagement Rings

Written by Macy Taylor

Stylishly Secure: A Guide to 6 Prong Engagement Rings

Are you planning to embark on a forever journey with a partner? Do you need help with unique options while looking for the perfect engagement ring for her?    

Worry not, for we have the ideal and classic setting that will lend a sophisticated touch- the six prong engagement ring. This absolutely elegant and timeless setting's main features are lending protection to your diamond and making shine and dazzle from all angles. 

From the allure of their aesthetic appeal to the convenience of their functional advantages, this blog provides all the information you need to make an informed decision for choosing a 6 prong engagement ring that will remain a treasured symbol of your love for years to come. Imagine the peace of mind you'll have knowing your precious diamond is held securely in place by six prongs, reducing the risk of it becoming loose or falling out. And with the added benefit of enhancing the diamond's brilliance and fire, is truly the perfect blend of beauty and practicality.

Get ready to make the perfect choice that will make your heart skip a beat every time you see the engagement ring on your finger.


What are Six Prong Diamond Engagement Rings?

A six prong engagement ring is a type of engagement ring that features a diamond held in place by six metal prongs. The prongs in this setting are placed evenly that encircle the diamond to keep it in place while allowing it to dazzle from all directions. The secure grip of the prongs makes this setting one of the ideal picks for engagement rings. 

Six Prong Diamond Engagement Rings

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The six prong engagement ring goes perfectly with white gold, yellow gold, rose gold, and platinum metals. To lend a personal touch, you can go with fancy shapes such as princess, pear, oval, and marquise.

The Origin of This Classic Setting 

The history of six prong engagement rings can be traced back to the early 20th century when jewelers had started experimenting with different settings to showcase the brilliance and fire of diamonds. Before this, diamonds were typically set in bezels or prong settings with lesser prongs, such as four or five; however, these settings did not allow as much light to enter the diamond, limiting its sparkle and brilliance.

In 1886, a very well known brand introduced a setting known as the six prong setting that elevated the diamond above the band, allowing for maximum light exposure. This setting quickly gained popularity and became the classic choice for diamond engagement rings.

 Origin of This Classic Setting

The six prong setting featured the stone's beauty while protecting it from falling out. This setting became well known and was perfect for people who adorned their rings on a daily basis. Even today the six prong engagement ring setting is known as a popular choice among couples with slight variations and upgrades to the original setting. 

The Pros & Cons of This Ring Setting

When planning to buy six prong engagement rings, here are some advantages and disadvantages to consider:

Pros of Six Prong Diamond Engagement Rings:

Enhanced Protection: One of the main features of the six prong engagement ring setting is that it provides better security than other styles and settings. The stone is placed firmly amid six prongs reducing the chances of it slipping or sliding out. This makes the setting one of the best that can be worn every day.

More Radiance: The stone's shine and gleam increase because this setting sheds more and more light on the center diamond. To top it off, the elevated appeal lends a remarkable look to the overall setting of the ring.

Classic Trend: Just like four prong ring setting, the six prong engagement ring setting is a classic trend that will always stay in style. Couples looking for a traditional ring can always pick this popular option. 

Highly Versatile: The six prong engagement rings can be personalized according to the wearer's style and preference, as there are various designs, diamond shapes, and metal options that one can consider. 

solitaire rings

Cons of Six Prong Diamond Engagement Rings:

Prone to Snagging: The six prongs of this setting can sometimes catch on clothes, hair, or other objects if they are not all placed properly, endangering the ring or anything they catch on to.

Not Easy to Clean: Owing to the prongs' tendency to gather dirt and debris, cleaning the diamond and the ring might be difficult. Therefore, it could be challenging to maintain the ring's brilliance and shine over time.

Expensive: As six prong settings need more metal to hold the diamond in place, they might be more expensive than other alternatives for engagement rings.

