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Wednesday, Apr 05 2023

Know All About Hidden Halo Engagement Rings

Written by Edmar Hendricks

Know All About Hidden Halo Engagement Rings

Adding a new and unique style to your diamond ring can make your ring stand out. A hidden halo can certainly add a mysterious element to make even a plain band and thin band look nothing less than a piece of art.

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What is a Hidden Halo?

A hidden halo ring represents a secret row of diamonds studded on a band placed around the base of the main gemstone. Although it might not be visible while viewing your engagement ring from the top, the hidden halo might be visible from the side. And one of the best features of the hidden halo effect is that you can use it on all diamond shapes. Even though a hidden halo will not necessarily enlarge the center stone, it will add magnificent craftsmanship and ensure shine from all angles.

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What's the Difference Between a Hidden Halo and a Halo?

A major difference can be seen between the circumference and width of the halo and the hidden halo ring. A halo ring has a halo with a larger diameter than that of the center stone. A hidden halo ring, on the other hand, has a halo with a smaller diameter when compared to the center diamond's diameter resting on top of the ring.

You notice a halo only when the table of the center stone is positioned to face you, i.e., you see it from the top. But to notice a hidden halo, you have to do so by flipping the ring sideways. Hence, halo ring gemstones are positioned upwards, while hidden halo ring gemstones are positioned sideways.

Why Pick Hidden Halo Engagement Rings?

Hidden halo engagement rings are diamond rings presented at proposals, weddings, and rare occasions. A hidden halo engagement ring makes a unique and ornate choice, a great precursor to more modest wedding bands that couples choose for their wedding ceremony.

You will soon discover that your hidden halo ring crafted with a halo setting dazzles brighter and goes well with all diamond cuts. Hidden halos also pair well with asscher, emerald, princess, or cushion cuts, all of which will make your ring shine. Compared to other cuts, a baguette cut is considered a great-looking and economical ring alternative, as when mounted on a hidden halo ring, it appears to shine more radiantly.

What are the Pros and Cons of Hidden Halo Rings?

The wearer gets a contemporary twist with a hidden halo ring. The hidden halo is notably out of the ordinary for anybody seeking a distinctive ring setting, in contrast to the usual halo ring. Additionally, compared to the top perspective of the traditional halo design, you will see more sparkles from more angles. However, diamonds in the hidden halo engagement rings are more difficult to access. Finding a wedding band that matches a hidden halo engagement ring might take a lot of work. It may also be difficult to clean hidden halo engagement rings crafted with a higher setting.

You can find a wide range of ideal hidden halo engagement rings at Friendly Diamonds, a New York-based eco-friendly jewelry brand offering sustainable, lab diamond jewelry. Listed below are some of the most adored hidden halo ring designs brought to you right from the Friendly Diamond engagement ring collection.

Blooming Petal Secret Halo Ring

The Blooming Petal diamond ring is a solitaire ring with a gemstone supported by six flower-shaped prongs. The ring is crafted with a modern metal band and a visible, hidden halo of diamonds at the base of the ring's prongs, giving the ring a sophisticated and dazzling look.

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Mereia Secret Halo Diamond Ring

The Mereia diamond ring is one of the top-selling hidden halo rings in the Friendly Diamonds engagement ring collection. This exquisitely crafted hidden halo engagement ring displays small accent diamonds on the prongs holding the main stone firmly in place. With a hidden halo of diamonds at the base of the prongs, the ring has a pave set of diamonds flowing halfway across each side of the ring's tapering shank.


Atria Secret Double Halo Ring

The Atria diamond ring has a solitaire diamond set in a four-claw prong design. When viewed from the front profile, the ring has two hidden halos with diamond accents and a space between them that gives the impression that they are floating. The ring is set with pave diamonds on the top and outside borders of the band. It also has pave set diamonds trailing halfway down both sides of the shank.


Ember Secret Halo Diamond Ring

The solitary diamond in the Ember diamond ring is held in place by four sleek claw prongs. A hidden halo of diamonds surrounds the prongs' base. The band's bridge showcases another diamond-studded halo. The ring has a sleek contemporary metal band that you may pair with a number of matching bands available at Friendly Diamonds.


Olivia Secret Halo Diamond Ring

Inspired by nature, the Olivia diamond ring has six prongs forming a floral basket that securely holds the central diamond. This hidden halo ring has a hidden halo of diamonds at the base of the prongs, which is only visible from the side. The ring features a tapering band with pave set side diamonds that stretch halfway down either side.