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Saturday, Jun 01 2024

Feeling Confused? Here’s The Ultimate Guide To Engagement Ring Band Styles

Written by Shelby Montel

Feeling Confused? Here’s The Ultimate Guide To Engagement Ring Band Styles

Are you planning to buy an engagement ring for your partner? Have you searched through articles and articles telling you what engagement ring style you should go for but you’ve still not found the best one for you from all the engagement ring band styles for you? You’ve come to the right place!

You can choose from a wide selection of stunning lab diamond engagement rings and rest assured of the quality of our fine jewelry. Read on to know how to select the best for you from all the engagement ring band styles available on our website.

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Why Choose Lab Diamonds?

In a world so wrecked with unethical overconsumption of natural resources, it becomes the imperative duty of innovators to create ethical and Earth kind sources of creation. This is why we at Friendly Diamonds provide you with the most sustainable and eco-conscious lab diamonds that are created to make you shine without any of the consequences.

Band Style

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Browse through our collection of beautiful lab diamond engagement ring band styles that are sure to leave you spellbound. Our lab diamonds are visually, chemically and physically similar in composition to naturally mined diamonds. So if you had any qualms about missing out on the supposed ‘genuineness’ of natural diamonds, then you’ve got nothing to worry about. Read on to find out what engagement ring band styles you should consider while buying a lab diamond engagement ring.

Which Metal Band Color To Select?

Platinum Band

Platinum is one of the most popular metals for making the metal band of your lab diamond engagement ring. Known for its hypoallergenic properties and as one of the rarest precious metals available, is unquestionably a great investment. A platinum lab diamond engagement ring is ideal for those who are extremely sensitive to metallic contaminants.

White Gold Band

White gold combines the properties of other precious metals such as palladium, platinum, and silver to create its stunning appearance. The only distinction is that it is visually different from yellow gold. It is far less expensive than platinum while maintaining the same aesthetic. White gold's natural hue makes it suitable for all complexion types.

Rose Gold Band

Rose gold contains a specific amount of copper, which gives it the beautiful pinkish hue that it is known for. Propose to your significant other with a stunning rose gold lab diamond engagement ring. The perfect flush of rose gold will complement whichever outfit you choose to wear it with.

Yellow Gold Band

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Yellow gold is among the most valuable metals in the world. For generations, it has symbolized riches and elegance. Pure yellow gold is one of the densest and most ductile metals. There are numerous advantages to using yellow gold for your engagement ring. Its warm, sophisticated tone complements the brilliant lab diamonds on your engagement ring.

The Best Engagement Ring Band Styles

Pavé Band Style

The pavé setting is a ring design that includes tiny diamonds along the band of the ring. The French word translates to "paved," and this jewelry method was named by its resemblance to a cobblestone road. Choose our Grace micro pavé lab diamond engagement ring that features a beautiful glow of extra diamonds in the form of pavé band style.

Eternity Band Style


An eternity band is a type of wedding ring with stones that wrap completely around the band. This kind of wedding band represents everlasting love, hence the name. This type of wedding band is popular among individuals who want endless glitter and brilliance from all angles.

Choose our Lily pear lab diamond engagement ring that is a perfect example of an eternity engagement ring band style.

Prong Band Style

A prong setting, often known as a claw setting, is simply a cradle for diamonds. Before the diamond is set, the prongs extend vertically from the base. After the diamond is positioned, the metal rails are fixed to secure it in place. You can browse through a wide range of prong style engagement rings on our website.

Filigree Band Style

The filigree band style gives a beautiful vintage effect to the engagement ring. A subtle design made from fine strands of precious metal and then twisted or curled into designs before being soldered to jewelry is known as filigree. Modern vintage engagement rings feature filigree band styles and have become quite famous among couples. Choose our Astoré lab diamond engagement ring that has a beautiful filigree pattern sure to take your proposal to the next level.

At Friendly Diamonds, we are here to sort all your lab diamond needs. You can browse through our beautiful collection of sustainably created lab diamond engagement rings. With us, you get the choice of investing in a beautiful creation that is not only sustainable but also light on your pocket. Choose Friendly Diamonds for a Friendlier Tomorrow!