Since six prong setting require more metal to hold the gemstone, they are more expensive in nature compared to the rest of the engagement rings

Prong Visibility: Even though the six prong setting aluminates the diamond's shine and radiance, it may act as a distraction from the diamond. Those who wish to sport a more subtle look, the prong can be an obvious and intrusive aspect. 

How to Choose the Perfect 6 Prong Engagement Ring Setting?

One must take the shape of the ring, type of the stone you choose and your personal tastes are the factors that should be taken into account  when purchasing the appropriate engagement ring setting with six prongs. By taking the following steps, you may choose the best setting:

Take into account the diamond shape: Since six prong settings showcase save and firm grip, they are perfect for the round cut diamonds. It is also a right choice for oval or pear stones.

 An important consideration is the design of the ring. To help you choose from your favorite styles, be it the straightforward, conventional kind or the ornately carved kind, the 6 prong setting can be easily used in several styles like solitaire, halo and vintage designs.

Decide on the Metal: You can choose from a variety of metals for the setting, including gold (yellow, white, or rose) and platinum. Consider your partner's preferences and lifestyle when choosing the metal.

Consider the Prong Shape: The shape of the prongs can vary, with some settings featuring claw-like prongs while others having more rounded or flattened prongs. Consider which prong shape complements the stone and the style of the ring.

Determine the Prong Placement: Prongs can be set high or low on the band. Higher-set prongs create a more dramatic look, while lower-set prongs offer a more subtle and elegant look.

Check for Durability: Finally, make sure that the 6 prong setting is durable and secure. This is especially important if your partner leads an active lifestyle or if they work with their hands.

Overall, choosing the right engagement ring setting with 6 prongs involves considering various factors and finding a style that complements your partner's preferences and lifestyle.

Consider these mesmerizing 6 prong engagement ring inspirations at Friendly Diamonds:

Six Prong Diamond Ring

The gorgeous and practical style of this six prong engagement ring showcases a fine concentration on the center diamond. With immense security for the diamond one can see a stunning design with a sleek and elegant aura


Alora Diamond Ring

The fine cut of a diamond solitaire is cradled within the prongs on the base of the six prong engagement ring. This protects the gemstone's brilliance and gives it an understated beauty.  The ring's shank holds a knife edge which is crafted with finesse and timeless allure that grabs the attention of all.

Alora Diamond Ring


Eva Diamond Ring

This exquisite 6 prong engagement ring is designed to showcase the perfect diamond solitaire, whose sparkling beauty is elevated to new heights by the delicate yet sturdy six prong basket that cradles it. The collet upon which the solitaire rests offers extra protection to the pavilion and base of the center diamond, ensuring that its radiance never fades. The band, with its contemporary style and slight knife edge, adds an extra touch of refinement to the ring's already stunning impact, resulting in a piece that is as dazzling.

Eva Diamond Ring


Zoey Diamond Ring

This remarkable ring features a prong solitaire diamond nestled securely within six prongs that offer maximum protection to the center gemstone while allowing its true beauty to shine through. The diamond is mounted on a classic 14k white gold eternity band, adorned with pavé-set diamonds that extend more than halfway through each side of the ring, ensuring that the brilliance of the ring is visible from every angle. The ring's design aesthetic is clean and minimalist, with a timeless simplicity that is perfectly suited to contemporary brides. With this 6 prong engagement ring on your finger, you can embrace the beauty of modern minimalism without sacrificing any of the luxury or sophistication that you deserve.

Zoey Diamond Ring


In conclusion, the 6 prong engagement ring is a timeless and elegant choice that offers both aesthetic appeal and practical benefits. With its enhanced security and ability to showcase the diamond's brilliance, fire, and sparkle, it's no wonder why this classic style continues to be a popular choice for couples all around the world. 

Whether you're a traditionalist looking for a ring that exudes sophistication or a modern bride seeking a chic and minimalist design, Friendly Diamonds offers something for everyone. Explore ring styles in various designs and styles on our website at affordable rates.  We hope this guide helped you in making an informed decision through valuable insights if planning to purchase the perfect 6 prong engagement ring to symbolize your love and commitment.