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Wednesday, Mar 27 2024

Trend Alert: Minimalist Diamond Engagement Rings Because Less Is More

Written by Jason Kirk

Trend Alert: Minimalist Diamond Engagement Rings Because Less Is More

An engagement ring is a symbol of your love to your partner. It is the physical embodiment of the commitment and trust of your relationship. So while a ring that’s heavy on the bling might suit some people’s fancy, a minimalist aesthetic in engagement rings is the newest trend of the season.  A minimalist diamond engagement ring’s USP is that it can be easily carried everyday. It won’t only suit you when you’re in your bridal outfit but also when you’re at home in your pajamas enjoying a movie night. 

When it comes to choosing a metal for the simple band of your minimalist diamond ring, go for metals like white gold, rose gold, or yellow gold. A platinum band would increase the overall brilliance of your ring which may not fit into your minimalist aesthetic. You can choose settings like the bezel setting or a solitaire setting for a simpler effect. Round and oval cut diamonds take the win when it comes to the cut most suited for a minimalist diamond engagement ring. Read on to find which trends are dominating the minimalist jewelry aesthetic.

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Lab Diamonds vs. Mined Diamonds

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A natural diamond not only burns a hole in your pocket but also takes a toll on the Earth due to the extensive mining that is needed to get to the rock. Not to mention the unethical practices that have evolved in the diamond industry owing to the rock’s rarity. An obvious sustainable and Earth kind alternative to a natural diamond is a lab grown diamond. A lab diamond is visually and physically identical to a mined diamond. It is also more affordable and easy to customize. At Friendly Diamonds, we have a wide range of eco-conscious loose lab diamonds as well as lab diamond jewelry that can be customized to your style, be it minimalism or a lot of bling.

Minimalist Engagement Ring Trends

Minimal Bling

If minimal bling is what you’re looking for, our Janes Chevron diamond ring is the perfect example of minimalism done well! The ring is simplistic in design with its claw prongs gracefully supporting the center diamond beneath the band, creating an artistic look.

minimal bling

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Statement Solitaires

It doesn’t get more minimal than a solitaire set in a plain metal band. Our Seraphina classic solitaire ring showcases a plain metal band focused on the center stone amid six prongs, making it truly a beauty hidden in plain sight.

Bezel Beauty

One of the best settings when it comes to minimalist diamond rings is a bezel setting. Our beautiful bezel set solitaire ring platinum ring features a bezel set center diamond which is perfectly fitted within a thin rim of metal that protects the diamond. You can go for an oval cut diamond for a minimalist yet elegant effect.

bezel beauty

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Round Cut Classics

A round cut diamond ring should be your go to choice when it comes to choosing a minimalist diamond engagement ring. Our exceptional Juniper solitaire ring features a diamond gracefully resting in four claw prongs in an elegant 'V' shaped basket. The folded shank spans the ring, enhancing the center stone's visual appeal and making this ring a true statement piece.

Customize Your Minimalist Engagement Ring

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Customize Your Engagement Ring

In a world obsessed with excess and over the top bling, it can be hard to find that perfect minimalistic diamond engagement ring for your partner. At Friendly Diamonds, we provide you with the option to give wings to your dreams. As a leading lab grown engagement ring retailer, we love creating pieces that are not only timeless but also trendy. You can explore our website for the perfect minimalist engagement ring or simply customize a minimalist engagement ring that fits your style preference and leave the work of creating your perfect bling to us. 

Celebrate your love the way you want with Friendly Diamonds!