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Wednesday, Apr 05 2023

Shop the Perfect Mother’s Ring at Friendly Diamonds

Written by Edmar Hendricks

Shop the Perfect Mother’s Ring at Friendly Diamonds

The joy of being a mother is a joy like no other. From the moment she holds her newborn child, you will see one of the purest bonds that are truly unbreakable, for what can come between a mother and her child. In today's blog, we talk about the perfect jewelry gift for mothers, i.e., mother's rings, also popularly known as mom's rings.

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What are Mother's Rings?

Mother's rings or mom's rings are symbolic jewelry pieces worn by mothers, grandmothers, and great-grandmothers. They represent motherhood and are gifted to a mother when her child is born and are basically family rings. The ring is embellished with precious gemstones and sometimes has their child's birthstone set on the ring. However, a mother's ring does not necessarily have to be birthstone jewelry or birthstone rings. The gems on the mother's ring can be a gemstone of your choosing.

mothers ring

The gemstone chosen represents a mother's bond with her child or children. Whenever the mother looks at the precious stone on her ring, they remind her of her living or deceased children and grandchildren. Many children chose to gift this personalized ring as a mothers day ring. But mother's rings or mom's rings are more like gifts for mom from her friends and family when she gives birth to a newborn child.

What Are the Gemstones Used in Mother's Rings?

Mother's rings or mom's rings can be embellished with a precious stone of choice. Many choose birthstones that correspond with the newborn child's birthday to symbolize the mother-child bond. But one can choose any precious stone of choice for mom's rings. Diamonds are a popular choice when creating mother's rings online. Diamond rings are excellent representations of timelessness and are ideal for everyday wear, making them a popular mom's ring choice.

How to Wear a Mother's Ring?

A mother's or mom's ring is traditionally worn on the ring finger on the right hand. The ring finger of the right hand is said to represent love, affection, and care. Hence women choose this finger to express love to their children and family.

Some mothers, however, wear their mother's ring as a stackable ring stacking it with other jewelry pieces, including wedding and engagement rings on their left hand. It's all about personal preference when it comes to wearing mother's and mom's rings.

Mother’s Rings at Friendly Diamonds

Based in New York, Friendly Diamonds is an online jewelry brand offering lab diamond jewelry for women. The online jewelry brand is one of the foremost jewelry brands aiming to transform the diamond industry into a sustainable one.

All diamonds available are lab grown and are created in state-of-the-art laboratories that leave a smaller carbon footprint on the planet while creating an ethical, sustainable, and naturally conflict-free gem.

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All lab diamonds are certified by top diamond grading institutions like IGI, GIA, and GCAL so that you know you're not taking home just any gemstone but the real deal. The brand also allows you to create your own ring by choosing your ring setting and lab diamond shape and completing your ring with an engraving. You can also select your metal of choice ranging from yellow, rose, white gold, and platinum. The brand also offers free shipping worldwide on your rings and other jewelry.

Here is a range of rings that'd make great Mom's Rings from the Friendly Diamonds collection.

Side Stone Rings

Lumina Halo Diamond Ring

The Lumina ring is crafted with a pave studded diamond halo circling a sparkling solitaire. The solitaire is firmly protected by prongs and placed in a V-shaped basket to elevate it. Pave studded diamonds run around the band, giving it a stunning look and making it a beautiful mother's ring.

lumina halo diamond ring


Kylie Diamond Ring

The Kylie Ring makes a gorgeous mom's ring thanks to its accentuating diamonds crafted on the prongs that secure the center solitaire. The ring also has pave studded diamonds decorating almost the entire shank.

Vintage Rings

Sunshine Diamond Ring

The Sunshine Ring is vintage royalty at its best. Crafted with a diamond halo surrounding the center stone and petite diamonds extending from all directions, this is no ordinary mom's ring. The ring is crafted with a simple band to complement its extravagance.

Catrina Diamond Ring

The Catrina Ring not only has a diamond secured by four prongs but also has an intricate shank cut in a beautiful vintage style embellished with petite diamonds.

catrina diamond ring


Solitaire Rings

Four Prong Solitaire Diamond Ring

The Four Prong Solitaire Ring makes a simple and elegant mom's ring because of its sparkling solitaire securely held by four prongs, beautifully putting the lab diamond on display.

Allen Flat Band Ring

The Allen Ring boasts a beautiful solitaire in four prongs crisscrossing at the ring's bridge, forming a petite cut-out gallery making it a unique mother's ring.

allen flat band ring