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Friday, Sep 29 2023

Unique Anniversary Rings: Celebrating Your Love with Distinctive Style

Written by Jason Kirk

Unique Anniversary Rings: Celebrating Your Love with Distinctive Style

Anniversary Rings are a celebration of love. They are enduring symbols of an eternal bond you share with your partner. They mark a special milestone in your relationship and commemorate the years of togetherness, be it one, two, or fifty.    

But what is the actual significance of an anniversary ring? What styles and designs can you look at when choosing yours?

These are the questions we answer in this blog while we guide you in discovering unique anniversary rings to celebrate your landmark moment of love with distinctive style!

Table of Content:

What Is the Significance of Anniversary Rings?

Anniversary rings signify reaching a milestone post-marriage. They are symbols of devotion and resemble the commitment shared between two partners after saying 'I Do.'

In the past, these rings were gifted to women after completing five, ten, or twenty years of marriage. But today, men gift anniversary rings to their wives at any point in their marriage.

Anniversary Rings

Ultimately, these unique anniversary rings symbolize two partners' love and honor for each other. They make the perfect anniversary gift and are a heartfelt gesture to commemorate the landmark moment of being married.

Gifting an anniversary ring is a simple yet beautiful way of expressing love and affection. And of the many things a woman holds true, the care, joy, well-being, and, most importantly, the devotion of her husband matters the most to her. So what better way to tell her she is forever loved than with an anniversary ring commemorating your marriage day?

What Are the Popular Styles & Designs for Anniversary Rings?

Eternity Rings

Traditionally, eternity rings are popular to commemorate anniversaries. Known for their simplistic yet elegant design featuring a row of diamonds around the half or full band, they pair well with wedding bands, making them desirable rings.

Friendly Diamonds offers a variety of eternity rings which offer a breathtaking look. Some of them are listed as follows:

Elysia Eternity Ring

The Elysia Eternity Ring, crafted with brilliant round cut lab diamonds, symbolizes eternal love and a lifetime of commitment. Crafted with a gallery that elevates its sparkly diamonds, it is a ring with a spectacular top and side profile.

Elysia Eternity Ring



Camila Eternity Ring

The Camila Eternity Ring is a fashionable anniversary ring with marvelous oval lab diamonds set between commonly shared prongs in the north-to-south direction. This ring is glamorous and perfect for women who like to be in the spotlight.

Maven Eternity Ring

The Maven Eternity Ring is a breathtaking anniversary ring crafted with emerald lab diamonds cradled in individual claw prongs. This ring imbibes modernity and timelessness, perfect for women who love a hint of nostalgia crafted on a modern ring.

Maven Eternity Ring


Five Stone Rings

Five-stone anniversary rings are trendy ring designs for married couples commemorating their special day. They are usually gifted to mark the fifth year of marriage. The ring has five brilliantly crafted, equally sized, or graduating diamonds that are said to resemble the virtuous traits of a relationship.  

Some of the best-selling five stone anniversary rings at Friendly Diamonds are:

Valentina Anniversary Ring

The Valentina Ring is a sparkly five stone ring crafted with a radiant row of round lab diamonds united by a shared trellis prong setting. The ring has exceptional brilliance and is an ode to the timelessness of love.

Valentina Anniversary Ring


Fairleigh Anniversary Ring

The Fairleigh Ring is a magnificent five stone oval lab diamond ring with a trellis prong setting holding the diamonds together. The ring also has a sleek and well-polished shank, adding to its remarkable aesthetic and brilliance.

Elowyn Anniversary Ring

The Elowyn Ring features five spectacular round lab diamonds set in a classy prong setting. The ring's glamorous split shank design gives it an allure of sophistication, making it a perfect ring for women who love refined elegance.

Elowyn Anniversary Ring


Seven Stone Rings

Seven stone rings are the epitome of anniversary rings, symbolizing everlasting love. The seven diamonds on the ring represent the lucky number seven. These rings are mainly presented after completing seven years of marriage but may be gifted prior. These rings are bold, timeless, and known for their radiant and shiny sparkle. 

If you want inspiration to buy seven stone rings, then Friendly Diamonds has some charming pieces to consider. They are:

Adela Anniversary Ring

The Adela Ring is an exquisite ring crafted with seven brilliant round-cut diamonds, each bedded in four prongs. The ring's shank tapers toward the centerstone, creating a beautiful silhouette and enhancing the diamond's natural beauty.

Adela Anniversary Ring


Blanca Anniversary Ring

The Blanca Ring, crafted with seven oval lab diamonds set in different 4 prongs, is charming and sophisticated. The ring's slightly curved and tapering shank accentuates the beauty of the lab diamond, making it a one-of-a-kind desirable ring.

Marcela Anniversary Ring 

The Marcela Ring is a captivating ornament crafted with seven emerald-cut lab-grown diamonds set in separate prong settings, displaying the diamond's innate beauty. The ring's shank, crafted with a gentle curve, creates a harmonious appearance of the emerald cuts, making it a spell-binding ring, sure to leave you breathless.

Marcela Anniversary Ring


Eternity bands, steeped in tradition, hold their own allure, and contemporary women often lean towards the charm of five or seven stone rings. While all of these feature seamless elegance, they uniquely elevate one’s beauty. When bestowed upon a cherished soul, these rings become a timeless emblem and the perfect gift, a reminder of cherished moments and enduring love.