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Monday, Jun 03 2024

Want To Know Which Diamond Shape Would Suit Your Finger Shape?

Written by Jason Kirk

Want To Know Which Diamond Shape Would Suit Your Finger Shape?

Different people have different finger shapes, and we all want engagement rings that would best suit our hands and fingers. We know for a fact that the whole process of selecting a diamond shape that suits your finger the best can be quite stressful. But what if we tell you that the whole process is very similar to going to shop for an outfit? 

It is really important to know that, when you choose the best diamond shape for short fingers, the best diamond shape for chubby fingers, the best diamond shape for fat fingers, or the best diamond shape for long fingers, you need to select the perfect diamond shape, carat, and band that will flatter your finger shape and complement your hand. 

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When you select the best diamond shape for short fingers, the best diamond shape for chubby fingers, the best diamond shape for fat fingers, or the best diamond shape for long fingers, it will enhance the beauty of your hands, which will attract attention to your engagement ring. With that being said, we also understand how stressful and time-consuming it might be for you to select the ideal engagement ring band style based on your finger shape and size.

Fret not; like we always say, we are here for you. Leave all your worries about your ideal engagement ring behind. Simply read this guide and find out which engagement ring band style suits your aesthetic and fingers as well!

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How to Determine Your Finger Shape

Knowing your finger shape is as important as knowing about your ring size because we believe every finger has a different shape and deserves a ring that is as unique and special as theirs. But wait before you select the ideal diamond shape based on your finger; it is important that you consider these factors that can help you determine the shape and size of the hand or finger:

  • The length of your fingers.
  • The width of your fingers. 
  • The shape and size of your palms.
  • In the end, consider the overall size of your hand

halo engagement ring One more thing that you would want to consider is how long or short your or your partner's fingernails are. Longer nails elongate your fingers, influencing their form and look. While shorter nails will make your fingers look stout.

There aren't always criteria in each category for a person to compare their hand against. Many people have a combination. Some people have longer fingers and shorter palms, while others have larger palms and shorter fingers, or somewhere in the middle. Whatever the size and form of your or your significant other's hand, there is a ring style for it.

The Best Diamond Shape For Long Fingers

Slimmer fingers will result in a lower ring size, but what sort of engagement ring is appropriate for a slender hand? Smaller stones on a thicker band create balance in the ring's design. This creates the illusion of breadth if you or your spouse prefer a broader finger look. Horizontal, broader stones will also increase the breadth of the ring finger.

marquise engagement ring


If you or your significant other want to keep their fingers slender, pick diamonds cut in longer designs. The best diamond shape for long fingers is a thin marquise shape that offers an antique vibe, similar to an oval with pointy ends, but other symmetrical stones preserve the appearance of a slim finger.

The Best Diamond Shape For Chubby Fingers

This one is for ladies with chubby fingers or fat fingers who want a slimmer appearance on their fingers and should avoid rounded stones. The best diamond shape for chubby fingers is a thin diamond that displays a lot of the finger, creating the illusion of a broader finger. A bigger stone covers more of the width of the finger, making it appear thinner. Choose a bigger diamond in these shapes.

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Pear shaped engagement rings are a popular choice for broader fingers due to their asymmetrical teardrop shape. Wear the ring with the pointed end facing the fingertips to lengthen broader fingers. Geometric forms balance the roundness of a broader finger. You should go for emerald cut diamonds or princess cut diamonds set in the classic solitaire setting as these would look great on a chubby finger.

The Best Diamond Shape For Short Fingers

Short fingers or petite fingers frequently seems elegant and polished, which is why comparable engagement ring styles flatter them. Dainty engagement rings look best on petite fingers. A large band or diamond is likely to overpower the hand, making the finger look even smaller.

Round brilliant cuts, princess cuts, and oval diamond cuts are all suitable for tiny fingers. They're all excellent options for engagement ring styles for petite hands. Consider a heart shaped diamond that is appropriate for both the occasion and the delicate nature of the finger. Simple engagement ring types are best suited to tiny fingers. A more intricate design will most likely be too distracting. Placing such a ring on a small finger may make the hand appear smaller.

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Now you know how to shop for the best diamond shape based on your finger shape and size, so what else are you waiting for? Visit our website today and get the engagement ring of your dreams, crafted with love and care!

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