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Wednesday, Apr 05 2023

Types of Earring Backs & How to Choose the Right One?

Written by Macy Taylor

Types of Earring Backs & How to Choose the Right One?

Earrings are undoubtedly a must-have in every jewelry collection but have you ever contemplated the critical role that earring backs play? Besides offering a secure hold, the backs also contribute to the overall elegance and provide the ease of wearing the earring pairs. Fortunately, there is an array of options to choose from, ranging from push backs to screw backs, butterfly backs to lever backs & beyond. Take a closer look at all the different types of earring backs and their features in this blog. 


Know About Earring Backs

Earring backs are a small component that are made to fit the earrings for securing them to the ear lobes. Crafted with high quality metals in different shapes and sizes, these earring backs fit different types of earlobes and earrings. The primary function of an earring back is to prevent the earring from falling out of the ear piercing by providing a secure fit using friction, screw locking mechanisms, or hinged levers.

Some earring backs such as butterfly backs or push backs have a small metal piece that slides onto the earring post or a butterfly-shaped piece that sits against the ear lobe to ensure more safety. Other earring backs, such as screw backs or clutch backs have a threaded post that screws into a metal piece at the back of the earring to secure it in place. Earring backs come in various styles to suit different types of earrings and for offering personal comfort based on each design. It's important to make sure that the earring back fits securely and comfortably to prevent the earring from slipping out or causing discomfort.

The Different Types of Earring Backs

Several types of earring backs are available for providing both comfort and security. 

Some of the popular types are shared below:

Push Backs: Pushback earrings feature a sturdy design with a small metal post to secure the earring. To wear them, you simply slide the post onto the earring back and give it a gentle push. These backs help the earrings stay firmly in place, completing your stylish look.

Screw Backs: Screw backs are quite similar to pushbacks; the only difference being that they have a screw that twists to encircle the back of the earring. Screw backs provide more security and are perfect for heavy earrings. 

screw backs

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Butterfly Backs: They're called friction backs, or sometimes butterfly backs. They have a metal disk that goes onto the earring post and remains in place. The disk is backed by little metal wings crafted in the shape of a butterfly, which keep it from coming off.

Lever Backs: Lever backs are an earring closure mechanism featuring a hinged lever to provide a secure and comfortable fit while allowing the earring to dangle freely. The back features a curved wire that loops into the ear piercing and snaps to lend a closure. 

lever backs


Hinged Backs: Hinged backs feature a hinge that helps them open and close around the earring post. These backs are highly secure and known to make a statement because of their bold design. 

Omega Backs: These backs display hinged curved plates that clip onto the ear piercing. They ensure a snug fit that is perfect for heavy earrings. 

Hoop Wire Closure: The ear lobe piercing is traversed by a thin wire in this style of earring closure. To keep the earring secured, the wire is pushed through the hoop and bent onto the claps. They are a great option for daily use because they are lightweight. 

Clip-on Closure: A style of earring fastening that may be used for non-pierced ears is the clip-on closure. They have a tiny metal clip that attaches to the earlobe and keeps the earrings in place without requiring a piercing. Clip-on closures are often used for fashion earrings, costume jewelry, or statement pieces as they allow people without pierced ears to wear earrings. They are also a popular choice for people who are trying out a new earring style or who want to wear earrings temporarily without committing to a piercing.


When it comes to selecting the ideal earring back, the decision majorly depends on your liking and the kind of earring you prefer. Certain backs are more suitable for specific earring designs or materials, whereas others offer extra protection for more substantial or expensive earring styles.

Choose the Right Kind of Earring Back

The selection of an appropriate earring back has a significant impact on comfort, safety, and fashion. Here are some essential elements to consider while picking an earring back.

Weight of the Earrings

For heavier earrings, it is essential to have a reliable earring back that can keep them secure. Screw backs, hinged backs, and omega backs are excellent choices for providing the necessary support.


The comfort of your ears is a crucial factor when choosing earring backs as they should not cause any irritation or discomfort to your ear. Butterfly backs and push backs are ideal selections for ensuring comfortable wear.

Earring Type

When it comes to choosing an earring back, the style of the earring you're wearing also plays an important role. For example, french wire hooks and lever backs are great options for dangle earrings while push backs and screw backs work well for stud earrings.

Metal Allergies 

When selecting earring backs, those with sensitive skin or particular metal allergies should opt for hypoallergenic metals such as titanium, surgical steel, or sterling silver to prevent any reactions.

Style and Design 

To enhance the overall appearance of your earrings, it's important to select earring backs that complement the style and design of your jewelry. Other than the above factors, choosing a jeweler or a brand that can provide you with a perfect closure is also essential.

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