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Wednesday, Apr 05 2023

All You Need to Know about Floating Diamond Rings

Written by Karen Dunn

All You Need to Know about Floating Diamond Rings

The floating diamond ring may sound like something out of a fairy tale, and it sure includes a mystical element in many ways. The stunning and seemingly weightless floating diamond rings present themselves as a marvel in the jewelry market owing to the expertise of the artisans and gifted jewelry designers. The beauty of floating diamonds invokes curiosity among those who wish to own this sparkling trail of diamonds, making this blog just the right stop to know everything about floating diamond rings.


All about Floating Diamonds

It might be challenging to distinguish between a classic prong-set eternity band and a floating diamond eternity ring. But upon closer inspection, it is clear that a floating eternity wedding ring has a more delicate appearance. In an eternity set ring, the cut diamonds are often secured in place by prongs or a channel metal setting. By doing this, the diamond is kept safe and secure in its place. However, when more metal is seen, the attention is diverted away from the diamond.

Floating Diamonds

Therefore, the floating diamond eternity setting is ideal as it directs attention to the diamond. One can view that each diamond around the ring is uniquely placed in a delicate yet sturdy 'basket' or holder with two prongs on both sides securing it. The subtle presence of the metal makes the diamonds look like the gems are floating on your finger, compared to being embedded within the prongs. Each diamond's form is highlighted since there is little metal in the floating diamond ring setting, freeing the jewels' top and bottom edges. This makes it possible to showcase the diamond's brightness.

Styles of Floating Diamonds

Weddings, anniversaries, and other special occasions celebrated by couples are ideal occasions for the floating diamond ring. Additionally, given that the floating eternity ring also symbolizes the circle of life, they are typically used to mark a child's birth. Since the diamonds are the main attraction, this ring setting's shine and brightness are enhanced, making it the perfect choice if you want an arresting, brilliant style.

If you're wondering how to match your wedding band to your engagement ring, you may match it with the floating eternity ring to make a complete set. The good news is that simple floating diamond eternity rings are also available for those who wish to discover matching engagement rings with the floating diamond style.

Styles of Floating Diamonds

But it does not stop there; one can also find floating halo diamond engagement rings that stand out. For various reasons, floating halo rings are quite popular; the main reason is that the central stone appears larger than it actually is due to the little circle of accent diamonds surrounding it. Additionally, the brilliance of the tiny diamonds is very attractive. A floating diamond halo ring raises the center stone, making it the ring's focal point, while other halos rest flush with the central stone

Security & Stability of Floating Diamond Rings

Before purchasing a floating diamond ring, it is pertinent to understand the perks as well as the disadvantages that come with this type of diamond accessory. While the beauty and lustrous luminosity of the ring stands as a strong advantage for the jewelry adorner, there are certain disadvantages that require the attention of a diamond enthusiast. The first drawback is that the exposure of the diamonds in this setting is greater than they would be in a channel eternity ring. Each diamond in the floating diamond ring is highlighted, which adds to its brilliance but also increases the possibility that it may be bumped, come loose, or even fall off. 

True, this may occur in the majority of ring styles, making it vital to have the ring inspected timely by an expert jeweler to make sure that the diamonds are set firmly. The second drawback of floating diamonds is that they can be challenging to clean because of all the tiny crevices and areas where any dust might get accumulated. As this is true for practically all eternity band designs or any style with several diamonds; special care should be taken with the floating diamond rings as they present a more delicate setting than most.

Things to Consider Before Getting Floating Diamond Rings

There are many things to think about before you buy an engagement ring in the floating diamond style. You should think about the center stone's form, the needed upkeep, ring sizing, and the amount of everyday wear and tear the ring will endure, among other things.

If you think a floating diamond ring is a perfect choice after reading this, you should first consider your lifestyle. A floating diamond is particularly noticeable and exposed because it isn't shielded by the band or any other setting component besides the prongs. So, consider how often you work with your hands; if your present rings are subjected to a lot of touch throughout your typical day. Choosing a ring with a setting that is more secure could be a better option for you.

Facts about Floating Diamond Rings

The gemstone here is vulnerable to the elements outside in a floating ring design since it is open, which raises the possibility of unintentional damage. Additionally, since the engagement ring's middle gemstone can steal the show, the diamond cut quality and color can be even more crucial. The clarity of the diamond which is around VS2 is generally advised since you do not want imperfections to cause any durability troubles in an open setting. Of course, you should also make sure the diamond is spotless.

It is preferable to have a certified diamond with a color grading of G or above if you want a diamond that has brilliant sparkles. Also, since cut quality has an impact on shine and brightness, you will want it to be the best. Finally, diamonds in rings with unimpressive artistry might come loose over time due to wear and strain. Therefore, craftsmanship is one of the major factors when purchasing a high-quality floating diamond ring.